Home Delivery Network toss my parcel over the gate

I returned home last night when it was pissing down with rain (in Manchester, go figure) to find a card through my door from the Home Delivery Network. There was no order number on it and none of the fields were filled in, but there was some pen scrawled on the top displaying the words ‘Round Side’.

Not sure what this meant I figured maybe there was a parcel left round the side of the house, so I looked. There was nothing there. Then I thought what if they’ve chucked it over the 6 foot hight gate? I hope not, it’s a very high gate, a long way for a parcel to fall and it’s been pouring down all day.

I went out to look and sure enough there was a parcel from Amazon sat a pool of water next to our bin. Jesus Christ, what sort of arsehole does this?

I decided evidence was in order so I took photos of the parcel as I opened it, you can see from the pics that the water had seeped into the box. It would, it had been there all frickin’ day.

I also have a computer coming from Amazon. I hope to fuck they don’t use the Home Delivery Network for that one. I doubt it’ll stand a 6 foot drop into a pool of water. What a bunch of fucking morons. Come on Amazon, sort it out.

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513 thoughts on “Home Delivery Network toss my parcel over the gate”

  1. Well, im waiting for my delivery from HDNL – and will stay in all day with a working doorbell and clear signed house number and see if they deliver.
    I hope to god that i’m not having to write on this board again saying that it didn’t deliver…..
    I’ll go f00kin mental if it doesn’t come today….

  2. HDNL have just bought a division of DHL. Rumour has it that all the DHL drivers in that division in this area have been given notice of potential redundancy, and my OH’s depot manager is charging around saying that any HDN driver who doesn’t cut the mustard will be out.

    So expect lower levels of staff morale, disorganisation while the companies are merged, and higher levels of parcels that are claimed to be carded (but not), or left on doorsteps because the driver is under threat of being sacked if he or she takes stuff back to the depot.

    Still if it gets the Barclay brothers a knighthood it has to be worth it.

  3. You are all morons. Do not use a 7am-7pm delivery company if you are going to be at work. I got an idea for you… Get off you fat arses and walk to the fucking shops…? Makes sense. If you order something be in for delivery! Hell its not hard people. What are you gaining bitching on this website? Why not just pick up a Thompson Local and ring the depot if you have a problem?? HDNL has a 99% delivery sucess rate, and with customers like Amazon moving more parcels through our network than in the past due to failures by other companies its hard to believe we’re as bad as you lot make out.

  4. Well, HDNL Employee, I was in for the delivery, but the driver didn’t knock, just put a card through the door, as others have mentioned. Fine, not great, but I thought it’s easy enough to have it rebooked on the website.

    The day I had it re-booked for I missed another day of work. No show, no card, nothing. And again the second time. By now I’m p*ed off. I look up the depot, as you advise. I go to the depot even though I don’t have a car and it cost me £5 bus fare. They apologise profusely, promise to ring me. I wait AGAIN. NOBODY RINGS. So I ring them, am fobbed off again. The ebay seller has also rung them to be told they have “probably” lost it but are still looking.

    I have just rung the depot again, and now they won’t even speak to me to lie to me, they just say they’re busy and will ring me back in a minute. What the hell else am I supposed to do? In what universe is this acceptable business practice? This is the depot in Bamber Bridge, if anyone from there is reading this!

    I understand that they treat they drivers shoddily too, but then why stick up for them and have a rant at the customer? Yeah, what fools we are for expecting a delivery company to deliver our parcels, and be accountable if they don’t!

  5. Wow… Thought I’d check up on HDNL after finding my order from Play.com had a link so I could track the order, initial thoughts were that this was a nice touch.

    I looked at the site to see if they had information about the delivery process in relation to the status given so I could expect my package on a specific day as so far they have only received parcel data so it’s still early days yet.

    Having no luck I decided to Google my pondering and, lo and behold, stumbled upon this page and plenty of review sites all claiming this company, who claim be be good on their site, are somewhat of a shambolic parcel relocation system. (I say relocation as items are said to be simply getting bounced between various areas of the country)

    You’d think a respectable company like Play would take note of review sites showing mass customer disgruntlement when selecting couriers. My custom with them is currently hanging in the balance.

    The delivery tracking report started on 25/1/10, I shall post again upon delivery or after each dealing with them.

    A note to the HDNL Employee above:-

    We do not have a specific choice in the courier we choose for our deliveries from e-tailers, all we can do is hope that it’s the lesser of two evils as far as the company used are concerned.

  6. ‘You are all morons. Do not use a 7am-7pm delivery company if you are going to be at work. I got an idea for you… Get off you fat arses and walk to the fucking shops…? ‘

    Some things aren’t available from physical shops, sweetheart. These things also include manners, customer service training and pride in your work. How sad that you appear to have never experienced any one of these things. Perhaps if you were less obviously bitter about your faliure to make anything of yourself you’d be more open to becoming a half-decent employee. As it stands your defence of your company has dented their reputation even further. You are, quite simply, an embarrassment.

  7. Parcel is currently in a van somewhere between Bolton and Bamber Bridge.

    27/01/2010 02:38:00 BAM_BRIDGE DEPOT
    The parcel has been received into depot
    27/01/2010 08:22:00 BAM_BRIDGE VAN
    The parcel has been loaded on to the drivers van

    “Bennett” has slightly worried me with their post after having so much trouble with this same depot.

    Probably more updates later today.

  8. Parcel turned up an hour after my last post. Everything was fine.

    Maybe I was lucky having no problems. Or maybe they’ve improved their service. Who knows?

  9. Apparently my parcel was sent back to the supplier- they told the supplier they were sending it back to them on Weds early morning and they’ve still not managed.

    The distance from me to the supplier is about 14 miles. FFS. Useless.

  10. I LOL’d. What sort of service do you expect personally abusing drivers? I i was to sit here and abuse you, and then asked you to do something for me, do you think I’d do it? So after calling people ‘Fucking Morons’ I really do hope the driver shits on your doorstep…. sir.

  11. Yes..I had a £300 sony camera thrown over a 6 foot door to the side passage by HDN van driver. Quite literally a tosser.

  12. Guess what Mr Daz……my flat mate ordered a pile of books from Amazon. Guess where HDN man left them? Under a parked car.

  13. next time you order a parcel why dont you be in and this wont happen or get it delivered to work or something similar instead of us delivery drivers walking up to a fucking empty house, do you not think it fucks us off the fact you order a parcel and then not even in or bothered to get delivered elsewhere or leave a note, if you delivered parcels you would see it from the other side

  14. Ordered something from the white company, when it arrived the box was an absolute disgrace – ruined. It was clear it had been kicked and stepped on. It was half open and nasty to look it. Delivered around 7pm, it was just left on my step with a note saying “no one in”. There was three cars on the drive and lights on inside and out, believe me when I say the house at winter looks like a lit up christmas tree!!

    Also ordered a bed from the White Company that these cowboys delivered, released by the white company on the 2nd feb, it arrived over 25 days later. They made a mess of our hallway, and because the box was covered in mud (unbelievable), one of them used one of our rugs to place it between the white walls and the box. I have a good mind to send their CEO a letter saying get something delivered by them 🙁

  15. Solutions to this perrenial problem :
    1. the consumer should be given a choice of courier at an appropriate cost – so you can really get what you pay for.

    2. hdnl drivers should strike for better pay and conditions. After all that’s what unions are for.

    3. their workload should be reduced to a manageable level, 200+ parcels per 10/12 hour day is unattainable.

    4. the consumer (that’s all of us), will foot the bill in higher postage charges (we do if we have next day delivery anyway).

    5. a limit should be put on a companies’ profits. Any profit over a an agreed level should be given to the employees as a bonus (ie the ones that actually do the work, not the directors).

    I have had a number of parcels delivered by hdnl, some of them on time, some not. Never have they been left outside. I am currently waiting for a parcel which is on it’s way to Ireland – I live in the southwest of England !

    We shall see if it turns up and the condition it’s in. (I will be in, as I am 70 years old)

  16. “from the complaints I’ve seen online when I search Google for them maybe Amazon won’t use them for much longer.”

    “I can see them getting dropped by Amazon real soon. Their kind of unprofessional attitude isn’t going to turn people onto Online shopping.”

    Keep hoping¬

  17. ordered 300 worth of clothes from asos, they were dispatched on thursday and the hdn apperently delivered to my address on friday, and they have apparently obtained a signiture,

    i dont see how because i was in all day to take the parcel and it has not been delivered, and they didnt leave a card saying it was at another address.

    dont no what else i can do, looks like iv lost out on £300,

    its their word against mine.

    whats stopping these morons signing for things themselves and just taking the goods for themseleves

  18. It appears that HDNL has bought out DHL’s domestic road service – and it shows!! Had I read all of your comments here I would NOT have booked this service, but, since they are still using DHL branding and paperwork, I naturally thought I was booking – well DHL, not some numptie with a van who clearly can’t be bothered to get out of bed and deliver my parcel to Aberdeen! I booked a next day service last Thursday and here we are, the following Tuesday, and no attempt has even been made to deliver… I await the cries of joy from my customer when it finally arrives, mashed, mangled, or soaking wet!

  19. Hi all having read some of the comments here I guess this is the place to vent my anger at HDNL! Currently in my area this useless company is using a unless company (a man with a van) and these idiots couldn’t run a piss up in a brewery! I arrange for the collection of a heavy item to be return to Very last Tuesday so they came Monday! The reason given was that the collection date was estimated WTF? How can you say we will collect your item on Monday or maybe Friday or some where between. So said fine you’ll have to pick it up today (day of writting this message) as were not available till that day. So they sent a message arranging to pick item friday before. Again back on the phone told you can’t pick up item tell 1st of April to which we get told yes we noted this so ask why are trying to pick it up friday then!!!! So the the big day arrives alarm set were up then the phone goes being cordless its been left in the kitchen so wife ran to answer it didn’t make next thing look out the window and van pullin’ off. So rang the company to get in touch but the office weren’t open for another 10mins so at eight told them the drivers here in the area but didn’t knock sent him back while they are here in the area. Simple answer was no its been 15mins now and he’s out of your area at the time of day and given the roads here that would of been lucky! So this has been my first April fools of 2010 and who’s know 3 times a charm yea right lets hope they go under PLEASE!!!

    P.S. Very Just rang and told me HDNL don’t use outside contractors anymore yet my last couple of items delivered where from a man in a van this may be the reason for lost (stolen items!)

  20. There is hope: I have now had £55 worth of compensation from Amazon thanks to HDNL’s unacceptable levels of service. I’m tempted to order again so I can get more free money out of them but it wouldn’t be worth the pain.

    Today I had to visit their dept to collect a parcel after I discovered they don’t deliver at times when I’m not at work. First of all they told me it’d take around two hours to find the parcel as I “hadn’t booked a collection on the website”, even though I told them that the website doesn’t offer this as an option, and the other customers in the queue who were having the same problem backed me up on this.

    After an unpleasant forty minutes spent listening to angry customers swearing at staff I decided this was not how I wanted to spend a sunny Saturday morning, and was assured that my parcel would “definitely be here” if I did my food shopping and came back after an hour. They also told me that the depot would be open until 5pm and not 12 noon as advertised- I quote- “We only tell people it’s 12 to stop them turning up so it doesn’t get too busy”.

    I returned to find that they still hadn’t made any attempt to locate my parcel, and a five minute search told them it had been “misplaced”. They staff member said they could look for it but it would take another two hours on top of the two hours I had already been waiting, and that he didn’t really have the time anyway as he had “too much other work to do”. I didn’t encounter any racist staff but they were rude and workshy… At this point I gave up, called Amazon and got a refund for my undeliverable order, along with some compensation.

    My advice would be to take your complaints to Amazon and to keep reminding them that your sales contract is with them and not with their couriers whenever they try to shift the blame. Keep demanding compensation, Amazon WILL pay it out and if HDNL cost them enough in compensation they may finally stop ignoring all the complaints and actually act on them.

  21. You people are hillarious.
    Ok, I’m going to clear up a few things here.
    And so you know, I am a HDNL driver working from Newton Abbot, and my experiances are based on the Heathfield depot only.
    Yes, HDNL use owner drivers to deliver parcels, just like Parceline, TNT, DPD, infact the majority of parcel companies.
    Owner drivers dont ‘steal’ parcels willy nilly as has been suggested here, security is very tight at the depot, with all parcels scanned, vans searched, and full counts condusted daily.
    With the comments above about Saturday opening, well no depot is open to the public after 12pm, it has nothing to do with being ‘workshy’, Saturday is simply an overtime day, as all staff are on a 5 day contract (mon – fri) so Saturday is a half day.

    Out of the 12000 parcels that pass through Heathfield daily, there are less than 0.6% complaints about the method, or lack, of delivery.

    Look at the dates of the posts on this site, there arent hundreds of complaints every day, there are 1 or 2 a month.

    ! or 2 complaints out of hundreds of thousands, surely even you misserable lot can see thats not all bad?

    Now the complaints about the times of delivery.
    Yes, you may work all day and get home 6 at night, but that is the same time all delivery drivers work to.
    If I knocked on your door at 10 or 11 at night to deliver a parcel you would quite rightly go nuts, so tell me this, what should I do?
    I call at your house, on the day you expect a delivery, and your not in, because you say you are at work, there is no safe place to leave it, and your neighbours are at work, so I take the parcel back to the depot, you moan because I dont deliver at times when your home… I have to sleep to you know!

    No matter what we do, it is wrong for you lot.

    Yes, there maybe more complaints about HDNL than any other delivery firm, but whys that?

    I’ll tell you why, because the only company that delivers more mail is royal mail, whos level of complaints are 34% higher I might add.
    No other company delivers half as much, that is why the complaint levels are there.

    You people need to get off of your computers and poke your nose into the real world for a change.

  22. “Look at the dates of the posts on this site, there arent hundreds of complaints every day, there are 1 or 2 a month.

    ! or 2 complaints out of hundreds of thousands, surely even you misserable lot can see thats not all bad?” quote from Dan

    1 or 2 a month yeah. . .only from this website take into account other sites people use and also the number of people who don’t say anything and you’ve got yourself a pretty large number of people who complain about your shoddy service

    I for one is still waiting for my parcel to arrive, I checked that it has been in the Irvine depot since the 1st April and a drive from Irvine to where I stay in about 10mins. . .then a couple days ago I used the tracking number that Amazon gave me to track my order and guess what? it says that the number is not valid. . .how can that be if I was able to use it before?? kind of fishy. . .it’s like my parcel disappeared off the face of the earth or maybe it was stolen by HDNL, not surprising considering some of the comments on this page like parcels being left in the rain, parcels being thrown over 8ft fences, parcels being left in the open so passer bys can steal them. I mean come on!! a 10 year old would know not to do any of that!!

    Oh yeah and they also said that they had attempted to deliver it but no one was on in. . .well I beg to differ as I was in the house all Easter through my Easter break from uni. . .

    My rant here is now finished

  23. Mikey it doesnt matter if your local depot is a 30second walk away, the parcel gets the same priority.
    I have a 90minute drive to the start of my round.

    Now, do you really think that HDNL steal customers parcels? really?
    And are you sure you were in when the drive tried your house?
    Maybe, like most students, you were laying in bed all day and didnt hear the door.

    Yes people moan and complain, but compair a few hundred complaints to millions of parcels delivered every year, and there you have it, HDNL isnt that bad!

    You people really are full of crap.
    Moaning because a driver cant deliver a parcel to you, because you are at work.

    Well excuse me if Im wrong, but you booked the delivery didnt you?
    How about adding and alternative address, or even noting a safe place to leave the parcel.

    You know what, today I spent 40minutes trying to track down an address.
    The parcel was addressed to Mrs M******* holsworthy devon.
    Now, Holsworthy is a very rural place with not many residential areas, so I actually went over my time and tried all the houses in the post code area to find the address, after 40 minutes I found the house.
    Do you know what she said when I explained her item was not addressed correctly?
    She said ‘ Ive been waiting all bloody day for that, your late’
    Not even a thank you.

    Well its people like that, people like you lot on here, that will stop me from going out of my way again.

  24. i am awaiting a package a ps3, for the last 10 days have watched my parcel sit on the van that picked it up. i ended up phoning the nearest depot to the van which was in south hampton , the nice lady on the other side said my parcel had been loaded onto the delivery van but had not set out yet, the web tracking updated to Parcel on van, but my question is how can a van take 10 days to get from a house in south hampton to the depot in the same town surely the traffic isnt that crazy ? i am a bit worried that some tampering may occur

  25. mrt I take it you live in south hampton?
    Then how come you dont know its Southampton?

    Hmm are you sure your not making up a story?

  26. I have been doing some research on HDNL, and I ended up on this website: THANK GOD.

    I’m planning to send a parcel to my bro in Scotland. An expensive and fragile item (laptop). He suggested I use HDNL – “they are the cheapest mate!”.

    Have to say I was completely unaware of this company’s existence, untill he told me yesterday.

    I visited their website earlier on, I have to say it looked quite …dodgy! No contact details, no quotes for services… I thought summat’s not right here.

    I decided to “google” it… and here am I now, on this blog reading horror stories about cowboys and incompetent idiots who throw parcels off gates, in the same way you would throw the “goodnight biscuits” to the dog! (and even then you’d be a bit more gentle!).

    Thank you all for your contributions and sharing your experiences. As for me…. I think I’ll probably turn to good ol’ Royal Mail…. unless I’m convinced some other company can do the job safety and efficently. Google is our friend!!!!

  27. To all people saying they’ll use just not use HDNL good luck with that, apparently they’ve bought part of DHL so if you use DHL chances are that you will end up getting it through HDNL. For them to do this they must be doing something right to afford it. Also please lay off the customer service line insults :P, from what i’ve seen most of the problems come from the drivers and the people on the phone can only see limited information like it’s been delivered, sent back to depot, etc. So shouting at them doesn’t help. Most of the time we don’t understand why the drivers do some of the things you say and all we can offer is a redelivery, change of address, etc. We can notify the depot of driver misconduct and they will be investigated but that’s about where our power ends and really we can’t do much more than that. Also when you demand a manager they can only do the same as us so it’s kind of pointless. I don’t like to see that everyone has all these problems, and I hope that in the future when I start on the phones that I can help resolve some of these ^_^ I’ll try my best but as I said our power is limited. It’s not all drivers btw but we have been told of problem areas where depots cause hassle and they don’t even like it when we call through to them.

  28. oops one too many use in the 1st line there 😛 sorry about that ^_^

  29. I read they were rebranding and thought I’d check if this was still going on as I can only imagine this may have had an impact!

    “”Home Delivery Network has rebranded its entire business as Yodel as it looks to take on the Royal Mail in the parcel delivery sector. Jonathan Smith, Yodel CEO, says the rebrand is aimed at positioning the company as a “truly customer focused business offering a full suite of services”.””


  30. I just wanted to say, I’ve only had a few things delivered by Home Delivery Network, but I was sensible enough to have them delivered to work, where there will always be someone to take delivery of it…. If you’re going to be out at work, have it delivered elsewhere, it’s not rocket science!

  31. Hi, wish id seen this site before i used HDNL !!! hoping you can help me!! i had a 2 parcels picked up by them at the same time from a house in London on the 26-5-10, one got to me on the 29th OK the other one as not been seen from the 27th they think its at the sorting office at droitwich why i do not know !!!!.they said that the sorting office will ring me that was 3 day ago now. They will not give me the number to ring them to try to sort it out, the call centre staff is not that helpful at all. so if someone can help me to get it i would appreciate it thanks!!!

  32. ordered from a clothing shop online which i have never had problems with delivery before. However they have recently changed courier to DHL. absoulte piss take. I paid extra to have it delivered today as the i need the clothes for a show tomorrow. waited in ALL day (7am – 7pm!) for the parcel to turn up and it didnt. at 8:30 i tried ringing the two phone numbers on the DHL website however neither of them were answered. Managed to find the phone number of the depot it had been left at and they man who answered said my package hadnt been delivered because my house is “unacessable” how exactly this is i really dont know i live in a perfectly normal house, in a normal street its not like my gate was locked or theres a 6 foot wall or anything! absolutly ridiculous! was moaning to a friend who had the same thing happened to him. the driver for our area is obviously a lazy asswipe who cant be bothered to finish his delivery shift! asked for it to be redelivered tomorrow at 7am only to be told they can’t leave the depot til 10 (why say u deliver from 7am then!!!) is meant to be coming asap in the morning but i am not holding my breath.

  33. sorry not DHL, meant HDNL! just read someones comment mentioning DHL and got confused! haha its late, sssssh 😛

  34. Wow reading these comments is making me feel really depressed! I’ve been waiting for a parcel from Amazon which was posted to me on 10th May i.e. over a month ago. HDNL told me they had delivered it and had a signature for it, and would check with the driver and call me back. They never called back, and when I chased, they said they’d sent the parcel back to Amazon and I should contact them. I have reorganised delivery to my work address now, but I am still waiting. The main problem as far as I’m concerned is that they don’t deliver Saturdays (is it a new thing? I’m sure I had the option before, but not anymore!?), and that everything needs to be signed.

    This is only the second time I’ve had stuff delivered by HDNL and it’s been bad both time. The first time, I watched the van drive up and down my street without stopping, never to be seen again.

  35. By the way (and it took me a looong time to work it out, because the telephone number and website on the delivery card are rubbish and only give restricted information), the correct web address for them is http://www.hdnl.co.uk
    The phone number is 0871 977 0805 but beware, it is 10p a minute from BT landlines! And to speak to a real person, you have to go through the list of delivery dates options until the recorded message asks you to press * (that is, if you do get through to someone, I got an error message every day for at least 5 days in a row a couple of weeks ago when I was trying to sort out my delivery!)

  36. Hi,
    I too am a victim their great service.. got a broadband service from virgin media, and they delivered the modem through HDNL. Both virgin media and hdnl claim that they have already delivered the parcel. I have not received any till now. I called up the horrible customer service center, and they said they’ll come back in 48hours(?), as the driver would work on shift basis (who cares?) and would be available only for interview(?) only after 48 hours. This is 5th day after they claim the parcel is delivered, and i am yet to hear from them. Already wasted time and money for calling up their customer care numbers for a number of times. But who cares?
    At this time iam “googling” for UK consumer care/consumer forums etc., as i am new to this country.. just to help myself, in case if dont get my parcel at all..

  37. I’ve been searching around for info regarding HDNL as I had never heard of them until about a week ago and came across this site. Now, I very rarely go on a rampage about companies (NTL have been an exception) and I’ve had my fair share of issues with couriers not being completely reliable (City Link, Parcel Force) but HDNL is in a whole new league of stupidity and unreliability. Anyone here trying to sugar coat their service by saying there isn’t a perfect courier company needs to get real.

    In reality, no courier company is perfect but at least they try to correct their mistakes, HDNL however have screwed up FOUR times for me over the past week with a promise that they will deliver tomorrow (I’ll believe it when I see it) but so far it has been nothing but empty promises.

    Funnily enough, people here have reported they have meant to have had a card left in their letterbox and haven’t seen the said card, I too am a victim of this problem and today HDNL are telling me the depot have ‘lost’ a 40″ LCD television. How the hell do you lose a 40″ Telly? seriously? You’ve supposedly tried delivering it four times already, where the hell did it go?

    Needless to say I’ve done my utmost to complain to HDNL, but with a premium rate phone number I feel like I’m doing them a favour, so instead I’ve been speaking with Sony about using HDNL in the future and live in hope that they can resolve this problem, because HDNL certainly don’t give a crap and certainly don’t deserve their money.

    Now if any employee or managing director of HDNL would like to approach me to make their excuses, please do, because they’re not going to work on me and trying to take jabs at other companies is like passing the buck in the worst possible way and is unprofessional. They’re your mistakes, you deal with them and you correct them!

    With how much they have upset me, I would like to see this company taken down. I know a lot of unemployed people right now who would take over the company and do a far better job than the shit their pulling right now. They either sort it out or collapse, their choice.

  38. Two days I spent waiting for a parcel for 12 hours between 7am and 7pm!! Still no delivery. I’ve had the parcel returned.

    Can’t even pick up parcel which is stored in Newhaven – an hour’s drive from Brighton where I live.

    Don’t buy from Amazon if they use HDN in your area!!!

  39. im a HDNL driver and ive just taken time to read sum comments! lol. Honestly…u all speak shit, dont order with us if u dont like the service.plenty of other companies about or get off your lazy fat arses and go to town and buy it from a shop. Amazon will never drop us, peeps been asking for that since 2007 on her lol they still with us. Guaranteed your all on job seekers anyway! scum

  40. Bert – you obviously didn’t read it properly then (like most of the dumbshit HDNL drivers), most of us DON’T HAVE A CHOICE, the companies we order from use you to deliver, we don’t contact you to deliver for us.

    We have parcels delivered to our home for many reasons, mine being I don’t want lots of parcels delivered to my work (as I order a LOT off the net). Many companies (such as Amazon) only give an estimated delivery date, so we can’t take a few days off work each way to wait for a few books/movies/games we’ve ordered can we? Thats why its your JOB to attempt delivery, or at least leave a card informing us that we can collect our parcel for the depot. The fact that in many cases there is no card or the driver has been too lazy to ring a bell means more work for you.

    The whole “why don’t you pick it up yourself instead of making us deliver it” theme I keep seeing on this page doesn’t quite make sense, if no-one wanted anything delivered you wouldn’t have a job. And if you’d prefer us to collect our own parcels, why the fuck do you work (and I use the word “work” loosely) for a delivery company? If you don’t want to deliver parcels to customers DON’T WORK AS A COURIER.

    Then again, that might only seems obvious to someone with an education.

    Whatever happend to “the customer is always right”?

  41. HDNL are a joke i ordered a paul’s boutique handbag and paid for 48 hor guarntee delivery on the 19th of july, on the 23rd i recived a slip through my door sayingthat it was taken back to the depo as i needed to sign for it and was not ome, soi phoned up and was told it would be delivered the next day, it did not appear, so i rang today and they told me that my neibourgh had sinded for it, i asked for the name of the signature it was not the name of the people next door and now HDNL are saying they do not know where my £120’s worth of goods are

  42. hi there ihad a souround sound/av amp deliverd by HDNL yesterday {27.7.10} in a box that looked like it had been tossed around and opened, it said FRAGILE DO NOT DROP on the box the driver turned up and opened the van door and placed the box on the floor with a clunk, wile i was there, to my disgust he didnt seem to care wether not it was fragile or not, ive taken pictures of the item before i opened it and will be sending them and a complaint to HDNL too,

  43. F…k… F…k… F…k… F…k Why the F…k are they so F…ing useless? What the F…k is it? I don’t normally use bad language, so thanks Daz for allowing me to let off a bit of stem. waited in all F….ing day yesterday rescheduled everything for today…no F…ing delivery. called the HDN office (M&S gave me thenumber) and gave them hell…”Why” I asked “do you think I nominated a next day delivery” ” Dont you think the F…ing shirt was expensive enough that I just had to pay another fiver for you morons not to F…ing deliver it on time”. “Perhaps you’d like to drive 50 odd miles to collect it sir” she said…”the driver couldn’t find you”!

    Oh my god F…k … F…k …F…k

  44. i have just returned from work and found my parcel lay in the back garden in the rain. The garden is surrounded by an 8ft wall. The tosser of a delivery man must have tossed it over the wall…. i am trying to find the delivery man concerned and going to give him an invite to my tae kwon do club and introduce him to the art !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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