Home Delivery Network toss my parcel over the gate

I returned home last night when it was pissing down with rain (in Manchester, go figure) to find a card through my door from the Home Delivery Network. There was no order number on it and none of the fields were filled in, but there was some pen scrawled on the top displaying the words ‘Round Side’.

Not sure what this meant I figured maybe there was a parcel left round the side of the house, so I looked. There was nothing there. Then I thought what if they’ve chucked it over the 6 foot hight gate? I hope not, it’s a very high gate, a long way for a parcel to fall and it’s been pouring down all day.

I went out to look and sure enough there was a parcel from Amazon sat a pool of water next to our bin. Jesus Christ, what sort of arsehole does this?

I decided evidence was in order so I took photos of the parcel as I opened it, you can see from the pics that the water had seeped into the box. It would, it had been there all frickin’ day.

I also have a computer coming from Amazon. I hope to fuck they don’t use the Home Delivery Network for that one. I doubt it’ll stand a 6 foot drop into a pool of water. What a bunch of fucking morons. Come on Amazon, sort it out.

Darren Jamieson, aka MrDaz, is the Technical Director and co-founder of Engage Web and has been working online in a career spanning two decades. His first website was built in 1998 and is still live today.

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513 thoughts on “Home Delivery Network toss my parcel over the gate”

  1. As much as its not funny, I have to laugh. Next time, you may want to choose FedEx or somebody… the hell with HDN…

  2. I didn’t choose the monkies. Amazon use them for delivery in the UK, though from the complaints I’ve seen online when I search Google for them maybe Amazon won’t use them for much longer.

  3. I sympathise with you. Home Delivery Network are by far the worst delivery / courier firm around. I have been waiting 6 days now for a Next Day delivery from Dabs.
    I complained to Dabs; Dabs contacted HDNL who say that they attempted delivery twice and left a card.
    This is a complete lie as I was at home both times and there was no card.
    Being late is one thing but blatantly lying to customers is really out of order.

  4. Thanks for comments Rob. The more I read about the Home Delivery Network, the more I hear how bad they are. They seem to be a right bunch of incompetent cowboys.

    I can see them getting dropped by Amazon real soon. Their kind of unprofessional attitude isn’t going to turn people onto Online shopping.

    Home Delivery Network? They must be joking.

  5. Great, I’m hearing ALOT of bad things about HDL, must be pretty awful, I’m regretting getting all my computer things from dabs (delivered by HDL) now, hope they don’t try throwing mine over the gate, £190 worth, i won’t be happy. considering they are keeping it at a depot only 2 hours away I’m already annoyed they haven’t dispatched it. is it true they don’t deliver on Saturdays?

  6. I recently had the misfortune of having an amazon.co.uk item delivered by the home delivery network. I ordered an xbox 360 elite (nearly 300 quid). When it arrived no-one was in so the prat delivary driver threw the box over the fence (about 8ft high) and left it in a shared back garden (between my house and next door). Not only did he damage the xbox (had a hard drive failure from the get go) but it could easily have been stolen from where it was left. After a very abusive phone call to the HDN and a rather more calm one to amazon I have managed to obtain a replacement for my xbox. Amazon should drop these idiots as they are ruining the very good reputation the have built up over the years.

  7. Same as me. I ordered 2 Le Creuset cast iron casseroles from amazon. Of course, amazon still use this idiot company (HDNL) to deliver. Again they toss the 10 kg parcel over my 6 foot high garden gate and landed on the concrete walk path. Even they made by iron, the impact caused a big crack on one of the casserole and I need to get it replace. I am not sure what inside this idiot delivery guys brain. Are they want to become the world strongest man and use the parcel to practice. THe worst is HDNL does not have any email or phone for me to complaint. But I will certainly complaint to Amazon. I think I won’t order any stuffs from amazon from now on except they change the delivery company.

  8. if i way ask,, why werent you home to take delivery,, i have had amazon stuff delivered to me and had to fill out a form the driver has given me ,, if i may be so bold,, great job HDN clean and polite drivers. would you all be so quick to call them names like you mention if thay were standing infront of you off duty i wonder ???

  9. Why wasn’t I home to take the delivery? Oh I don’t know, maybe I was… let me think… actually in work!

    Where’d you think I was knob jockey?

    Home Delivery Network have received the sort of feedback here I’d have expected them to receive, as they make a habit of throwing people’s parcels over fences. Your pathetic attempt to speak for them (or yourself more like) is quite transparent.

    Rather than making shit up on websites about how great Home Delivery Network drivers are, why not actually redress the problem and give them some decent training?

    Or at least teach them common sense, such as don’t throw parcels over 6 foot high fences. You’d think it obvious, but to a Home Delivery Network driver I guess it’s a little out of their comprehension.

  10. Hey pissed off driver, as a matter of fact u dick I would have played hell with the driver if I’d caught him throwing my £300 xbox over the fence. How about you stop trying to defend the home cowboy network and actully accept that your company are a bunch of lazy senseless idiots who don’t have the common sense or the moral fibre to take the package back to the delivary depot again. I mean a bit of thought and hard work wouldn’t do you any harm now would it.

  11. I buy plenty over the net and have never had a problem with couriers until I came across HDN.

    I’ve now waited over 2 weeks for a desk fan to be sent from England to Glasgow. According to their site they tried to deliver it 3 times last week an left a card each time. I haven’t even got one card. Also the fan is apparently in a depot 30 miles from me & they asked me can I pick it up! Can’t they transfer it to the Glasgow depot – apparently it’s against company policy! And to speak to them I have to phone the seller, they contact hdn, then I have to wait for HDN to phone me!

    No wonder you can’t phone or email them – imagine the amount of complaints they would have to deal with.

  12. Hi Daz

    I find the coments relating to HDN understandable, afterall they’re a ‘Parcel Carrier’ at the the end of the day! I’m the MD of a Distribution Company whom specialises in Business to Business, however over the past 18 months I set up a side line department specifically to service the Domestic Market (which is a huge growth area). I find it strange that no PLC company has taken this market seriously, instead they’ve simply attempted to profit by using the/their parcel network, resulting in damaged goods, late deliveries, and not to mention if you receive your goods at all?

    Watch this space!, we currently provide a Domestic delivery service Nationwide. We telephone every consignee and advise them of a time and 3 hour delivery slot and even a 30 minute call before we arrive, this service is provided to both to Retailers and the General Public.

    Remember the name????? ‘Domestic Distribution’

    http://www.domesticdistribution.co.uk will be a force to be wreckoned with, WITHOUT LOOSING FOCUS ON CUSTOMERS!

  13. Amazon wont stop using HDNL for one reason alone- they are getting their parcels delivered for peanuts. And youve heard the saying about peanuts and monkeys havent you?

  14. Hi Daz

    Firstly, I agree with you, it is not acceptable to have a parcel delivered that way, put simply, the driver should be dismissed. However, I would like you to try and put it in perspective. HDN deliver in the region of 350,000 to 400,000 packs per day OUT of the Christmas peak period and I assure you that the % of “Monkey” drivers is small and on the whole the delivery to customers is as it should be, albeit HDN could be better. But be aware, if you google DHL, FED EX, ROYAL MAIL etc etc you will find equally unacceptable standards of delivery there as well.

    This is to condon HDN and the minority of dimwit drivers delivery style, I merely want to point out that sadly …. this crap style of delivery is not exclusive to HDN.

    Secondly, to Mike Heslop, I am sure Mr Daz is delighted for you to advertise your Company on his site, however, as a prospective customer I would be reluctant to use a Company of which the author of that said article cannot even spell correctly!! You don’t LOOSE focus with sustomers Ian, you LOSE it! I hope to god your not the Managing Director!!!

    By the way Mr Daz, I live in Manchester and we can certainly agree on one thing .. the weather is shit!

  15. Home Deliever Network UK is worst than worst.
    We have been waiting for a very important package sent from the other side of the globe, and after 2 weeks going around England ( I have been tracking the package ) they decided to send it back without notifying us, but leaving us last Friday saying they would have re-delivered on Monday. They are very incompetent, and the reason I am saying this it’s because they failed to deliver because they looked for the addre at 1.113 instead of 11/ 13 where we have our offices. They could have used the post code ( which they had ) or the phone to call us. So, now these geniuses sent the package back to the sender and we have to wait to get there again and then ask some other curier to send it to UK again. Unbelievable !

  16. Diego
    Home Delivery Network UK do not send or recieve any packages from abroad, they are solely a UK based delivery company. The furthest they go off this island is to Northern Island and Southern island. However, there IS a Home Delivery Network in the USA who DO deliver all over the world, perhaps you mean them?

    Best to get your facts right first before you publish

  17. Home Deliver Network have a driver in the London area who doesn’t ring bells. Get that, a driver who either doesn’t know how to or want to ring the bell. He will leave a card through the letterbox though. He has wasted a whole day of mine and someone else’s mornings waiting for him. He turns up and leaves a card but doesn’t ring the bell. His office have had numerous complaints and what are they doing about it? They’ll pass it up the line….

  18. Can people learn that the word “Lose” is not the same as “Loose” which is something else completely. For example “I am a loose cannon, when HDN let me down” and “I will lose it if they don’t get my deliveries delivered and my returns returned”

  19. Hi, I used to work for HDN(NI), which is the Northern Ireland branch of the company, its great to see customers finally standing up to those assholes. I really must stand up for some of the drivers who don’t throw fragile parcels over 6 foot high fences, to any right thinking person that is just mind bogglingly stupid to say the least. These drivers, and I am going by my own experiences, have in excess of 150 parcels to deliver a day. They say on their website that they keep a driver on a certain run to so they get to know the customer…..BOLLOX….I learned a run in West Belfast and was on it for ages, knocked the fuck out of myself to learn it, studied maps every night for weeks. When eventually I did learn it and finally the customers were complimenting me on my service and the way I delivered the parcels HDNL took me off the run and put me on another run which I had no idea about. I’m ashamed to say I was ending up bring back 40-50 parcels a day because I didn’t know the area, no help was given to learn that run. In the end I was getting complaints about no getting the parcels to the customers on time. Eventually I learned the run and again was getting compliments for my service, which I’m proud to say I worked hard for and again HDNL, going back on their word again took me off that run and stuck me on another run, so inevidably the service went down again and it was my fault. So you see they aren’t all they’re cracked up to be. In fact they are not only the worst company I have ever worked for but they treat their customers like shite and the driver gets the blame. As I said, I sympathise with the customers, as a customer myself while working for the company I has numerous parcels destroyed by the driver who delivered in this are in similar circumstances to that of Mr Daz, people work, no let me rephrase that…people NEED to work and what do the drivers expect, that you’ll be there 24/7…not a chance, I apologise for the shite you people have to take from this company. You should complain about them like fuck. I know I will be.

  20. I apologise for the spelling mistakes people, my key board is slightly mangled. So continuing from my last comment. I am trying to give you some examples of what HDNL is really like to work for. Talking about service levels, as you can see clearly from my last comment there isn’t nearly enough training given to drivers, I know of men and women in the depot in Carrickfergus who came into work on their first day and were sent into an area with no maps, they had no idea where they were going until the day they started, they end up putting so much pressure on us that drivers were literally GOING INSANE. There are country runs where there isn’t a town or village on the route and they send new drivers out on these routes with 90-100 parcels on their first day and that’s virtually impossible to deliver that volume of parcels without prior knowledge of the area and countryside. These drivers are rushed off their feet so much that they will do anything to get the parcels off the van, its crazy the way they are forced to deliver so many parcels. The drivers have been pushing HDNL to bring in more drivers to take the heat off them, so that they CAN improve service and the way they deliver parcels but to no avail, HDNL are simply in it to make serious money. They laid off a man in the Carrickfergus depot because he wasn’t delivering his target everyday…..this man had never been shown part of the run. An experienced driver who DID know the run, complained to supervisors and management that the run was “HUGE and couldn’t be covered by one man” again, these complaints went without change and this is why the service is …well to put it bluntly…SHITE…management refuse to listen to drivers, the people who are out doing the job, asking for help and getting none is why service is crap. Before I left, HDNL expanded the routes so that they were unbelievably huge, so no doubt the service has gone out the window now. I couldn’t stick it anymore, they put all the blame on the drivers when in reality the drivers are asking for help but getting none, I feel sorry for any driver working for them.

  21. hi ya peeps
    well wot more can i say bout this cowboy company i ordered something bout a month ago from littlewoods and to this day have still not recieved it! i have had several talks wiv the catalogue ppl and they say it has been delivered and that i have my parcel but wen in fact i dont, why wud i ring them and complain wen if i had the fuckin thing is beyond me, i have just spoke to hdnl and now they say it has been collected how can they collect something if i have not recieved it i have apparently had 2 calling cards left thru my door too and they are so difficult to obtain a number for so i must say thanx to mr daz for takin a pic of his calling card which enabled me to get their number and ring them

    also i was waitin for a bed be delivered hdnl rang me to arrange a day so i took the day off work as you do was told 1230 -430 call out neva arrived in that time slot so natuarlly rang catalogue they sed no by 6 so rang agen at quarter past sed it wud be half past i sed well no i have been on fone to you for last 15 mins and still not here had a call later anyway outcome was reason code 15 i asked wot that was they cud not tell me my other half at the time was havin probs wiv city link couriors as i had also waited ih for him to have his new pc delivered so he was frustrated too and dropped his weights on his hand ended up at casuality got home to a voice mail sayin the reason why bed was not delivered was due to the fact there was not enough man hours in the day to deliver the bed and it was returned bk to the depot at 615pm wot a bunch of toss heads

    take care everyone!!

  22. also i was waitin for a bed be delivered hdnl rang me to arrange a day so i took the day off work as you do was told 1230 -430 call out neva arrived in that time slot so natuarlly rang catalogue they sed no by 6 so rang agen at quarter past sed it wud be half past i sed well no i have been on fone to you for last 15 mins and still not here had a call later anyway outcome was reason code 15 i asked wot that was they cud not tell me my other half at the time was havin probs wiv city link couriors as i had also waited ih for him to have his new pc delivered so he was frustrated too and dropped his weights on his hand ended up at casuality got home to a voice mail sayin the reason why bed was not delivered was due to the fact there was not enough man hours in the day to deliver the bed and it was returned bk to the depot at 615pm wot a bunch of toss head <—– Quote

    Well, maybe the driver was sleeping on it? lol

  23. I am a HDNL driver and you lot really take the biscuit.you should get off your arse’s and try it sometime.The main reason stuff is thrown over gates is due to the fact that we are put under pressure by managers not to bring stuff back,and secondly hdnl has taken on sub contractors to deal with peak times/sickness.And i can quite honestly say these morons are giving us a bad name,some cant even speak english but they are cheap,i agree with some of your comments but the problems are with management not the lowly driver!.
    Hopefully some of you berks with half a brain cell may have worked it out,if not stop moaning and bugger off somewhere else,see if you get a better service?????.
    Then you will really have something to moan about!!!!!!

  24. Hi Biggles (Craig Duffield), I don’t really think it’s fair you telling HDNL’s customers to get off their arse, bugger off somewhere else and get a better service.

    How can I choose a better delivery service from Amazon? It’s up to Amazon to chooser who they want, and at the moment they use the imbeciles from Home Delivery Network, like your good self it would seem.

    So if you think your being under pressure is reason enough for you to throw people’s parcels over their fence then you, and the rest of your company should be sacked.

  25. I’m fed up with HDN. Since dabs.com (who are excellent) have started using these cowboys, my orders have all been late / left outside all the time. I’ve had one item (motherboard+mem) left outside in the driving rain with a note “left round back”, Needless to say the box was soaked through..amazingly the items inside, despite having wet boxes actually still worked.

    I’ve also had orders with multiple containers delivered over many days even though dabs.com gave them to these guys all at once!

    With argos.co.uk ive had an expensive consignment stolen as they left it in plain sight (i was in all day..they just dumped it without ringing the bell and didnt even bother leaving a note) without any apology from HDN. Argos were ok with this and re-despatched the items using a different courier and this time I got the items without and problems.

  26. What a fab website ! My experience is small and simple. I have 2 notices, one on the door bell and one next to my `cat-flap` suggesting the obvious ` Cats ONLY, do not place ANY deliveries in front of or through the `cat-flap` So HDN placed a large catalogue in front of the `flap` so as to block the way in and out ! (resist the funny comments please……however tempting it may be!!! I am VERY cross! Thanks Daz for the opportunity to share my anger.

  27. HDNL are a joke and thats for sure!

    A parcel from DABS is sent Friday for “Next Day” delivery, so I expect it Monday.

    I work from home so in all day, no show. Check the web site in the evening and it shows “failed delivery – carded”.

    I ring the local depot (thanks saynoto0870 for the local number) and a woman says she will speak to the driver and ring me back.

    Woman rings back, the driver carded an address off of Sussex Close, which is opposite my close. He had been told my close is off Sussex Close instead of opposite Sussex Close. I then point out to the woman that there are no closes of Sussex Close as all the closes around here are exactly that closes i.e. small cul-de-sacs with no roads off of them. Also if you go to Sussex Close you can’t fail to see my close as it is directly opposite!

    After a for ums and arrs, she finally agrees that perhaps the driver is lying. I ask to speak to somebody to make an official complaint, she then gives me an 0870 number (which saynoto0870 can’t find an alternative).

    I ring this 0870 number and get another woman, who I relate the whole tale to.

    “Give me your details and I will pass them on to the Nottingham depot to get in touch with you” she states! “But they have just given me your number to make a complaint” I reply.

    “To make a complaint you need to write in” she says!

    So I am given a 0870 number to ring at my expense to only be told that I need to write in – what a joke of a company.

    I buy everything from the net, but you can be sure that I will not be using any site that lists HDNL as its courier!

  28. HDNL are an absolute disaster. Trying to get my parcel from the Carrickfergus Depot (N.Ire) redelivered and what a nightmare. Cant even find a contact number for HDN ANYWHERE!!!! Does anyone have a customer service number for this bunch of cowboys? I would be eternally grateful!

  29. i totally agree with all comments, HDNL are a bunch of incompetent idiots who obviously couldnt run a piss up in a brewery, and whats more the companies that use them must know of thier bad rep but continue to use them, i waited in nearly every day for 2 weeks and guess what? i stil aint had my delivery, littlewoods direct say they dont have a contact number for HDNL, how ridiculous is that! all they say is we can e mail them and its not really our fault because we despatch the goods to them and its thier fault it hasnt been delivered, why do these companies use these idiots when they have so many complaints!

  30. Hi I had an order from Dabs today from HDN and it came all fine (though at 6:45). The driver was pleasant and didn’t have any problems. Though when I came across this website at 6:00 I really thought my money was lost.

    I guess it really is the management. I think there are some genuinely good drivers out there (like mine) but the management either keeps switching there roots or goes and hires cheaper incompetent drivers to save money so they can enjoy all the profits.

    From reading your stories I have actually been put off of Dabs and Amazon because although there good sites bad delivery=bad service and thats what it’s all about.

  31. Me too fecking idiots.

    In response to Dustin you cannot choose which courier service will bring you parcel unfortunately .
    (Hell if only you could i would make sure HDN is put completely out of business!!)

    I ordered a baby walker from Boots.
    Wednesday night i got home to find it had been tossed over back gate. (nothing on card again just scribble b.hind side gate!!)
    Damage has been done to gate with panel taken out shards of wood all over floor!!
    Spoken to Boots as well as HDN. HDN have logged complaint,so far nothing back from Boots!!

  32. damn, i thought i was the only one, just ordered some outfit (including a wedding wear for tomorow) from dorothy perkins two weeks ago. HDNL claimed they tried to deliver twice, but i still cant find a call out card. i have attempted to book a delivery date FOUR times, and i am still waiting for my parcel. they keep promising to deliver without no show …… i don’t know why companies still use them… i think they companies should stick to the likes of royal mail, UPS etc

  33. I have been waiting all morning for HDN to deliver a package from John Lewis and was actually in my kitchen, at the front of the flat, when a van pulled up outside.

    I watched the driver come up to the front door and as my buzzer didn’t go and he wandered off I assumed he must have been delivering to another flat, of which there are seven.

    When I went downstairs there was a note saying he had attempted to deliver and will try again tomorrow.

    Not sure what constitutes attempting to deliver in HDN world but not even ringing a bell/buzzer is a pretty unique definition.

    Needless to say I emailed john Lewis and am now wondering if I actually need to be outside in the drive tomorrow – all day – so this moron doesn’t take my parcel back to the depot again.

    Just for the record; there are only three names on our entry system and mine is the first. He’d have been standing next to this while writing his card.

    Anybody in Surbiton/Kingston had the same problem?

  34. I am a driver at HDNL chesterfield depot. I work my nuts off every day.

    The higher management is only interested in profits.

    They do not care about any of their staff.
    They don’t care if the parcels are delivered or not as long as someone has taken them out of the depot on the day its supposed to be delivered so they look like the targets have been met to the bods higher up the chain to them.

    They wasted over a million pounds on paying agency staff over the last xmas period. Simply because they can be used as and when required, no sick pay holiday pay etc.

    We have a dedicated and hard working set of senior drivers who cover for sickness and holidays who have to cover up to 10 rounds each and know the rounds pretty well and 99% of the time achieve much more than the round drivers they are covering. The problem we have is that the holidays are not worked out in any sort of logical way so some times they are forced on rounds they don’t know at all. Targets are not met, parcels are brought back etc etc.

    Most of the time everything that comes into chesterfield over night from around 120 companies gets delivered the next day and we clear out.

    Unfortunately the management don’t want this to happen anymore as its costing too much in overtime payments so from august 18th overtime can be capped as they see fit, which means some of you are going to miss out. Especially if you live in an area that has a driver that usually takes everything that comes in to earn extra as overtime.
    This is not the drivers fault,
    We have been told that the company has no money and we are making a loss, weird as the littlewoods shop direct group who own HDNL have just bought empire stores.
    They also manage to fill the car park most weeks with top end company cars of the higher management when they come for meetings.
    Also because the company has no money we were offered a 0% pay rise this year and unbelievably the unions recommended that we accepted it.
    Morale is at an all time low within this company but we still turn up every day and try to deliver our parcels,
    Personally I don’t use amazon or dabs, try bigpockets.co.uk or ebuyer, they use city link. I’ve not had a problem with them for over the 2 years I have been buying stuff on line plus they are cheaper.

    Problems we have with amazon,

    If you order for next day delivery it MUST be signed for although they don’t tell you this when you arder.
    Tracking sometimes will say it is somewhere in the country when it is still in their warehouse, we can check if it is in their warehouse but you cant.
    They refuse to give us the customers phone number even if the address is out in the middle of nowhere and the driver just needs help finding them.

    Dabs ,

    All dabs parcels are sent next day and must be signed for even if they tell you otherwise

    Littlewoods/shop dierect.

    Tell the customer on the phone/ online that their parcel will be with them, say on Friday but send it to us on Tuesday and then make it a next day parcel. Where’s the customer? Not in obviously, they are expecting it Friday not Wednesday. Same goes for collections.


    Tell the customer when they order it will be with you between 7am and 10am. But they don’t tell us anything of the sort.
    We DO NOT and NEVER HAVE offered a timed delivery service. Where would you start if you tried to give all 150 of your deliveries that day a time, its impossible anything can happen out on the road.

    Jd Williams and associated companies also john lewis.

    Send everything out as a next day parcel and must be signed for even though they tell the customer on ordering you parcel will be delivered within 5 days.
    Tell a customer on Monday your parcel will be within 5 days they automatically think it will be delivered on Friday and not Tuesday/ Wednesday.

    Warehouse wine/ laithwaites

    Send cases of wine that have not been ordered.

    It goes on and on, but the only person you will ever see is the driver so he gets the blame, yes its wrong to chuck stuff over gates etc but we are quizzed and sometimes not paid for deliveries that are taken back because the customer for whatever reason isn’t in.

    Most of these companies use hdnl because we are the cheapest and that my friends is the bottom line.

  35. I have had the mis-fortune of dealing with the cowboys at xmas time….it took over a week to deliver a monitor we ordered from Dabs!!

    Now these fools have a 32″ LCD TV I have ordered from Amazon. It was dispatched yesterday, and I was gutted to see that Amazon are using this company!!

    If its not here in PERFECT condition by the estimated delivery day (8th August) then Amazon, HDNL AND my credit card company will be getting phone calls!

  36. I am a driver for HDNL, and just wondered if any of you ever put this much time and effort in to thanking ANY delivery company when your purchases arrive on time??

    MrDaz –
    Amazon also use Parcel Force, CityLink, Parcel Net.

    Rob –
    HDNL maybe bad, try googling other companies see what you get!
    try this for a start-http://www.dooyoo.co.uk/transport-automobile-services/dhl/reviews/
    Complain in writing to your local depot, stating dates, times,etc.

    Ahmed Saleh –
    Are you sure it was HDNL? The reason I ask is because if we deliver anything that expensive its usually a POD(proof of delivery)
    BTW Ahmed Saleh id like to see you confront me!! I’d knock ya wrag-head off…..u dick!!!

    Dingo…sorry Diego –
    Get your facts right, and get your address right on the parcel!

    Kanna –
    LOL, so this driver goes around just putting cards through peoples letter-boxes? that must mean he takes all the parcels back to the depot?? Get a grip!!

    jen –
    Try punctuation when you type! Jesus Christ I hope you dont talk like that!

    biggles36 –
    Maybe they should tell us what they do for a living, Im sure we can pick fault with them too.

    Darren –
    ALL high value items from Dabs & Amazon ARE PODs!

    Paulene –
    Maybe you should write a notice saying “I am VERY cross!” and stick it somewhere so all can behold your anger!!
    OMG you must lead a sad existence if thats all you got!

    Jon –
    I & Google maps & Multi Map maybe wrong but….Isnt Sussex Cl both sides of Smithurst Rd?? And if you look , there is what looks like a small close off one of them!

    Rita –
    I think its you that is the idiot!! if Littlewoods told you they dont have a contact number for HDN, do you think they could be lying to you about the whereabouts of your parcel?!

    Rustius –
    Thankyou! (I think)

    Bet you just wanted a new gate didnt you!

    Mo –
    I think you’ll find that RM have just as many problems as us, and UPS wouldnt touch a shitty little contract like that!

    Kevin –
    So you saw him with a J Lewis parcel and “assumed he must have been delivering to another flat” YOU ARE THE MORON!!!!

    *Please read this comment by jay lockwood* every word he states is true! It explains ALOT of what ppl are complaining about!

  37. Hey Redman, by your comments, especially this one: “BTW Ahmed Saleh id like to see you confront me!! I’d knock ya wrag-head off…..u dick!!!” we can see you’re a typical HDN driver, as in, racist.

    Is it Home Delivery Network’s company policy to employ ignorant racists, or is it just coincidence that you’ve been attracted to the role?

  38. Readman –

    You wrote……

    “I am a driver for HDNL, and just wondered if any of you ever put this much time and effort in to thanking ANY delivery company when your purchases arrive on time??”

    Yes, I do thank delivery drivers when thing arrive or get collected. I have a VERY good repore with out Parcel Force delivery driver because he comes to deliver and collect stuff from use all the time, and has done for the last 4 or 5 YEARS!!!

    I have also had experience with DHL, FedEx, CityLink, UPS, Royal Mail and TNT…..NOT ONCE did any of them take a WEEK to deliver a next day item!

    Not even Royal Mail…..that says it all! Royal Mail are terrible, but even during their strikes I got my Special Delivery items on time, where as HDNL just screwed us about until we threatened Dabs with legal action via out credit card provider.

    Once that was mentioned Dabs contacted HDNL and they pulled their thumb out their are and delivered the item a WEEK LATE!!!!

  39. Ok. I am sittng in my house. I am awaiting a package from HDNL. I have been wating for 2 items, one from Marks and Spencer and one from Amazon.
    The Mand S one was delivered to the wrong street apparently. However I know the owner and they say no item was delivered. (Yes they were in and yes they looked)
    M and S have refunded me, but I am intrigued to find out where the package actually went to as I often am not able to leave the house and need delivery services. The other one from Amazon is due today. THe HDNL say they have added on extra directions (after 3 goes).

    Note: M and S were unaware of a telephone number for HDNL. On HDNL website there is NO number. Only when (if you ever get one) you get a card, will you get a number.

    In fact seeing as some people don’t appear to believe this here is a quote from the HDNL website: “Home Delivery Network Limited do not provide local or national telephone lines for customers to call. If your delivery has been attempted and you have received a card, please contact the number on the card.”

    I asked several times for my telephone number to be added to the details so the driver could call me and was told “we don’t supply our drivers with phones”.

    I was more than happy to refund the driver personally for using his or her own phone.

    But no.

    I am now just twiddling my thumbs. The package is very expensive and fragile and I am dreading yet another “can i have a refund” call…

  40. PPS, just received a text from the people on the other street. They’ve been carded.
    HDNL say the driver “must have not got the instructions”.


  41. I have now recieved my parcel, driver had no problem finding house this time. Even so, I won’t be knowingly using them again as the process has taken up a lot of time!

    No reason for any of you to care, just thought it only fair to say I did get the package, after my mega moan…

  42. MrDaz
    LOL everyone, no matter what their colour is, have racist views some of the time! Especially when they are trying to wind them up.

    Thank the driver through the depot(if the number address can be found) the managers/company need to know if something is going right for a change!
    The trouble is you see, the(bad) actions of the minority of drivers has a knock-on effect on the good drivers.
    No praise for the good drivers….allways “how can we as a company make things run better”………….Get rid of the sh*t, and reward the cream!!

  43. So “Redman Nottm”, according to you it’s OK to be racist if you’re wound up, or trying to wind someone up? I’m betting you’re a delivery driver of HDNL as well, it seems to be company policy to be racist.

    I wonder if Home Delivery Network would be interested to know that its drivers are racist and abuse people with racist comments on websites.

    Would they even care?

  44. I find it fascinating that if you have a grumble on the internet about other companies, there are virtually never comments from employees as usually they value their jobs and the reputation of the company for which they work.

    It is clear to me that he HDN employees that have posted here have a totally apathetic and openly hostile attitude towards their customers. I’ve spent my whole day waiting for a parcel today, that their tracking system says is “sorted” and that nobody at all can tell me where it is. I’ve been verbally abused by their call centre – frankly I’m astonished that any company can run like this.

    I shall definintely be writing a letter of complaint to Amazon about this and telling them what I think of HDN.

    And as for Redman – you should be ashamed of yourself. Even if people have racist thoughts, those that aren’t poorly educated ignorant thugs don’t voice them.

    Thanks for this posting Mr Daz…

  45. LOL! MrDaz,
    EVERYONE has racist views!
    Freedom of speech is a wonderful thing, It allows ppl like Ahmed Saleh and others on this page to insult(“fecking idiots, dick, lazy senseless idiots, assholes”)
    the majority of good drivers for the acts of the minority of bad drivers & call centres giving wrong info.
    If they are going throw insults like that around then they should expect to get it back!
    Also no need to bet-

    Redman Nottm (2 comments) // Aug 6, 2008 at 10:03 pm
    “I am a driver for HDNL”

    Paul I think you’ll find its “more than just a grumble” that people are having on this page!
    We have on this page got an “openly hostile attitude towards their customers”….what do you expect when they throw insults our way?
    Before people hide behind their keyboards and their right-on attitude, they should think about the verbal abuse “poorly educated ignorant thugs” and wonder, will the comments I get back be nice ones?

  46. HDN claimed to deliver twice but no card left, eventually agree to saturday delivery because I complained to Amazon who phoned them from America and complained that the service they had paid for had not been completed to contract. Woman at amazon put note on my account not to use HDN again. Now I’ve ordered IPod and docking station only to receive an email telling me who is delivering it and guess what… HDN. Guess I’ll be telephoning them tomorrow to rearrange delivery or find it soaking on the front step, or maybe its been left and nicked, or… will post again with update when I perhaps receive it.

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