Manchester congestion charge thrown out

Manchester has voted, and the proposed congestion charge that would have seen people who work in Manchester paying an additional £1,500 each, per year, to fund some more busses and a few trams so the people who don’t work can get around a little quicker has been thrown out. Manchester has voted no.

What an utter waste of time and money the whole affair was in the first place. Why would anyone, in their right mind, vote yes to the congestion charge? It would mean more buses on the road, and motorists down £1,500 every year!

We can all agree that public transport is shite, however charging motorists more money in a pathetic attempt to fix it isn’t the answer. Only this week I tried to get a train from Manchester Piccadilly to Heald Green, or even the Airport, that would have done, but there wasn’t a train to be seen. The boards said that a bus was due in over an hour, which was of course utterly useless. It would have been 2:00am before getting home. We got a taxi, obviously.

Give up on public transport, it doesn’t work. It never has. The Germans can do it, the Japanese can do it, shit, even the French can do it. We Brits however haven’t got a clue.

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2 thoughts on “Manchester congestion charge thrown out”

  1. Let’s hope this gets the message through to Leeds City Council, who are planning the same bloody stupid idea. Doubt they’ll put it to the vote if they know they’ll lose, they’ll probably just think of a back-door way to sneak it in.

  2. Agree with this 100%. Why do we Brits always try to be good at EVERYTHING. Here is some things we are good at

    * Pageantry
    * Real Ale
    * Sausages

    Why do we try and be good a public transport, we’re clearly not capable, that’s why it costs 220 quid to get from London to Manchester by train.

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