Home Delivery Network toss my parcel over the gate

I returned home last night when it was pissing down with rain (in Manchester, go figure) to find a card through my door from the Home Delivery Network. There was no order number on it and none of the fields were filled in, but there was some pen scrawled on the top displaying the words ‘Round Side’.

Not sure what this meant I figured maybe there was a parcel left round the side of the house, so I looked. There was nothing there. Then I thought what if they’ve chucked it over the 6 foot hight gate? I hope not, it’s a very high gate, a long way for a parcel to fall and it’s been pouring down all day.

I went out to look and sure enough there was a parcel from Amazon sat a pool of water next to our bin. Jesus Christ, what sort of arsehole does this?

I decided evidence was in order so I took photos of the parcel as I opened it, you can see from the pics that the water had seeped into the box. It would, it had been there all frickin’ day.

I also have a computer coming from Amazon. I hope to fuck they don’t use the Home Delivery Network for that one. I doubt it’ll stand a 6 foot drop into a pool of water. What a bunch of fucking morons. Come on Amazon, sort it out.

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513 thoughts on “Home Delivery Network toss my parcel over the gate”

  1. Why dont you just get your parcels delivered to your work address? pretty simple stuff…

  2. Andy mate, if you wernt in, how do you expect the driver to deliver your parcel?
    Your neighbours were probably out to!

  3. Matty, what part of ‘the address on the parcel was correct’ don’t you understand?

    I don’t get the option of which delivery company is used because that is up to the company that I purchase from. Would you be happy if parcels were left on your doorstep just two yards from and in full view of a major road. It invites crime both stealing or the parcel and for burglary. It is common sense (something that HDNL doesn’t appear to have) that you don’t invite crime by leaving potentially expensive items 2 yards from a major road.

    As for not being in. I do have a life other than waiting on the off chance that HDNL NIGHT deliver. For example I have to go to work.

    I have contacted Kent Trading Standards (who do exsist you numpty. Just google Kent Trading Standards and they are top of the list or if you can’t do that here is their link http://www.tradingstandards.gov.uk/kent/ ). As for contacting a solicitor, one was staying with me whilst I was trying to sort this out. They also contacted a friend of theirs who is a QC and they confirmed what I said in my last post.

    I was told by HDNL that delivery was attempted. I know that to be a pack of lies as I was in at the time that delivery was susposed to have attempted.

    I received a parcel from the USA via USPS and Royal Mail quicker than HDNL can delivera parcel that originated in the UK.


  4. Anto. It is not that easy. My work won’t allow it because of the nature of the job

  5. make a safe place available? make arrangements with a neighbour? have it delivered to your sisters/mothers? you can do numerous things.

  6. I can’t ask my family as they are all dead and in Boot Hill. There is no safe place as I live in a flat with a downstairs door which goes straight onto the pavement of a major road and my neighbours work during the day. There is no back garden as you can’t have a garden on a first floor flat!!!!!!

    What do suggest? Also what do suggest when HDNL claim that my address doesn’t even exist despite the fact that the current building was built in 1890?

  7. I took day off work today for a delivery from HDNL and received a text around 9am telling me the approx time the parcel would arrive as 1030 to 1430. Well 1430 passed then 1530 then 1630. I called them and they assured me that the parcel should be with me anytime. They stop deliveries at 1900 and I called just before to be told that the drivers are sometimes late in starting a run but will complete it and get item to me no matter what. It finally arrived at 2000. JJB Sports will receive no further orders from me while they use these useless morons. I have had a day totally wasted due to total lack of customer service.


  8. So you live in a flat and not one person is home during the day who could take the parcel for you…? yea.

    Go shopping on the weekend in town instead i guess would be my advice? easy.
    let me guess you dont live near the shops or they dont have what you wanted or too expensive?

    full of excuses, i think you just want to blame HDNL pretty bad.

  9. Anto, people work and go out and I live on my own. That is not unusual you know. I live in a rural village so many people are out during the day living their lives. Most companies don’t warn you that a delivery is due on a certain day. If you don’t believe what I have said about where I live then fine, but DON’T YOU EVER tell how to live my life ie go to a shop at the weekend to buy items. Some of things I need I can’t get locally so I have to order online and get them delivered. HDNL is the ONLY courier company I have had repeated problems with. They are incompetent, in fact they make the Keystone Cops look like a first class unit.

    All of what you have said doesn’t explain why HDNL have chucked one parcel over a six foot fence onto property I don’t own, lied about attempted deliveries or left two parcels on the front door step in pouring rain in full view of the A20!!!!

  10. lol i never TOLD you how to live your life… did i? i think i suggested never ‘told’ so chill out you crazy woman.

    The saying dont like dont buy comes to mind.
    If you had all these problems prior you still went back? More then one website would do these so called products you need that you ‘cant get locally’, and not everyone uses HDNL. Although im sure alot do due to them being one of the biggest couriers out there.

    no wonder you live alone you sound like a right whiner.

  11. KATE you sound like a horrible person.

    You demand delivery of items, even though you freely admit you are not in, no neighbours are in, you wont provide an alternative address, you say you live in a rural village, yet it is rife with crime, so it cant be left on your doorstep.
    You also say the address was correct on your parcel, I would love to know how you know this, just because it is correct when you receive it, doesnt mean it was correct when it arrived at the depot.
    Maybe trading standards are still around in your area, in my area trading standards have disbanded and reformed under a different name, my mistake!

    I delivery on a rural route, rural villages dont have crime, and parcels are very safe on doorsteps.
    In 3 years on my route not 1 has gone missing.

    As for your rubbish about consulting a solicitor and QC (samething different job) about a non delivered parcel, your making your self look rather silly.

  12. @ Matty please read my post properly. I know this can be difficult for some HDNL drivers. I said that the solicitor was a friend of mine who was staying with me and that THEY contacted the QC not me.

    I know the address on the parcel was correct because I read it from the address label which was also an invoice in a sealed clear document envelope which had not been opened.

    Your comment about rural villages not having crime is hilarious because it totally false. Everywhere has crime from minor offenses to major ones. My village is no exception. It is also situated on one of the 4 major coast to London routes in Kent. There is a major international sporting venue 1 mile from where I live that is used at least 340 days a year. There is also a golf course that holds international tournaments on the other side of village. That means a lot of traffic passing my front door. Leaving a parcel on my doorstep is asking for trouble. I am more careful tahn most regarding crime for reasons I won’t go into and have taken police advice on security. That advice includes not leaving items on the doorstep. Who knows best Kent Police or HDNL? I know who I’d take security advice from and its not HDNL.

    @Anto many companies don’t say who delivers there parcels so you often have no idea who the courier is until the delivery arrives. Some the items are not sold by many companies and some items from one company so I don’t get much choice in who I buy the items from.

    I live alone because I choose to. Over the past 4 months I have had many deliveries (over 30) arrive but it is ONLY HDNL I have problems with and on three occasions and only three parcels came via HDNL. So that works out that I have had problems with 10% of my deliveries and 100% problems with HDNL. Not very good is it?

  13. Sounds to me you live alone because you’re a fruit loop.

    If you’ve had over 30 it isnt dead on 10% is it now?
    Maybe you’ve had 100% problems with hdnl
    and visa versa with YOU no doubt, jesus i feel sorry for whoever had to deal with you.

    Get over yourself big nosed kate.

    I dont agree with leaving things on door steps, but if your out what do you want them to do if you live in an EMPTY FLAT? you need to do your bit by 1) BEING IN 2) SAFE PLACE ETC.

  14. Anto, like many millions of people in the UK I go to work so I can’t be in all the time. Also how do you know when a parcel will be delivered. You rarely get a delvery date. Do you expect people to take days off of work on the off chance that a parcel may be delivered.? Get real, this is the 21st Century. During the last fiasco I was in all the time because work was cancelled due to weather conditions makeing the circuit unsafe. They should do what every other parcel delivery service does ie if there is no safe place put a card through the door so that the customer can rearrange delivery. HDNL didn’t do this. I live alone because I choose to. You imply that I have mental health problems. You’d better take that back because I have no mental health problems. This has been confirmed by medical professionals.

    Matty you are full of BS protecting this bunch of incompetants. You are riding for the brand, that I admire but you have to face up to the facts that lots of people have had major problems with HDNL. There is no customer service line for dissatisfied customers to complain to. I do live in a rural village in Kent but it is a busy due to the A20 going through it.

  15. @Matty if you are not at home because you go to work then why would you order a parcel for home delivery?

  16. Oh come on Kate, your making your self look even sillier.

    You say above that the last time you didnt get your parcel, you were in becaue you couldnt get to work due to the weather.

    Well, if you cant get out, then how can a delivery driver get to you?

  17. I never said I couldn’t get out numbskull. I said that work was cancelled because of the weather for safety reasons ie the run offs were not safe for the activities that were booked. The circuit was usable but the run offs were not. If you have vehicles doing over 100 mph you need the circuit to be as safe as possible including the run offs. If the gravel traps were frozen solid then they couldn’t do their job. I could get out as the roads were clear.

    In fact here is what I said in my last post “During the last fiasco I was in all the time because work was cancelled due to weather conditions makeing the circuit unsafe” and that is an exact quote. I suggest you learn to read before commenting Matty

  18. I can read perfectly well Kate.

    And as I said, if your work was cancelled due to ice, what makes you think a delivery driver can get to you?

    The day before xmas eve I couldnt get my van out of the car park, let alone the 75mile trip to my route.
    And guess what, not a single complaint from my customers.

  19. I hate to break it to you Matty, but you’re getting complaints from your customers on here – hundreds of them, over the last 3 years. You and your colleagues are dealing with these complaints by being abusive and threatening.

    Great customer service for Home Delivery Network.

  20. Matty, what part of ‘ my work was cancelled because the circuit was unsafe’ don’t you understand? The roads were clear except the back road. My road is a major road. and was passable throughout the snow. In fact the Saturday before Xmas I had to go to Old Windsor and back in the snow. A motor racing circuit doesn’t have the same volume of traffic as road, but days were cancelled because of frozen run offs and the marshal posts were not safe for us to use. It is called Health and Safety at Work Act. With vehicles doing over 100 mph you need everything to be safe not just the tarmac. You presumably don’t live in North Kent so you don’t know what the conditions were like.

    The other two occasions I had trouble with HDNL in the past few months was before the winter weather. What was their excuse for throwing one parcel over next doors fence and leaving another on my doorstep in the rain?

  21. Here i was worrying, glad you got yourself checked out kate, guess you weren’t sure if you were going off the rails your self eh?

    HDNL do hand out calling cards, maybe it was due to not accessing the flat why you never recieved one? or maybe YOUR driver forgot, but you’re blaming the whole company, every driver at every depot.

    by the way from this thread alot of the comments on here people have taken a days off work to get delivery so… that point is invalid.

  22. The reason I had a psychiatric assessment is part of the treatment for another medical condition. The front door of my flat opens onto the pavement of the A290. With my job I can’t afford to take time off as no work means no pay. What ever you say it does not excuse poor service and poor customer servicve does it?

  23. Mr Daz (wanker) I hate to break it to you, but out of the MILLIONS of parcels delivered every year, a few hundred complaints, whilst regretable, are just a tiny tiny percentage, with alot being made up of pathetic, the world owes me everything, type of people like yourself and bignosekate.

    You dont seem to understand that your driver could quite possibly have to drive 50 or more miles to get to you, so tell me, if your employer told you to stay homw due to ice, maybe the driver couldnt get to your area due to the ice, or maybe he couldnt even get out of the depot!!!!
    Maybe HDN should buy us all a helicoptor!!!!

    You dont get it do you Kate.
    Can you tell me how would you like your parcel delivered?
    You have said you wont take time off of work, there are no neighbours, you wont give an alternative address, and you dont want it left outside.
    How do you expect it to be delivered?

    I bet you have caused a fuss at the depot before, over your unreasonable demands havent you?

    If I was your route driver, and I knew about your attitude, beleive me, I would never deliver anything to you!!!
    I dont get paid to put up with rude, abusive, mouthy, and threatening people like you, and if I have prior experience with a customer behaving like that, I wont take the parcel.
    I try my best to keep my customers happy, like all the drivers I work with.

    So maybe you should look at your attitude towards people, you obviously see hard working delivery drivers as a bit of scum that you can abuse.
    Ive got news for you love!!
    And its all bad!!!

  24. As for leaving a parcel in the rain, well it probably wasen’t raining when the guy left it!!

    I know people expect us to be alot of things, but we aren’t weather men you know!!!

  25. Hi every1 i have just ordered a pull up bar from amazon about 2kg. It is expected on the 21st feb 2011 (thats what i heard from amazon website and hdnl tracking). Any problems i should be prepared for and any solutions? Please tell me I need help.

  26. Yeah Matty, you really sound as though you believe the mistakes are ‘regrettable’. It should surprise me the amount of abuse you’re giving out to your company’s customers, and that HDNL seem to be fine with this. However; it doesn’t.

    Lucky nobody reads this… oh wait, they do. Whoops.

  27. Matty, what part of ‘ my work was cancelled because the circuit was unsafe’ don’t you understand? The roads were clear so don’t give me that one. The depot is 13 miles from me so I know the roads were clear. In fact I had a delivery from Fed Ex during the time my work was closed. Also the roads weren’t impassable for two weeks in Kent. So that’s that excuse debunked isn’t.

    I would like my parcels delivered on time and with consideration. If I am not in a card left so that I can re-arrange delivery. That’s not much to ask is it? If I don’t get satisfactory service I complain. If I don’t get satisfaction then I go up the ladder until I reach the CEO. Good customer service means returning customers and also new customers. HDNL haven’t given me good customer service. I bought something in a shop today that has to be ordered and delivered. I asked who the courier was and the shop said not HDNL without me mentioning them. Says something doesn’t it.

    On the day the parcel was left in the rain it was raining all day!!!! You don’t need a meteorological degree to know it is raining when it has been raining all day. I know what delivery drivers have to go through as my late mother was one for 20 years but she never left a delivery in the rain and if she couldn’t deliver she left a card.

    I would like to know where i have been abusive, threatening, rude and mouthy. All I have done is state facts. it is you and some of your (I assume) colleagues who have been rude and abusive. I have been accused of being mentally ill!!!!! Just look at the third word of your 2nd to last post. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

  28. I have had loads of stuff delivered to my house and barring one bad experience with DHL a few years back, have had nothing but excellent service from all companies, apart from Home Delivery Network that is.

    I’ve had four experiences with them and all have been bad (damn these one-off coincidences that only happens 1% of the time). My first experience was an attempted delivery of a book from Amazon that I paid extra for guaranteed next day delivery. I work from home so am mostly in all day, in the afternoon I heard my post box flap make a noise and found a card saying that delivery had been attempted, no knock (I don’t have a doorbell, just a big brass door knocker). I looked out onto the street and couldn’t see a van. I contacted Amazon who ended up sending me a replacement by bike the next morning.

    My second experience was very similar; I was at home and heard the flap again, only to find a card sticking out of my door (no knock again). I opened the door to see the chap walking off and shouted “hello, I’m in” to him, he looked at me and ran across the road to his van and drove off. It took another week before I got the parcel delivered (by Citylink as I had to cancel the order and start again).

    I joined the National Trust (insert joke here) and was told my membership pack would be there in up to six weeks. A week or so later, I was in my next-door neighbours house for a while and came back to find a card with “1 Parcel Behind Side Gate” written on it. I scoured my garden before seeing it hanging in a tree at the back of my other neighbours garden. Fair play to the lad, it was a pretty impressive throw, maybe a future in the discus awaits him?

    This week I ordered a watch from Amazon with next day delivery which didn’t arrive, I called Amazon and they told me that HDN would do a “depot search” which would take two days and then they would be able to tell me what has happened to my parcel. Thanks to a contributor to this blog, I contacted my local depot and spoke to a very nice lady called Jodie who told me that the parcel had never left the Droitwich depot and that she would cancel it and order me a new one as it would take too long to wait for Amazon to sort it out. This only happened today so will have to wait to see what transpires. It appears that Amazon aren’t the customer service saints they make out to be.

    By the way, I live in Cardiff in an ordinary street. My house is close to the main road and has a rather large and easily visible number on it. My two neighbours to the left are retired and always in, the two on the right are a stay at home mum and another retired couple, so usually in too. I also know the people on the other side of the street who include a retired couple, A single mum on the dole and a disabled lady who doesn’t leave the house but is able to collect parcels and rings me if someone delivers to her. I am almost always in as well. Just to re-iterate, I’ve had only one bad experience in four years with another company and four bad experiences out of four with Home Delivery network.

  29. My current experience with HDN doesn’t yet qualify as “bad” as it has yet to resolve itself. I empathise with the disgruntled HDN employees who have unreasonable management and poor working conditions. I work in a customer services based job and am well aware of how economical with the truth many customers are, especially when acknowledging their part played in the transaction, but most of the complaints on this blog aren’t really about that. Many people do their bit perfectly well and still receive poor service from HDN and you know what? It’s OK for them to complain about it, how ever will the service improve? I always try to be clam and constructive when complaining as I see the other side of things regularly and know how frustrating it is for all concerned. I would suggest (Mr. Daz I hope you’re listening), that everyone take deep breaths before complaining and be measured in your reactions. It’s right and fair that you register your dissatisfaction, but be nice about it, it usually gets better results.

  30. I paid extra to have my parcel from Mothercare delivered today when I knew I would be in. It’s stuff for my daughter who I only get to see once a fortnight and am seeing tomorrow. Beautiful day – did not even take my dog out as waiting in for parcel. 11:30 I find a card has been slipped under my door by another moron from Home Delivery Network who has not even had the presence of mind to ring my f**cking doorbell! They can’t have even knocked on the door cos even though I might not have heard that – the dog would have gone ballistic. Now I am going to get my money back from Mothercare plus extra I paid for next day delivery or I will be posting comments about their choice of carrier on every website I can find. It’s my daughter that loses out. Thanks guys.

  31. I’d arranged to collect an undelivered package from the Rochdale Depot. The HDNL website takes you to a page where they list the address and also display a google map with a marker.

    I checked the map and thought as it wasn’t far from my house I’d call there before work.

    After spending 15 minutes driving round a residential area and scratching my head I went back home to check the map again.

    I’d been exactly where the map showed, only no HDNL depot. I googled the postcode and discovered they were miles away.

    When I turned up at the correct location I spoke to a lady and said “Do you realise that your website sends people to the other side of Rochdale?

    “Oh yeah” she said “We get loads of people in complaining” ”
    We keep telling them (head office) and they’ve done nothing, it’s been weeks now”

  32. Just been contacted by Amazon who have cancelled my order and sent me a new one…vis Home Delivery Network! Watch this space.

  33. Why would a driver come all the way to an address, not knock on the door, or ring a bell, and just post a note under the door then quickly drive off?

    Im sorry but what a load of tosh!

    A driver that hardly has a minute to take a breath wouldnt go 10 or 15min out of his way to your address to just post a card!

    And as for the comment above about you heariing the driver post a card, so you run to the door, shout to the driver, who then looks at you, then runs to his van and drives off..

    Do you know how obsurd that sounds?
    There is no way in the world that happend!!!

  34. Does anyone know where exactly the MyYodel/Home Delivery network is in Carrickfergus? I spent an hour today driving around looking for it. I went to Carrickfergus Industrial Estate where it supposed to be and there is no sign of it. I went to 75 Belfast Road which is the address given for it and that’s just a chinese takeawy. Really frustrating. Please help – exact direction appreciated 🙂

  35. Matty how would you know? Were you there? You question all the bad experiances endured by customers. Never do you even consider that we might be right and all these incidents are true. I know what I have said is true and I have no reason to disbelieve others.

  36. Yep, all of these complaints are true. There’s no smoke without fire, but there are plenty of HDNL drivers without ethics.

  37. MrDaz you are just some jumped up loner with nothing but Amazon and your keyboard for company.

    Take a little advice and CHOOSE LIFE.

    Kate… Im sure some complaints are quite true, but there are also some listed on here that are just plainly ludicrus!

  38. Matty, learn to spell ludicrous. I build the websites, losers like you flock to them because you have no other voice.

    Don’t thank me; it’s a public service. I should probably get a grant.

  39. Building websires = lonely nerds
    You hide away from the world slagging off everybody, and everything.

    Your a horrible little man, with no life.

    ‘losers’ like me ‘flock’ to your pathetic site to have a laugh at the pathetic complaints that people like you make.
    It really is very sad.

    The only public service I would like to see you involved with, is a flogging in the town square!

  40. That’s right Matty, I build websites – you can’t even spell it, and yes; I would call you a loser. You’re on this website almost every day insulting people; don’t you have anywhere else to go? Shouldn’t you be working?

  41. We have had three deliveries from this outfit, every one thrown over the gate. The first was live orchids left probably for 36 hours in the snow. The second was electronics and thew last one – anywhere up to a week ago, was books. Of couyrse everytjhing was desytroyed and we are held responsible for the damage.
    Replacement of the plants was refused by the major high street store and they refused to assist us in contacting the company..
    When I have tried toi ring there is simply no answer but I still get charged.

  42. I can spell perfectly well when the need arises thank you very much.
    I’m on here nearly every day am I? Are you sure?
    I have plenty of places to go, and plenty of people to see, unlike you Mr Daz!

  43. Matty, you’ve got nowhere to go and nobody to see; that’s why you spend your Saturday nights on MrDaz.com insulting people, misspelling words and generally being a prick.

    If you have a life, go and live it. Nobody on here wants to read your shit.

  44. I have just had a very good experience with a courier company and no it wasn’t with HDNL. It was with APC. A month ago I went to a music shop to buy a microphone stand for my Native American Flute playing. The shop didn’t have the stand in stock but they would send it via courier when it came in. APC tried to deliver it on Friday but I was at work. When I got home there was a message on my answer phone saying that they tried to deliver but couldn’t find my address. The driver had taken the time to find out my phone number to phone me to find where I lived.

    The stand was delivered this morning. Again the drver phoned to chec I was in and to get excate direction to where I lived. WELL DONE APC. First class customer service. HDNL should take lessons from them

  45. So you are now admitting your address is hard to find, even though you protested otherwise!

    Not only that, you are moaning because HDN drivers dont phone you if they cant find you.

    Thats a simple answer to that, the drivers arent given a phone!
    I certainly wont use my phone for HDN business… No doubt your going to moan about that to!

  46. My address is easy to find. It is only occasional people who need help in finding it. What APC did was good customer service. Their driver had trouble for what ever reason and they took the trouble to find my telephone number and call for my precise location. At least APC contacted me unlike HDNL. I am sure many HDNL drivers have Sat Nav systems they could use if they are not sure of an address or failing that they could use that centries old technology of finding places called maps. I live on the main A20 (there is only one A20 and only village named like the one I live in on it). If HDNL had trouble finding my address last time how come they found it easily enough on the previous two occasions I have mentioned? The address has been here for at least 120 years and quite possibly a lot longer.

    I find hard to believe that any responsable company would put multi drop drivers or riders on the road without some way of contacting them. My late mother was a multi drop driver for a tool company and she had comms with her company. When I did motorcycle courier work for a couple of months I had comms with my employer wether by cell phone or two way radio depending on the distance from the depot.

  47. Yes well Kate you obviously dont realise some post code areas can be over a square mile in size, and a satnav will take you to the middle of the post code area, so that has a potential of half a mile from the actual address.

    Maps… yes great things they are, they show all the roads in the country… the only things missing are the house names and numbers!

    Telephones.. yes I agree HDN should supply the drivers with phones, and we have been petitioning the management for over a year via our union rep, but so far its been unsuccesful.

    As I said previous, do you really expect any driver to use thier own money, and distribute thier own number, for customers to harrass and ring us 24/7?

    No, it wont happen, and it is outrageous to suggest it.

    Yes I get what your trying to say, based on your own inability to ensure somebody is at home to recieve your parcel, that even though the HDN drivers do the same as any other driver, HDN are shit, and every other company are amazing.

    You talk complete and utter crap my dear.

    HDN Matt, over and out!!!

  48. Matty, phone numbers can be with held by dialing 141.

    When I do have an attempted delivery I do expect at least a card posted through my letter box to say delivery was attempted. On the last occasion this did not happen. HDNL KNEW where my address was as I had two deliveries (with problems , one thrown over next doors six foot fence and one dumped in full view of the A20 in pouring rain) via them in the preceding six weeks.

    As for Sat Nav you can input the exact address in them so your post code excuse doesn’t wash. I was pointing out what another courier company did when they tried to deliver to me and I was out at work

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