Home Delivery Network toss my parcel over the gate

I returned home last night when it was pissing down with rain (in Manchester, go figure) to find a card through my door from the Home Delivery Network. There was no order number on it and none of the fields were filled in, but there was some pen scrawled on the top displaying the words ‘Round Side’.

Not sure what this meant I figured maybe there was a parcel left round the side of the house, so I looked. There was nothing there. Then I thought what if they’ve chucked it over the 6 foot hight gate? I hope not, it’s a very high gate, a long way for a parcel to fall and it’s been pouring down all day.

I went out to look and sure enough there was a parcel from Amazon sat a pool of water next to our bin. Jesus Christ, what sort of arsehole does this?

I decided evidence was in order so I took photos of the parcel as I opened it, you can see from the pics that the water had seeped into the box. It would, it had been there all frickin’ day.

I also have a computer coming from Amazon. I hope to fuck they don’t use the Home Delivery Network for that one. I doubt it’ll stand a 6 foot drop into a pool of water. What a bunch of fucking morons. Come on Amazon, sort it out.

Darren Jamieson, aka MrDaz, is the Technical Director and co-founder of Engage Web and has been working online in a career spanning two decades. His first website was built in 1998 and is still live today.

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513 thoughts on “Home Delivery Network toss my parcel over the gate”

  1. HDNL (Hopeless Delivery Network Ltd)

    I have found that it’s no use calling the centralised contact number on their website as you will (if patient and persistant) be put through to a really unhelpful and downright rude person wo will not even try and help. However, I managed to find the contact number for my local depot (wrexham 01978291559) and upon calling, the lady who answered could not be more helpful and resolved the non delivery problem I had experienced in minutes (I am about to go and collect my parcel today, head office said that was impossible until tomorrow)
    So I would recommend calling your local depot direct if you can find their number. I was lucky and a google search brought up a listing for it.

  2. My HDN delivery guy is so lazy. He brings van into garage block at back of house and can’t be arsed to walk around the front and knock on the door. He either shouts to me over the gate… bit difficult to hear if radio is on, initially just barged through the back gate before I had a lock on it and caught me half dressed (!), or as today just threw my catalogue and accompanying letter over the gate. Had he bothered to walk around the front and knock, which is common courtesy, he would have found I am here to take delivery. I so wish shopping networks would stop using them!

  3. Oh dear…..

    RE ” Rich (2 comments) // Oct 8, 2009 at 11:19 pm ”

    Does that mean HDNL have a case against you? Seeing as they have had to use 2 lots of fuel to get to your house, pay the driver twice for the same delivery etc etc… swings and roundabouts mate.

    ” Mike Withans (1 comments) // Oct 7, 2009 at 6:43 pm ”

    Whether you were gone for coffee for 10 minutes, or 10 hours, the fact still stands that your item needs a signature! What is so hard about arranging for your neighbor to have your parcel and leaving a note?!.. seriously?!

    ” Andrew (1 comments) // Sep 30, 2009 at 6:58 pm ”

    So, you ordered an item that requires a signature, knowing that A) you dont drive, and B) you wont be home to accept the item?

    ….words fail me im afraid.

    Lastly – MrDaz, any chance of a reply to my previous comment?

    Im eager to hear your ideas about how a company that delivers close to half a million parcels daily can offer you this tiny delivery window that your £2.50 apparently entitles you to.

  4. HDNL driver, racist, moron (you choose your title), I don’t want HDNL delivering my parcels, ever. You idiots are, well, idiots.

    When the Royal Mail deliver and I’m not in, they leave a card, I collect it. Simple.

    When DHL deliver and I’m not in, they phone me and check when I am in, or arrange to deliver it to a work address.

    When HDNL deliver and I’m not in, they lob it over a gate.

    It’s not fucking rocket science, it’s delivering a parcel you inept twat.

  5. I think its really unacceptable what happened to your parcel; the oafish delivery drivers who have sent unhelpful and rude replies don’t exactly help create a good impression, however you shouldn’t tar all HDNL drivers with the same brush. The guys who deliver my Virgin Wine boxes (HDNL) are polite, punctual and not one broken/stolen consignment to date.

    However, I think HDNL should seriously consider more accessible contact numbers, easier options for redelivery and delivery dates should be specified and guaranteed – a number of my friends have found it difficult to collect packages from depots which are usually miles away and getting through to someone at the depot is a real nightmare.

  6. yeh i orderd a £259 motheboard from maplins. Todays date is saturday 17th october. it was supposed to arrive on a wednesday the following week but to my surprise it came this morning after i orderd it last night.

    anyway i was in, parents were in, all awake havin breakfast. now when i orderd the motherboard from maplins, they said that i wil have to sign for it. I gave them instructions saying if i was not in, leave with neighbour.

    wot happened?? ROYAL MAIL of all companys did not knock on the door, did not leave the parcel wiv my neighbours rather they tossed it over the 6ft side gate??

    how do i know if motherboard is damaged? i am gona get compensation from them.

    If you were dilvering parcels that said next you would assume their were clothes in it. if you saw a parcel wiv maplins you wud be stupid to not know they sell electrical goods! rang maplins and they said they cannot do nothing about it.

    Stupid idiot of a dilvery man. I just hope the gate was originally open and he locked it when he went out (cuz the gate was locked when i got to the parcel)

  7. Now now MrDaz, am i getting to you or something? Calm yourself you big woman.

    Im getting tired of explaining the same thing over and over, so ill try my best to break it down into even smaller pieces for you digest yes?

    “DHL will phone me and check when I am in”

    Okay lets start with this one here. DHL deliver a fraction of what HDNL delivers day to day. Both companies will obviously experience failed deliveries, thats something you will never avoid. However, the quantity of failed deliveries is obviously going to be relative to the amount each company attempts to deliver daily.

    Our failure target is around %3, but when you consider the fact that our depot alone can see 10,000 parcels a day, that would equate to 300 items. We have 3 girls that work in our office. Do you think they have the time to sit and call 300 customers DAILY to ask when they are going to be home? as well as performing all the other clerical tasks associated with running a parcel delivery depot?

    We then come onto the fact that DHL’s method of delivery is very different to that of HDNL. Being largely based around timed services ( Before 10/12 etc) which means their customers have a smaller time frame in which to expect their item. This ultimately ends up in less failed deliveries, and probably means at the end of each day DHL depots have a small, “manageable” handful of parcels to re-arrange delivery addresses/dates for… this is why you get that magic phone call that you love so much.

    Now, would you like to know why all of your favorite internet shopping sites are switching to HDNL?…Quite simple – COST. We are cheaper because we dont offer such time specific services. It doesn’t take a genius to work out who the companies like Argos and Amazon are going to favor when you take into consideration the fact they dispatch such massive amounts of product a week, its just good business sense. HDNL are winning contracts left right and centre, and all your kicking, screaming and threats of boycotts isn’t going to change that. I guarantee that if they lose you as a customer, they will gain 100 new ones in your place lol

    “When the Royal Mail deliver and I’m not in, they leave a card, I collect it. Simple. ”

    Quite an easy one – Again, imagine 300 items brought back daily, then imagine 3 girls trying to run round the depot finding said 300 items while doing all their other work.. its simply impossible to offer that kind of service from our depots.

    Lastly, I despise racism in any way shape or form, and don’t appreciate being wrongly labeled one. I urge you to trawl through my previous posts and quote anything that you feel amounts to a “racist remark” i can assure you, you wont find any. I dont mind the other insults.. they are easily passed off as big words from a small man, hiding behind the safety of his keyboard


  8. I too have had the grave misfortune of dealing with these morons.

    Orange use them for their deliveries of Netbooks and Broadband equipment.

    I’m sure you can see where this is going.

    I wasn’t surprised to see they are based in Speke, Liverpool. I’m honestly surprised the thieving scouser twats haven’t stolen every single thing of value.

    Naturally I attempted to converse with one of the scumbags but it’s hard to understand the whining scouse accent.

    My advice would be shop elsewhere, complain, do anything you can to avoid these idiots.

    And by the way before you start with the whining “Aaaar Ay you’re picchhhing on me cause I’m a scouser” I’m not. I’m complaining because you’re a bunch of cunts.


  9. No Dave, you’re not getting to me. You’re an idiot.

    So you’re saying that DHL and the Royal Mail offer a better service than you because they’re generally better? They have more staff per delivery item and are paid more to deliver a better a service (pardon the pun). Whereas with HDNL it’s a case of you get what you pay for. You’re cheap, not very cheerful and retailers use you because it protects their bottom line… screw the customer.

    Either that or you’re just complaining that you have too many parcels to deliver; you can’t possibly deliver them in all in such a short space of time without lobbing a few and stealing others. It’s too hard; I can’t do my job any more!!!!

    Boo fucking hoo.

    As for the racist thing; there are dozens of racist comments on this page from HDNL drivers, most of whom are too stupid to use their real names. If you insist on posting as ‘HDNL Driver lol’ you’ll be tarred with that racist brush.

  10. Daz, i find it somewhat amusing that you feel you are able to judge my character so accurately based on a few posts on your pretty little blog here, but im happy to tolerate it if it keeps you happy 🙂 I guess everyone needs their own “outlet” so to speak.

    Right, back on track.

    As for the service HDNL offer , you are pretty much on the money. DHL and Royal Mail provide a better service, and therefore charge the retailers whom they service premium rates. HDNL charge less and provide a “get what you pay for” service as you so eloquently put it. This just so happens to be satisfactory for vast majority of customers, who get their items in a timely fashion, and re-order time and time again. The customer is happy , the retailer is happy.

    A stupidly small minority ( Thats you guys here :] ) kick up a fuss and moan. Sometimes your complaints are valid, most of the time they aren’t. That, added to the fact you represent such a small percentage of your retailers customer base means your custom doesn’t justify the switch to a more expensive courier. Like it or not, thats how it is.

    Lastly – how my name i use to post here somehow indicates i am racist is beyond me. A few other drivers have posted racist comments, so that automatically makes me one? Does that mean you would walk past a Muslim in the street and automatically assume they are a terrorist? If you are going to throw around childish names then at least base them on something factual. :]

  11. It seems you can’t leave my ‘pretty little blog’ alone can you, muppet?

    So we’re agreed that DHL and the Royal Mail offer a great service, whereas HDNL is shit. Good.

    As for the racist thing; until you use your real name on this website and post under your real identity you will be tarred with the same racist HDNL drivers who have posted here under equally stupid names.

    Be a man, if you can.

  12. Admittedly, i am drawn to your blog here quite a lot. I guess it could a number of things. Maybe its your childish name calling that amuses me? Or perhaps your warped sense of logic that somehow leads you to believe that using my name on here would somehow grant me “real man” status? You already know my name is Dave, other than that i really have no desire for you to know any more about me. Ive kindly supplied my email for you to contact me should you wish to pitch anymore PMT fueled bitch fits.

    DHL and Royal Mail certainly offer a more precise service than HDNL, but i wouldn’t go as far as saying our service is shit. If that was the case then we would ultimately fail as a company eventually. The fact that the whole network is having 3000 brand new Mercedes Sprinters rolled out to each depot would suggest we are doing something right, seeing as they are probably the best vans money can buy. That, and the fact we are winning contracts left right and centre of course….. 😉

    Lastly… “Be a man”? Oh the irony! Coming from a “man” who was so annoyed with his delivery driver that he decided to create a whole blog entry to tell his cyber buddies how disgruntled he was. Why not take a trip to your local depot and ask to speak to the driver face to face, and perhaps have your own change to practice what you preach.

  13. HDNL dont even ring the door bell, they simply leave a card saying you were out….even though i wasnt and they didnt bother to push the door bell!
    Asked wtf was going on and told they wuld resend it today, and the guy turns up and leaves…..straight away….yep,, couldn’t even be bothered to get out of the van!

    Great value for money ! I hope pple at HDNL burn up in a fire and rot in hell!

  14. As of 2 months ago HDN have started using drivers from Agile group and things are changing for the better. They can’t bring them all in at once but they’re slowly swapping over to Agile. Agile drivers are professional and well trained and things will be better from now on.

  15. 3 months ago I ordered Orange Broadband. I’m still waiting for my router box to arrive. The 3 month delay , I now find out , is due to internal order email at Orange going missing. Anyway they said they’d sort it out & get a router sent to me urgently. I’m still waiting.
    Orange tell me they use Netlink & they gave me their tel number. I called Netlink &they tell me they don’t deliver as they’re only middleman who organise someone else to deliver. The actual delivery Co is HDN. I called HDN & got through to their call centre who told me that their system says their delivery guy tried to deliver at 7:49 am on Nov 10th 2009 & he left a card. What a liar! 3 people were at home & a dog who would hear a fly sneeze. I asked for HDN Chesterfield depot tel number & they refused. Stupid morons. They lie, then they piss off the customer by refusing to hand out a phone no. so the customer could find out what the hell is going on. I found the tel no. on the web. Depot confirms what the call centre says. It seems that they use drivers who can’t read house numbers coz that’s the only explanation I can come to. The depot manager offers to deliver the parcel on her way home. A result at last but what a bloody useless outfit. Why the hell do Orange use such a crap delivery Co. But there again maybe HDN have the high standard of customer care that Orange has – ie totally crap.

  16. unfortunately the small amount of ‘i don’t give a shit’ drivers do taint the image of the rest of the hard working couriers,

    having recently started working for HDN, i am quick to see how all ‘drivers’ are slated as monkeys, by the few folk who tend to order stuff online and then not have any other arrangements for the parcel to be recieved by somebody when it arrives,

    and you call us monkeys,

    how about the drivers like myself who will not just leave a parcel behind a gate, and rely on a ‘card’ through the door to let you know it has arrived.
    i’d sooner take it back to depot, than leave it in a position that it could be stolen or damaged.

    or even the drivers who do up to and over twelve hours a day to make sure that when a parcel needs delivering on the day it says it is…and when it can’t be delivered, will come back at a later time on the same day, more than once, to attempt to deliver said item.

    are you so perfect at your job that you never have an ungratefull, collegue / customer complain about you on an internet forum..?

    p.s. as for the question about HDN delivering parcels on saturdays, yes they do….much to the surprise of the customers who didn’t expect items to turn up at a weekend.

    oh and what about the stupid customers who can’t even remember what they’ve ordered and when it turns up at their door, they ask the driver ‘what it is….?’,

    how the fuck should we know…it’s brown and parcel shaped..and thats it.

  17. Hi, found this by accident whilst looking for ways to contact HDNL !!! My problem is last Friday – which was an extremely wet and windy day !!! I returned home to find a note – my parcel was under a car – I say was because by the time I returned home it was gone !!!!! What a surprise – it`s either going to get ruined (a clock ) on the ground in a cardboard box !!! Or stolen as quite big !!! Finally got hold of someone today, and they will interview the driver and call me back tomorrow. For some time now parcels have been left on our doorstep in full view of any passers by – but never this bad !!

  18. They really are shit. My girlfriend saw a van pull up and the driver come out and just post the note saying we tried but you weren’t in through the letter box. HE NEVER EVEN RANG THE BELL OR KNOCKED. What a joker.

  19. Hi Raindeer. This is one of the funniest (or worst) comments I’ve read yet. They actually left your package under a parked car??? Hoping that a) the package wouldn’t get stolen, and b) the car wouldn’t drive off, before you returned home and found it?

    This is too hard to believe. Surely even the inbred, racist morons at HDNL wouldn’t be this stupid?


  20. My local HDNL driver is good. He knows the area, down to how frequent customers prefer their packages to be left, and he will approach neighbours to hold packages.

  21. So I am currently fuming at HDNL. I ordered a shipment from Amazon UK and followed thr tracking using the tracking number. Today it showed ‘Delivered’. So I expected to see a package. I got home – no package. No card either. I knocked on my upstairs neighbor’s door since he works from home and he didn’t have it. I got on HDNL’s website and used the tracking number and there was a note that the parcel was ‘left in an outbuilding’. Well, the only ones we have at the flats are garages and they are locked. It was dark by now so I got a torch and looked around the garden. Nothing. Then I looked over the wire fence into the gardens of the other flats and I could see it in the next-door neighbor’s garden. Their gate was locked. Now the only way the driver could have gotten it there was to heave it over the 6-foot wooden fence. They’ve finally come home so I was able to get my parcel. Now,, my flat door has a plaque next to it with the flat number and the driver obviously made no effort to even find the right flat. I’ve already phoned HDNL and left a complaint (did that while I was waiting for the neighbors to get home) and I’ve also phoned Amazon to tell them what I think of this service. Luckily my order was just books. God forbid it should be something breakable with this type of treatment!

  22. I am the proud recipient of a package that was thrown over my garden gate sometime two days ago. Its not mine. And I don’t want it.

    We were in when the card was pushed through the door and actually saw it hit the mat, but by the time I travelled the 10ft to the door the perpetrator had vanished . . .he/she is in the wrong job . . .

    Of course I can’t get through to HDNL, so what now?

  23. I was able to get through on the phone to them. Try 0871-977-0800. The automated voice will ask for your ‘8-digit number’ from your card. I didn’t have one so I just stayed quiet. It tried again a couple of times and then put me through to a human.

  24. Hey, the same thing just happened to me! I arrived home, the card through the letter box said “Rear Porch”. Funny, I thought; I don’t have a rear porch.

    I do have a fence however, 8 foot high, below which is my hard, cold patio. It has also been raining all day. The box is just a crumpled heap on the floor. The stuff I ordered includes a semi-fragile item (stoneware cooking set), which is probably knackered (I can’t open it yet, I’m looking for my camera).

    I’m phoning Amazon now.

  25. maybe places such as Amazon should arrange with the customer a proper time and date, and if need be a location the parcel can be left safely…(and i’m not talking about leaving it with a neighbour…all to often the neighbour on the delivery instruction nips out for some reason or other, and the driver then ‘misses them’…unless the neighbour knows it is due to be delivered….

    all to often folk order stuff on-line, (and are usually given a three to four day ‘slot’), however if the said parcel arrives in depot ready for despatch by courier the next day it will be..
    however these folk…and amazon, give absolutely no thought to making sure the parcel can be delivered.
    and it’s left to the driver to hunt around for a place to leave it safely..which at times can be hard….just think about the folk who live in ‘secure’ flat complexes…the driver has no access to the complex… so how the hell is he supposed to deliver a parcel ..eh? and ends up having to hunt around the ‘neighbours’ to find a person willing to sign for an parcel.

    cue the slating cause i’m daring to stick up for the ‘good drivers’ out there….

  26. Well, if the person who delivered my parcel had bothered to look for the correct flat (properly numbered as pointed out aboove), he or she would have found that the gate to my garden opened. The parcel could have been put there without having to heave it at all.
    There are good drivers out there – my local Parcelforce guy was a good one. However the person who delivered this parcel wasn’t one of them.

  27. This is just my experience of HDNL and I am not commenting on the original post or any other experiences to date with the company.

    I ordered a new camera from Amazon on Sunday 22 November and chose Super Saver Delivery because to be honest it was free and I didn’t need the package in any hurry. Dispatched on Monday morning and I was given a tracking number, went to the HDNL website and confirmed on their tracker that it was in the network. Out of curiosity I Googled them and I began to get worried when I read this blog amongst others. I had chosen to have the parcel delivered to my work address as I work far enough away from my house that there would be no chance of being in when they delivered. I spent much of last night into the early hours reading all the above posts to try and get an objective view and to be honest I didn’t sleep that well.

    I had found the local rate number for my local depot and rang them this morning to check on the progress of the parcel and the very courteous operator answered after 2 rings and told me it was out for delivery today, I explained that there may be a few problems dropping the parcel which have only surfaced this week, and I said if the delivery failed today then I would be happy to come and collect it from their depot as it is luckily about 3 minutes from my house.

    Anyway i needn’t have worried as the package arrived today at 12.45 a day early, in one piece and I met the driver in the post room and he was very polite and apologised for not being able to deliver the package the day before but he arrived after the post room closed at 5pm. I said that was ok and i am now a happy customer.

    Would just like to say that the operator i spoke to at the Leeds branch, Nicky, was very helpful and even rang me back at 1.00pm today to confirm that the parcel had been delivered successfully.

    So I am in no way excusing the actions of some of the staff at HDNL, but I just wanted to say thank you to the driver and staff who successfully delivered my package today. I only wish the entire network was serviced by the likes of Nicky and the driver who I dealt with.

  28. I just got a video card sent via these people.

    It’s arrived with boot prints all over.

    Never will be using them again.

  29. i can totally understand what you are saying mate…i can only hope that this person ‘gets his shit in one bucket’ before it’s to late…

    as for me i do spend an inordinate amount of time trying to find numbers on the side of houses…sometimes they are covered by foilage and other stuff, so they are not always easy to see.

    my pet hate is folk who drop the number from the house they live in, and change it to a name…
    it’s so frustrating to look for no. 26 for example, only to find it’s now called ‘ firkham hall’ or something else…

    also folk who live in ‘farmhouses’ who don’t bother to pop a number on the gate at the end of their ‘farm track’……. imagine driving along a country lane, the light is failing. looking at various farmhouses set back from the main road…and not being able to distinguish which farm is home farm and which one in holm farm……

    in regard to the ‘vanishing’ driver who drops a card through your letterbox and the promptly vanishes, this is only due to the fact that unfortunately the driver doesn’t have enough time to stand around waiting for somebody to answer the door….(in his defence…and by personal experience)..his round usually consists of aorund 190 parcels spread over four or five post codes….and he’s only allowed to drive for a set amount of hours by law, but the parcel companies do tend to forget this when loading him up ,, thus giving him shite when he returns after driving for upto eleven hours with five or six parcels undelivered…. so this does put a lot of pressure on him,

    now i’m not asking that folk go and give the driver who delivers their parcels a big hug and lots of loving….

    just give him the benefit of doubt…even though most drivers will try their damned best to deliver everything on time, and to the correct location, sometimes things do go wrong and things mess up, and it’s not always the fault of the driver…

    somebody once said…never cuss a man until you’ve walked a mile in his shoes….how true that little statement is…..

  30. As HDNL state Our drivers’ detailed local knowledge enables them to deliver . Well my partner certainly delivered. He is a delivery driver for HDNL. He certainly as detailed local knowlege as he is now living with one of his customers. They certainly provide a good service. Makes you wonder what they pay them for. So for al you men out their watch out for HDNL drivers. If you come home to your wife smiling you kow why. She just had a parcel delivered

  31. HDNL are not getting any better. I ordered a laptop computer from them which HDNL managed to get as far as the local depot, then lost it. To be fair – the staff at the depot were polite and tried to be helpful, but they never did find it. Amazon sent me a replacement for next day delivery by a real carrier (City Link) at no charge.

    I have recently ordered a bunch of DVDs from Amazon and I’m watching the HDNL tracking system as it has already been sent to the wrong depot. I hope it turns up in time for Christmas. I’m inclined to only use Amazon for marketplace purchases, until they drop HDNL.

    HDNL must be costing Amazon a fortune in lost business and recovery actions. Roll on the day when they go back to Royal Mail and I can pick up missed deliveries at the corner shop post office again.

  32. I am currently sitting all alone in my office which has been closed for the past hour, waiting for my “next day delivery” item to turn up. Apparently it left the depot at 11:27am this morning, it’s almost 7pm now.

    After a few calls to the number on the website, where they state deliveries are made “between 7 and 7”, I’ve been told that due to it being so busy this close to Christmas, it could be anytime after 7pm that I receive my package. OBVIOUSLY it’s busy at Christmas, it’s not us, the customers fault, if they didn’t hire enough extra staff or can’t handle traffic! Nobody can trace the van with my item, nor call the driver, because apparently it’s “illegal” for HDNL to supply their drivers with phones, don’t think they’ve ever heard of “handsfree?” And please, ten year olds have mobile phones, as if the drivers don’t! I suggest maybe they can call me when the driver is close (as if they don’t know where their driver is, yeah right!) or drop off the package to my house, which is only five minutes away. Of course not, that would involve having contact with their staff!!!

    I may be jumping the gun, I’ve still got fifteen minutes before it’s actually 7pm, but I have a very strong feeling I’m not seeing my items at all tonight. I’m sitting here in my darkened office stewing with fury, this is RUBBISH SERVICE!!!!

  33. OK, there is no argument that HDNL are absolutely incompetent. But why are they so shit? Well I have a mate who has worked there for three years and he explained why. As is the case with every fecked up company in England the senior management are tossing it off. They change every three months so its a pretty short toss. Basically what happens is that a new prat bullshits his way into a directorship then looks at ways of making himself look special. Whats the easiest way of doing that? First off you marginalise a few established staff and ‘encourage’ them to leave. Usual story – we have new ways of doing things and your old ways aren’t part of the bigger picture. Unfortunately those old ways include quaint notions like delivering parcels to customers without stealing them or wrecking the contents. The next step is to show just how clever these new management techniques are. Hmm what to do? Of course! A re-organisation or ‘rationalisation’ of the service and processes. Basically sack a few people and shuffle a few other people around. Result – an even more useless service. The drivers can sort it out, if they want to keep their jobs that is. Then the new director can show a big cost saving and the benefit of new ideas. Not to his bosses at HDNL mind you, but to the next not-so unwitting prat who gives him a job at another doomed company. And the moron management merry-go-round continues. So don’t blame the drivers, blame their useless, couldn’t give a shit, directors who only use these jobs as a stepping stone to greater riches. NOBODY cares about service in England, so long as the money keeps rolling in. Lets face it, the likes of amazon aren’t going to care because they are paying virtually nothing for delivery, which most of the time makes it. OK a lot gets stolen and a lot gets wrecked but look at all the lovely money we are making. Whats the alternative? The Royal Mail in total meltdown. Hardly an option. So don’t blame the drivers. A company that charges that little and pays that little isn’t exactly looking to employ someone who wants to make a career out of delivering parcels. Just get out there, drive just within the law and get rid of those bloody parcels. The depot staff are all Arthur Daley crossed with the Godfather. Happy to turn a blind eye to thieving so long as they get a cut and even more than happy to pass the buck when things go pear-shaped. Its not about HDNL, this is just a symptom of how bad things have got in England. The whole country is fucked because both the private and public sector are being run by greedy, useless cunts. Wake up and smell the stinking roses!!

  34. I had ordered a mobile phone from very.co.uk on 13/12 and was told I will receive it on 15/12. However it hasnt made it yet. Apparently they have made 2 attempts – 1st attempt was when they could find the address and 2nd was their van broke down. What a shitty service by HDN! What kind of an asshole delivery company cannot find an address! Arent they supposed to be specialists? Also HDN seems to buy vans from junkyard. And the cost of calling those morons to find the item costs 10p a minute. I hope HDN goes out of business as soon as possible

  35. I just came home today to find my expensive £115 gift to be thrown over our 6 foot fence YESTERDAY when we werent in. We returned home to find the parcel on our stone back yard, covered in a nice thick layer of half-melted snow. The sensitive headphones i bought are soaking wet. Thanks HDN.

    HDNL mole – Why can’t the drivers return parcels to the depot? Because they’re shit, thats why.

  36. Jesus. A PS3 I recently ordered from play.com is languishing with HDNL. Apparantly, it was dilivered to me yesterday. No, it was not. Fucking useless

  37. I have been sat waiting for a delivery from Amazon for 3 days, HDNL have just told me it’s at the depot and I have to collect as they can’t get it out before Christmas, Amazon don’t seem to be bothered at all.
    I use FedEx and city link for my business never use this home. They apparently can’t give out depot numbers because they are to busy unbelievable.

  38. I ordered a Denby 28 piece ceramic & glass tableware set from Amazon. Second delivery attempt by HDN was today. Upon receiving the parcel I gave it a little shake and all I could hear was the sound of broken glass. Opened it and sure enough there were 2 wine glasses smashed, not just a couple of cracks in them but smashed into 100s of peices. One of the plates was also cracked.

    To be honest I wasn’t surprised. HDN have previously delivered me a broken XBox 360 and a broken Nintendo Wii.

  39. I have been driving for HDNL for 6 months now.
    The depot I work at is incredibly busy, with some 75 vans loading approx 180 items each van each day, 6 and even 7 days a week.
    These routes are are handled by just 3 route managers, who control all the parcels, and drivers for these routes.
    Every single complaint about a delivery is investigated daily by my manager, I get 3 or 4 a month I guess, which generally are not due to my own short comings.

    I start work at 8am , I collect my parcels for my rural round, my daily target is 150, however I take around 175 per day.
    I load up and set out for my round at about 10am, all being well.
    I have a 90min drive to my first delivery.
    Generally now, I know my route well, as I have been on it for 2 months, so I know my regular customers, and have agreed areas I can safely leave parcels.
    However, there are plenty of addresses with no safe place to leave a parcel, so I take it back to the depot.
    I must get 3 or 4 difficult addresses daily to find, these include cottages that are named (eg rose cottage) but there is no name plate on the building, or it is covered over by bushes, so the name is not visable to see.
    I am driving down a road slowly, being pestered to speed up by other motorists, trying to spot ‘rose cottage’ amongst a dozen other un named cottages, so I can deliver the parcel.

    Now, if the person in ‘rose cottage’ cant have the decency to put a visable name plate on the building that can be seen by the road, what makes that person think I will spend 20 minutes knocking on all the doors asking for ‘rose cottage’ just to be told by ‘doris’ that shes lived there all her life, but has never heard of ‘rose cottage’ (even though it turns up 4 doors away)?

    I wonder how many people here, complaining about not recieving a parcel, can honestly say, that a person in a van, with limited visabilty, driving at 10mph down the road, can see the name/number of their house clearly and easily?
    Because I will tell you this, if after 5 or 10mins looking for an address, I dont find it, the parcel is scanned as failed, and goes back to the depot.
    Can you imagine spending 10mins looking for 100 addresses? thats 1000mins, or 16.7hours!

    Then theres the next day delivery items.
    I knock on the door, no answer.
    No safe place, I leave a card.

    Tell me this.
    Why order something for the next day, then go out?
    Its stupid!
    Then you moan about missing me!!
    HDNL deliver from 8am – 8pm monday – saturday.
    If you cant stay in all day the next day, then dont ask for it to be delivered then!!
    Its not rocket science!

    Then theres doorbells that dont work.
    I press a doorbell, it doesnt ring, I dont know that do I?
    So how is it my fault if you miss me when I come, because you cant be bothered to change the batteries in your doorbell?

    Then theres the ‘customer’ that signs for the goods, then phones the depot saying it hasent been delivered… you just signed for it, then you say I must have signed it!
    I have had that atleast a dozen times.
    Its amazing how quick the customer finds the item when the police are called!

    Or how about when I arrive at an address to find a note asking me to deliver to another address?
    No, I deliver to the address on the parcel only, if you are at work, then either ask for it to be delivered to your work address, or dont book a delivery at all.

    Use your brain.

    I work during the day. so I dont shop online because I know nobody is home.

    Why cant you do that?

    Granted, throwing parcels over a 6ft gate, or leaving them in the rain is completely out of order, but Im sure there must be a reason for it.

    1 address that I now refuse to deliver to, actually left an instruction card on the front door stating ‘I am at work everyday, I can not get to your depot, there is nobody home to sign for the parcel, please leave it on the doorstep’

    Well, the parcel was POD which means it MUST be signed for.
    It was raining.
    There was no where to hide the parcel anyway.

    So for 5 days running I carded the parcel.

    I go to work on the 6th day to find the customer has complained they havent received the parcel!

    This is the type of idiot I deal with day in and day out.

    If you want a parcel delivering please ensure a few simple steps are taken.
    1. make sure the name/number of the building is clearly in view
    2. make sure somebody is home.
    3. make sure your door bell works.
    4. if you cant be home arrange for a neighbour to be available, or for a safe place to leave the parcel.

    It really is as simple as that.

    If you cant be bothered to help me, then why should I be bothered to help you?

    At the end of my day, if I have any undelivered parcels, I try a second time.
    Only then do I take them back to the depot.

  40. Aiight

    Well this is my first time using this delivery company and well, it was despatched from a location roughly 6 miles from my house at 7:53am… its just arrived at 3:53pm :L

    The driver was polite and careful, but wasn’t very smart (in terms of mental capacity & dress)
    He knocked on every single house in my close asking if they were expecting a package >.> Even though the package he was delivering had my house number on.

    He was delicate with it though, and kept it in the van until he found the right address.

    I think this delivery was not the best, but definatly not the worst.

  41. Jay, just because the depot is 6 miles away, it doesnt mean a thing.

    Maybe you had a cheap delivery booked, eg. not a premium time slot, so the timed delivery will be given preference.

    There could be 100 deliveries before you,

    Also the time it says the parcel is despatched, is not exactly true.

    The driver scans all parcels for delivery, then loads his van, meaning a hour, 2 even, can pass before the parcels even leave the depot!

    With regards to the driver knocking on neighbours doors, well maybe he couldnt see your house number?

    I cant believe you moan about a driver using his loaf and knocking a couple of doors to find your address!

    Would you rather he recorded your address as unable to locate, and took it back to the depot?

    Besides, if you know he was knocking on doors, and that he left the parcel in his van, then why didnt you open your door and ask if he was looking for you?

    Jeez, some people arent happy unless they moan

  42. I certainly will never use HDN ever again. I ordered a Mobile from play.com and it was to be sent to me via HDN. However after a week had passed, still no mobile, so i contacted them and they said…get this…my package wasn’t lost but it was sent to the wrong Depot for delievery. So they send it back to the central depot only for it to go back to where is was the 1st time cause…that is the closest depot to my area!

  43. The HDNL delivery guy left one of my parcels IN MY RECYCLING BIN.

    It seems they tend to avoid leaving cards too.

    & they have NEVER come between the allocated times they give from their SMS text alerts either!

    I EXPECT my parcels to be late, lost or damaged if they’re being delivered by HDNL.

  44. HDNL are absolutely s**t. At least you got your parcel. I’ve just waited in all day for a parcel that hasn’t turned up. I then receive an email from ASOS, who the order is with, to tell me that apparently a delivery attempt was made (not in my street it wasn’t!) and guess what, no calling card was left so I can’t even use their helpline to rearrange delivery. And, I paid £5.95 for the privilage! It’s a massive let-down that they can’t close these obviously massive loopholes in their delivery process. I work in Online. It’s not rocket science.

  45. HDNL = Bunch or Fucking Retards!

    Urgent parcel ordered yesterday with next day delivery.

    Tacking number issued.

    04:30 – arrived in local depot
    07:30 – loaded onto van
    14:09 – returned to depot because the lazy bastard is finishing his shift at 3.

    We went to pick the fucking thing up because you monkeys are too retarded to deliver a next day item on the next day.

    Then when we pick it up it’s marked as unable to locate.

    There should be another box – I am too fucking lazy to deliver this today because my bacon and egg butty is running down the front of my monkey suit.

    How can the same driver that delivered the first damaged item have difficulty finding the same house again!?

    You really are a bunch of fucking morons.

  46. What an idiot!
    How do you know it was the same driver?
    Plenty of rounds have 2, 3, or 4 vans.

    Drivers have a start time, but not a finish time, drivers finish when they have delivered all of the parcels.

    Again I will say this.

    How visibe is your address from the road?
    Is your door number visible?

    Its easy to blame the driver, dont forget, you know where your address is, that doesnt mean everybody else can find you!

    By your posting, you sound like a real ignorant prick.
    Maybe you abused the driver when he delivered last time, if its the same guy?

    I delivered to a guy last week he swore at me and threatened me, just because I was 20mins late… in all that snow!
    I told him, and I told my depot, that I will NEVER deliver to his address again.

    You sound just the sort of ignorant twat that would shout abuse at somebody.
    Im surprised anybody delivers to you.


  47. I’m having great fun with these guys at the moment. I ordered a new TV – not a small item, I appreciate. Tracking showed it as due for delivery on 11th, so I booked a day off work to make sure I was home for it. By 3pm it was still showing ‘Received at depot’ – but fair enough, there was a note on the site saying that some deliveries were delayed because of the weather. Expected delivery date was still listed as 11/01/10.

    By 4pm the status had changed to “Route Planned for delivery”, still with an expected delivery date of 11th. Great – it must be going on a late van.

    No. By 8pm the status hadn’t changed. No problem, I’m prepared to give a little slack given the weather. But its changed status at least, so it’ll be on tomorrows delivery, right? So I call my boss, and get Tuesday off as well – short notice, and a pain in the arse, but these things happen.

    Tuesday morning, expected delivery date has changed to 15/01/10. Lovely. So I wasted 2 days holiday for nothing. After much begging, I manage to get Friday off too – that’ll make £200 in pay for days taken off, and it would have been cheaper to buy from Currys.

    Wednesday, I go to work as normal. On my lunch, I check the order to make sure its still on for a Friday delivery. “Delivery expected today”. Great, thanks for telling me. Except because I’ve already taken two days off to wait for you, I’m not in.

    But no problem, because it still says the expected date is Friday, and the courier will have left a card, right? So I can just call and reschedule for Friday, simple.

    I get home. No card. There is a letter though, delivered by Royal Mail, from HDNL. “Your order is scheduled for delivery on 13/01/10”. Well yes, I know that now. I missed it because you didn’t bother putting it on the tracking system.

    So this morning, I call the number to rearrange the delivery. It takes half an hour to even join the queue, because their phone system seems to be managed by one of those Quiz Call type things where you just get told “Your call was not successful this time, please try again” before being cut off. Eventually I manage to get through, which tacks me onto the end of a 30 minute queue. When I eventually speak to someone, I explain the situation, and I’m told “I’ll add your mobile number on to your account, and someone will call you some time next week to let you know when it will come”

    I pointed out that this is the number I’m supposed to call to arrange a delivery, and thats what I’d like to do. “We can’t arrange a delivery date, but someone will call you to let you know when we’re coming.” I then pointed out that the Expected Delivery Date on the tracking was still 15/01/10, and that I’d booked that day off to be home for it. “Ah, but that’s just a promissory date”. Well…yes. You’re promising to deliver on the 15th. “Someone will call you to tell you when we’re coming”

    So even now, I have no idea when my parcel will arrive, and it sounds like if they ever get round to calling me, they still won’t let me arrange a date, they’ll just “tell me when they’re coming” and hope for the best.

    I’m very tempted at this point to just tell them to fuck the thing back off to the seller and close my account with them – this is all too much hassle.

  48. Please don’t blame all the drivers.

    My partner works at HDN, and is probably one of the more dedicated drivers, regularly getting compliment calls to the depot.

    But he does have an issue with named properties that have no name plate. People seem almost proud of the fact that their property is hard to locate. Even so, he will typically knock on a few doors to find it.

    The problem seems to be the weak management and a desire to cut costs at the expense of the drivers.

    A route driver can pick and choose what he wants to deliver. Since he needs to deliver a certain number he will likely choose the ones that are easy to deliver, leaving the difficult stuff to the relief driver or temporary staff who might not know the area so well.

    Management have decreed targets for what needs to be delivered. If a driver can’t find a property after half an hour and returns it as Address Query he doesn’t meet his target and he gets stick for it. So he pretends to card it, and the item then languishes in the depot till the customer calls.

    Depot managers get credits for the amount of stuff on the road during the day even if the drivers have more than is possible to deliver. Result is lots of things get scanned out and lots get scanned back in at the end of the day. Furthermore, time is wasted in scanning lots of stuff that will never get delivered that day.

    At the end of each day, there is only one or two people checking in staff. Result is that drivers queue for an hour or more (unpaid). Add to this the above requirement that results in a lot of returns to the depot, the queues get even longer.

    As the days get longer and longer up to Christmas, in the morning the manager demands they take far too much, and then in the evening they are issued with snotty letters for working too long hours.

    During the snow, they’ve worked long or longer hours (20 drivers stuck in snow on Halden Hill for 8 hours on Tuesday) but got paid less because they’ve delivered less, and got in trouble for getting stuck in snow and therefore not meeting targets.

    They are more and more dependent on owner-drivers who get paid per parcel. Would you search half an hour for an address if you were being paid a pound, and not being paid for your diesel – day in day out? And they also end up turning around staff quicker meaning fewer drivers know the routes.

    Maybe this is the way to run a business in this cash-strapped time? Remember when you are getting free delivery, and when Amazon are cutting delivery costs to the customer more and more, someone ends up being a little bit more shafted, and a little bit less keen to do a decent job.

  49. PS. The one time I bought some crockery off Ebay it came by Royal Mail, and, guess what, it was thrown over a 6 foot gate 😉

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