Thieving gypsy bastards


I’ve just had a phone call from an engineer appointed by Royal Sun Alliance insurance company who was asked to look at my car, finally.

As you might remember from a previous blog, my car was stolen from the Hillcroft garage in Langstone, Newport, after being dropped off on a flatbed when the radiator blew.

BMW Z3 stolen from the Hillcroft Garage, Langstone
BMW Z3 stolen from the Hillcroft Garage, Langstone

This is really starting to piss me off, big style. Seems the garage is suggesting that the engine was knackered before it was stolen, and driven the 40 miles to Bristol. This means, that according to the insurance company I would be liable for 50% of the cost for a new engine.

What a crock of shit!

However, if I have a ‘reconditioned’ engine, which the Hillcroft conveniently have on stand-by, I wouldn’t be liable for any of the cost.

I can’t have the car written off, because I’m not the client of Royal Sun Alliance. Oh no, instead I can have the value of the car given to me, minus the salvage value of the car. This would leave me with a car with no engine, and some cash.


The engineer only phoned me because he was tired of waiting for the Hillcroft to do it, which they kept saying they would. Of course, they had no intention of doing that.

I didn’t mention before that this ‘break in’ at the garage back in July also involved the garage’s safe being stolen, and their cheque stubs going missing… just as they approached their end of financial year.

Anyone smell fish? Can I hear the words ‘inside job’?

I’m going to have to get a solicitor involved, I bloody know it. I can’t believe the cheeky bastards are trying to suggest that the engine was knackered before the car was stolen. They didn’t even look at the damn car before it was nicked.

Work-shy, thieving gypsy bastards!

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5 thoughts on “Thieving gypsy bastards”

  1. Thieving gypsy bastards need to be shot, I just had my car stolen by them today. If I find them I will gauge their eyes out, slit their throats and shove little bits of wood down their finger nails.

  2. Garages are always claiming that there are “hidden” fautls on cars when the car is stolen or it is set on fire etc.

    A colleague of mine took a garage in Borehamwood to the Small Claims Court regarding a similar dubious garage claim but the ruling was that since this particular fault could not be seen (such as an engine past it’s best) this did not alter the value of the vehicle and therefore the Garage were told to cough up.

  3. Could this site, together with the contents, be a solid indication at last that most of us have had enough of being talked down to by the UK liberal-elite who shout racist whenever they are loosing the arguments and/or want to grab council taxpayers money to be spent on affairs designed to only boost their egos? Human Rights lawyers often take up such cases and effectivley receive their salaries from you the taxpayer as the UK is continuously swamped.

    Such woolly patronizing liberals often reside in tree lined cabled avenue roads and as such are completely remote from the realities that the UK cannot always absorb every ethnic race on the planet nor can the NHS accept all and sundry who effectively pay no real taxation.

    The £100 billion for the NHS has to come from somewhere and the VAT spent by gypsies can hardly be adequate for this and also for the cost of educating their roaming children.

  4. the garage is probably run by a McDonagh, a Mongan, a Maughan, a Ward or a Joyce. He probably has 50 names and dates of birth to mind and you’ll probably find the replacement engine is in fact your engine swapped out prior to someone inspecting your car. If it was me i’d cut their balls of with a rusty stanley knife and feed them to them still attached by a strand of ball flesh.

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