Home Delivery Network toss my parcel over the gate

I returned home last night when it was pissing down with rain (in Manchester, go figure) to find a card through my door from the Home Delivery Network. There was no order number on it and none of the fields were filled in, but there was some pen scrawled on the top displaying the words ‘Round Side’.

Not sure what this meant I figured maybe there was a parcel left round the side of the house, so I looked. There was nothing there. Then I thought what if they’ve chucked it over the 6 foot hight gate? I hope not, it’s a very high gate, a long way for a parcel to fall and it’s been pouring down all day.

I went out to look and sure enough there was a parcel from Amazon sat a pool of water next to our bin. Jesus Christ, what sort of arsehole does this?

I decided evidence was in order so I took photos of the parcel as I opened it, you can see from the pics that the water had seeped into the box. It would, it had been there all frickin’ day.

I also have a computer coming from Amazon. I hope to fuck they don’t use the Home Delivery Network for that one. I doubt it’ll stand a 6 foot drop into a pool of water. What a bunch of fucking morons. Come on Amazon, sort it out.

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513 thoughts on “Home Delivery Network toss my parcel over the gate”

  1. Look you fuck nuggets we all know that when ordering on line we all have the option to change the DELIVERY ADDRESS why the fuck dont you have it delivered to your work address as it makes more sense. Faliing that reduce you 6ft fence to 3ft.

    On behalf of most if not all delivery courier’s in the uk.

  2. LisaMarie, my work dosn’t allow private deliveries to be delivered at my place of work and the six foot fence one of my parcels was thrown over doesn’t belong to me, NEXT!!!!

  3. on the card they leave you get a chance to give another delivery date , so i asked for friday…(after card left on monday) so tues i get another card…..wed i get another one lol…..its thursday today so when i get home im expecting yet another!…on my day off work on friday i will probably wait in all day and they wont come lol
    you cant phone up and speak to someone and you dont get a choice about what courier your seller uses…..id like to ask hdnl if they can deliver to my workplace but……you cant actually speak to someone
    what a shite company!

  4. Hi all,

    My parcel which I ordered from Amazon on next day delivery has now been sat at the Southampton Branch of HDNL (01489 581544) for nearly 36 hours.

    I phoned the head office number and they said it will be sent out tomorrow great but they cannot give me a time of take my number to get the driver to call me before they leave the depot.
    It is a mothers day present so I now have to spend my Saturday sat indoors waiting and hoping that the parcel turns up.
    Great, I even offered t pick the parcel up as it is 5 minutes from my house but was told there there needs to be at least 1 attempted delivery.

  5. I have been having wine (Laithwaites) delivered by this rubbish outfit (HDNL) The time before last, the driver didn’t even bother to bring it to the front door – he just left it inside the gate and p*ssed off.

    This last time he actually brought the box to the door. He was a nasty piece of work – surly, impatient and kept tutting as my wife was sorting things out.

    I guess it’s a more pleasant experience if they do leave the stuff in the drive – at least you don’t have to put up with their f*cking ignorance.

    I have now cancelled my account with Laithwaites. I don’t understand how they can give money to such a cr*p company who employ such arseholes.

  6. I dont think making a whole website dedicated to slagging off HDN was not appropriate. Maybe you should act against the actual driver who did this. I was dreading getting a delivery with them when i saw this blog. In actual fact the driver was kind and rang my doorbell. You cant ruin the whole name of the company due to some incompetent drivers.

    @mr daz : Come on mate your parcel was not even damaged. It was just a toy dude

  7. @anonymous221 Firstly, I have not made a whole website dedicated to slagging off HDNL. I made one post on a blog. It’s not my fault if that post happens to rank on the first page of Google for ‘HDNL’, and hundreds of angry customers (and racist drivers) then commented on the blog, prompting further blogs on the subject.

    Secondly “I dont think making a whole website dedicated to slagging off HDN was not appropriate.” – That’s a double negative, you’re saying the website was appropriate there.

    Thirdly – whether the parcel was a toy, a box of sandwiches or a computer, it matters not. Parcels should be treated with respect, not lobbed over fences, dumped in gardens or lost/stolen as the drivers see fit.

  8. 1) i posted a second comment correcting my double negative, I dont know why it did not get posted but thanks for pointing it out

    2) Yes i agree SOME drivers are complete pricks but i am just saying that this blog should have been directed towards the driver right? Yes they are some racist dickheads up there and i was angered by the comments too. I would understand if the name of the blog was ” Idiotic driver from hdnl tossed my parcel over ” as it seems the driver is getting away from it and tossing the blame onto the company .


  9. Sadly a company is defined by its employees, and while its employees continue to act in this manner, including the racist and abusive comments they have made on this website, then the company is tarnished by them. Home Delivery Network the company has made no effort to respond to any of the complaints customers have made on this site, including complaints of having no way to actually complain to them due to a lack of phone numbers or people failing to get back to them.

    Yes, the drivers commenting on here are largely bigoted idiots, but they are the staff of HDNL. They are the company.

  10. Mr Daz,

    i can’t believe that you are still harping on about this.

    do the words get a life mean anything to you?

    oh and as for calling HDNL drivers all bigoted idiots.
    how pathetic of you..
    tell you what…how’s about ypu come round to my house and say that to my face ?..would you really have the balls to do it?…or are you feeling safe whilst sat at your mum’s computer, whilst she cooks up your bolied egg and soliders tea.

  11. I have had problems with them too. I was away for Christmas and had put my home address instead of my parents (my mistake) Anyway… once I realized I looked online to see if they had already tried to deliver them so that I could either collect my product from the depot or change the delivery address. Nothing was showing up online so I gave them a call. They said they had left the parcel with a man at apartment 1 (I contacted apartment 1 and the woman that lives there said no parcel had been left and that she lived alone so a man could not of accepted it). I then called Home delivery network again, they then said the parcel had been left at apartment 13. Once again this wasn’t true. So I traveled back to my apartment to see if a card had been left in my mail box…it hadn’t. Then when I went to my apartment door the parcel had been dumped outside and the item inside was no cheep, anyone could of stolen it especially in the city I live in.

    Then another experience… I ordered another product online and they didn’t even attempt to deliver it to me personally. I checked the online tracker to see what the situation was and it was telling me my product had been delivered… obviously it hadn’t so I gave them a call. It turned out they had just left my parcel had a local newsagents that rarely opens. Once again I had no card to say where the parcel had been left.

    I have another parcel coming tomorrow (I paid for next day delivery) that is being delivered by them, I wonder where this one will turn up and when…

  12. @echo park

    ‘harping on about this’? I’m not harping on about anything. This post has moved on to the hundreds of dissatisfied customers your pathetic excuse for a company has angered. They keep coming here to complain, which in turn brings idiots like yourself out of the woodwork to abuse them.

    I say idiots, because that’s exactly what you are. Do you realise that if you morons didn’t keep coming on here abusing customers that this page would have died long ago, and it wouldn’t be on the first page of Google generating thousands and thousands of visits each month? Of course you don’t. That’s why I said idiots. Keep it coming.

    By the way, what’s a ‘bolied egg’?

    You see? Idiots.


    Yeah, you’re right – well said indeed. He really showed me; showed me what a bunch of illiterate imbeciles you guys really are.

  13. I must say, being abused by a loser from behind a computer screen is really hurting my feelings!

    I bet you hog the middle lane of the motorway, and refuse to give way to other motorists also.

    As I said, a sad man, that feels powerful when hes hidden from the world, either locked in his car, or hidden in his bedroom.


  14. Congratulations Matty on your 27th comment – you really do love this website. It must surely be your homepage, you’re on here often enough.

    Yes, yes I sit at home in my parents’ house waiting for my mum to make me tea while I write anonymously on the computer making me feel like a big man, when in fact I’m only 15.

    Oh no, wait, that’s not me. This site, like dozens more, is updated from the comfort of an office, where it (and the many other sites we run) do things that you wouldn’t even begin to understand.

    As for hidden from the world – hardly. Try Googling me, you’ll see how hidden I am.

  15. what is a ‘bolied’ egg ?….

    can you not see it was a fucking ‘typo’ ? you wanker!

    as for stating that i’m an idiot…wanna come round to my front door and say that to my face?

    let me know and i’ll e-mail you my address…come on round if you thing you’re fucking good enough.

  16. p.s.

    i don’t even work for HDNL anymore..

    BUT i do understand the thankless job that those blokes do,
    instead of judging the good drivers out there on the actions of a few, why not give it a try yourself?…could you do the job they do?

    i doubt it.

    why not get a job as a manager at HNDL and maybe then you could help sort out the so called problems you seem to enjoy highlighting.

    come on .look at this thread for example, you had one shitty driver fuck up a delivery to you, and you create a fucking web page about it.

    get a grip for fuck sake man.
    (quote Mr Daz)
    ‘what a bunch of illiterate imbeciles you guys really are’.

    read your own posts dickhead
    (‘Oh no, wait, that’s not me. This site, like dozens more, is updated from the comfort of an office, where it (and the many other sites we run) do things that you wouldn’t even begin to understand.’)

    surely it would have better to use ‘couldn’t’ instead of ‘wouldn’t’

    searching for depraved sex acts involving animals on the internet whilst your boss isn’t watching hardly constitutes the implication that you are infact hard at work building and working on other websiites..does it?

  17. OK moron, it’s probably a good idea that you leave the work of editing to those actually qualified to do it; you know, those who have been published.

    “surely it would have better to use ‘couldn’t’ instead of ‘wouldn’t’”

    Firstly; that’s not a sentence. You missed out the word ‘been’.

    Secondly; no, “wouldn’t” is the correct word. Stick to your day job, a day job that involves being a ‘former’ HDNL delivery driver.

    Your lack of understanding of the Internet shows up your ignorance. This isn’t a ‘web page’, this a blog post – one with hundreds of comments that annoyed customers, and idiots like yourself, keep posting on – so yes, by all means, post your address here. We’d all love to see it.

    Thanks for the kind offer too, but why would I want to get a job working for HDNL? Everyone who’s shit at their job pleads the same story “you couldn’t do it, it’s dead hard”.

    I know for a fact you couldn’t do my job; you can’t spell, can’t use grammar and don’t understand the Internet. Your job, your old job that is, consisted of driving from A to B and posting a parcel. Fuck me that’s tough.

    As for your other offer “come on round if you thing you’re fucking good enough” – or at least, I think that’s an offer because it’s hard to understand… ‘if you thing’? You really are illiterate. Explains why you didn’t make it as a delivery driver. What company has the benefit of your startling intellect now I wonder?

    Anyhow, I’m not sure of the benefit of visiting you in person as you’re clearly unable to understand the written word; the spoken word no doubt also eludes you. Pray tell, what could I gain from visiting your humble abode?

  18. I just thought I would just leave a positive comment. I ordered yesterday (Sun) afternoon from Evans on the internet and my parcel was delivered at 12.30pm today (Mon), But I have found some of your comments and experiences horrific but I must say (Sorry guys) at the same time they make hilarious reading, as not having been one of the more unfortunate recipients – or non recipients in some cases I obviously don’t feel personally affected by some of your horror stories.

  19. Mr Daz, you are nothing more than a sad computer geek, whos only prospects are making sad ‘blogs’ about a little less than perfect parcel delivery, then you climb up onto your high chair, and look down to all the respondants, with your weasil like face, pastey complexion, greasy hair, and social skills befitting that of the sewer rat, judging people that actually work hard in a thankless job delivering goods to a mixture of lovely people, and the arrogent, stuck up, holyer than thou types, that I wouldn’t spit on if they were on fire, whilst you sit in your dark little office, staring at the internet all day long, with that smug ‘I’m so perfect’ look on your face, then you go home to your lonely life, with no social life, no family life, and a bottle of wine in front of Emmerdale!

    Yes all I do is drive from a to b, but there a hundred a to b drives, that I have to not only route plan, and extimate the amount of time I need to allow from 1 drop to the next, I also need to find addresses out of a maze of properties that have no numbers or names displayed, I need to negotiate traffic, and then I need to find a parking space, I then spend a couple of minutes banging on the door of the house, just to get no answer, even though the idiot has booked and paid for delivery on that day.
    So I pop a card in the door and take the item back to the depot.
    Then the next day I go to the same house just to get some idiot swear at me and abuse me, because apparantly they popped out for 1 minute and I miraculously appeared, like I was waiting for the idiot to go out.. they then say ‘I waited til 2 and I didn’t think you were gunna turn up’.
    My reply… If you use your eyes you will see that we deliver until 8pm. If you want a delivery before a certain time, then pay for it!

    Now, Mr Daz turn your porn off, open the curtains, and go out into the sunshine, take a big breath of fresh air, and for fuck sake lose the attitude and smile!!!!!

  20. Oh and before you pull me up on spelling and grammer, I can spell perfectly when it is needed.

    Your ‘blog’ however, is nothing more than toilet paper.

  21. Hi just had a knock at the door from an elderly chap asking if I was a Mr. T*****, He had just taken delivery of 2 solar panels worth £400 which had been delivered to him at 46 skels***le rd great Barr even though the parcel is clearly labelled Mr T**** 38 Brus****d rd great Barr . This chap had walked over half a mile to tell me that he had my delivery.
    Good job there are some honest people about.
    HDN want shooting , I have tried to contact them but cannot find contact numbers and the phone number on their web site cuts off after a while the other number listed is a non number.
    No E mail address for customer service

  22. Mr Daz, congratulations on a very informative and eye-opening site. I too, have had problems today with HDNL. I managed to get the depot number rather than the premium rate number and ended up on hold for a while before speaking to the “depot manager”. All he kept saying was yes, nothing in relation to what I was asking him, again I asked him where is my parcel and I got “yes”. Eventually, he told me about 4 differening stories and a promise to call back. I wont be holding my breath. I wish more people would join your crusade against such an appaling company with appalling staff.. (I know they are not all bad, but come on)….

  23. i was told by HDN that i was out twice ,
    but i was in the two days they “”attempted”” to deliver….
    just key in the door number at the entry system and press call…… SIMPLES …..
    if they could throw it over into my garden that would be a miracle, as i am on the 14th floor… from now on i will check with the company i order from and if they use HDN, then i will order from someone that does not…

  24. sfr update from 1 st june 2011, 13:30hrs
    just called HDN,
    on the freephone number which is
    0800 1577777 and press the hash key

    conversation was something like this..
    “””” do you live in a block of flats??
    yes i do,
    in that case a lot of drivers will not leave a van unattended while they deliver…..
    if he rings my door from outside i will come down……
    ok, i will tell the depot this,,,,,
    and while you are here sir, would you like to take part in a customer survey??……..
    em, no thank you not at the moment””””

    i dont think he could have spelt the words i would have used to fill out the survey….

  25. Hi in my case yodel delivered to the wrong address 14 houses down the street. A nice lady popped over with my open package to say it was delivered to the wrong address. Great thanks very much now explain to me why you had to open my package also when i complained they simply said is the product ok and i said yes. They were happy with this despite someone oppening my brand new package crap service

  26. DHL Domestic has been taken over by HDNL, so these obtuse cretins now have more of the market. As others have pointed out HDNL’s reputation was so bad they’ve been re-branded YODEL but the service leve remains woefully inadequate.

    I’ve an order from Dabs that they’ve been “attempting to deliver” for the last 3 days. Each time they have not rung the doorbell, but instead left a delivery card under the door. They’ve not even filled in the parcel number on the card, such is their laziness.

    Their switchboard is now claiming the parcel has been signed for by someone called “Dennis” (noone called Dennis lives in the house nor any of the other houses in the area).

    However, I managed to obtain the drivers mobile number from the switchboard – if you insist they will eventually give out the drivers number. Initially he wouldn’t pick up, but after about 25 calls over 48 hours, at 11pm on a Friday night he did. He then put the phone down as soon as I asked him if he was a driver. I kept ringing back every 2 mins from different phone lines I have (skype, mobile, home line, fax line) and eventually he talked after about 30 mins of this.

    According to him the parcel is, “in his van in Flitwick”, so basically he’s held onto it all weekend and not returned it to the depot, as he is supposed to. It sounds like he just bungled a singnature so he didn’t have to go back to the depot.

    I’ve complained to Dabs and they have said they’re getting numerous complaints about Yodel / HDNL and are looking at alternative distribution firms. They are going to do an investigation and hopefully this driver will be given the boot.

  27. They are hopeless and we will not use them again (are they now Yodel Couriers?)

    Booked shipment with Parcel2go on 14th June to Glasgow (not Timbuktu). Firstly they could not find our new office in Basingstoke (for two days), so the third day we had the parcel picked up from our old basingstoke office for delivery to Glasgow. We were promised delivery on 2oth June.

    No delivery made in the following week despite an avalanche of calls from us to HDN and Parcel2go. On 29th we were told the parcel was in the depot but had not been sent out and could our customer drive across Glasgow to their East Kilbride depot to pick it up (Glasgow depot had had the parcel 9 days)

    We will not be using them again and will not recommend them again.

  28. Had problems with them before, drivers turning up after most people would have gone to bed. Very surprised to see M and S using them, ordered flowers for today, based on these reviews: god help me is all i can say.

  29. White Arrow to Reality Group to HDNL to Yodel! Same shit, different name!

    Awaiting x2 new Android phones from O2. No knock, no delivery, no card, in fact, no nothing. Tracker states that the items left the depot @ 10:37am with the courier on the 30th August 2011.

    Yodel website…

    “The answer to all your questions.

    I am expecting a delivery, but I haven’t received a card so far. How can I track its status?” Naturally clicked on this one and…


    “Best to give us a call on 0871 9770805 – we can check whether there is a parcel on its way to you.”

    Like fuck am I going to ring a premium rate number for a mistake made by them! I will land this squarely on O2, they picked the courier, they can sort it out. O2 will need to make haste before I hold them in breach of “Terms of Service” and the contract we signed.


  31. sorry we have to throw ur parcel over the fence so that it doesnt look like we been there are shagging ya fat wives bugga off and get a life otherwise ur be thrown over the fence

  32. ughh these people are such twats!
    i ordered £400 worth of clothes off river island 2 weeks ago, the status on the tracking says it’s been delivered and signed for.
    considering I haven’t signed for anything in the last two weeks, i’m considering these pikey fucks have most likely signed for the package and took my clothes for themselves. I’ve been patient, but now I’m just getting pissed off, I rung them and a dopey twat answered saying I must of signed for it and there’s nothing he can do.
    I’m ringing river island, hopefully they can sort out the situation better than the useless team of HDN can.
    I want my clothes.

  33. This just happened to me. I ordered 2 Western Digital hard disks from Amazon for a total of more than £200.
    Guess what, my parcel has been left in a safe place. Thrown over a 6 1/2 foot high gate by Yodel/HDN. Lucky that it was a sunny day in Gloucestershire today. The box is damaged on one side and while the content looks undamaged you never know with hard disks.

    I informed Amazon of this and they have left a note on the system to ensure there will not be any issues if they are broken.

    The Amazon service desk staff also mentioned that they keep records of all those complaints which can impact contracts with the delivery companies. I would suggest to always complain and not to except this kind of behaviour.

  34. Oh crap after reading all the above about HDNL i am worried about my delivery , ordered some hiking gear with almost £180 worth and ive just found out that its in the hands of this delivery company

    i wont ask what my chances are as its not looking good from the above comments :-(((

  35. Well just a quick update , got my delivery yesterday and it was by the new brand name YODEL , the driver was cool and i had to sign for it , the large box which all my bits in it was well packed and undmaged , so no complaints from me , got another delivery by them today ( sept 21st) .

  36. I have just wasted a day waiting for Yodel to deliver a mobile phone. Guess what? These bunch of useless wasters did not turn up. This time the excuse is’ inadequate address’ despite the parcel having my name ‘ house number and name, road, village and post code on it. Don’t these idiots have Sat Nav which would take them to the addresses they need to deliver to. It is another day wasted when I could have been doing something more productive than sitting in my front room waiting for these jokers to turn up. I have also given Car Phone Warehouse a rocket for using this so called delivery company. It would have been quicker to use either the Pony Express or a Wells Fargo stagecoach!!!!

  37. Right, I also have a problem with HDNL. They annoy the crap out of me. I ordered a baking tray from Amazon like literally a month ago, waited for ages and it did not come. I called amazon and they were very nice. Then I track the parcel and it says they delivered 3 times already, BUT, they did not leave any cards nor ring the bell because I was home all day for all those dates they deliver! They just wasted my time that I had to stay home and wait for parcel. Now I want to collect the parcel from the depot, there are no information on collecting parcels at all. I called them like millions time and there were no pick ups!!!!!! ARHHHHHH!!!!!! I HATE HDNL!!!!!! they are so stupid and cannot ring door bells!!!!! i will amazon would just use a normal 2-5days royal mail delivery, it would have got here by now.

  38. Update on the latest saga with Yodel/HDNL or whatever they call themselves today. I arranged delivery for this coming Thursday after their cock up two days ago. I arranged this on Thursday evening with both Car Phone Warehouse (the suppliers) and Yodel. Guess what I got home to find a a card saying they tried to deliver!!!! This was after I had arranged delivery for this comiong Thursday. I can order items from the USA and get it within FOUR days and that is a lot faster than this bunch. The Pony Express could cover over 3000 miles in 10 day using only horses. Yodel can’t manage 100 miles using vans. Bring back Pony Express. They are more realiable than Yodel/HDNL

  39. FML I have a £999 laptop being delivered tomorrow by HDNL.

    Hoping it doesn’t turn up with a smashed screen and water damage! 🙁

  40. Yep – Home Delivery Network = total waste of time. Why have I just paid extra for a next day, evening delivery, come home early from work after seeing on the tracking site that my order has been received by them and is scheduled for delivery this evening as planned, to wait in all night, eventually phone up to be told it is Amazons fault they havent despatched it.
    Its not the cost, I would pay double the delivery cost if it meant stuff would turn up when it was supposed to, but if you can’t provide the service then why offer it at all.

  41. hhaha but no it aint funny i ordered shoes from littlewoods weeks later id still not recieved them so i called them up to see were they were they said home delivry network had delivered them an they was signed for i told them that this was not possible as i live alone an i aint got them i kno wats happend the stupid hdn driver has took it to wrong adress an got a signitre aqn now some ass hole has a new pair of shoes at my expense as they still billed me anyways after that fiasco i told them from now on all parcels delivered had to be signed for by me only my signutre wich if they go t wrong place no one else should kno wat name it is anyways i oreder a parcel it was suppse to b delivered on v thursday i come home on tuesday an a card puyt through v door sayin parcel in bin fkin shed it was a day early an not signed for an its a good job bin men wasnt due that day ass holes

  42. as for askin y aint people home to take delivry iv waited all day for allocated delivry day an it aint turned up or they never come wen suppose too its either before of after supposed date

  43. Nicola, learn how to use punctuation to construct sentences. Sorry. Anyway, today I was supposed to be getting a delivery from these guys. I waited at home ALL day. It hadn’t arrived by 6 so I checked the delivery status and they had apparently attempted to deliver. I had literally been waiting on the door bell all day. Absolutely shocking service, avoid at all costs.

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