HDNL driver to customers: Stop sitting on your arse ordering stuff with your benefits

Considering the problems this website has reported with Home Delivery Network over the years, you’d think the company would have taken note by now and told its staff to stay off here and stop insulting customers. But no. We’ve just had a massive rant from a delivery driver who seems intent on accusing customers of ordering stuff with their benefit money and running up lines of credit, and being too lazy to even answer the door.

Read this open letter to HDNL customers from one of their delivery drivers. Makes you proud to be British.

From: Annominous

I am a Delivery Driver for HDNL and I have to say that after reading these comments I can assure you that for every complaint you have for us as drivers, We have a complaint for you as customers,

I have just returned from working yet another 13 hour day where I endevour to ensure my van is empty on the return to the depot. We are under immence time pressure day in, day out. If your parcel is due to be delivered on a particular day then it is only fair to ask that you are in to recieve the parcel. When you are not in, usual proceadure is that we will try to leave it with a neighbour, yet we do not have time to be wondering up and down your street knocking on every door until a neighbour answers and is prepared to accept your parcel.

If we cannot leave it with a neighbour then we will return your parcel to the depot and schedule it for delivery another day. this is known as carry over.

Yet you do not seem to understand that this parcel is an addition to the parcels that need to be delivered on the particular day.

If you are not in to recieve the parcel, and you have no neighbours that are in either. then where we deem it safe to do so we will leave it in a place where you can get it, such as behind a locked side gate, shed, or other place out of public view. If you order a parcel knowing that you are not going to be in we try our best to get it to you,

As for the driver who threw your parcel over the fence and it landed in a puddle. I can only say we cannot see through fences, yet if you have ordered something and you know your not going to be in, surely common sence would dictate that you leave the side gate unlocked so that we can access a safe place at the rear of your property so that we can leave your parcel somewhere sheltered.

We as Drivers have our gripes as well. We dont bitch off it about it when we have rung your doorbell and you seem to think we have all day just to stand until you decide to answer.

We dont whinge, when you know a deliver driver is at your door and you answer it. Yet you seem to forget that your item needs signing for and you decide to spend the next five minutes looking for your glasses.

We do not complain when you have ordered items that are of a bulky nature such as flat pack wardrobes and you expect us to drag them through your house to the back room even though we are not inssured to do so.

And for all those who are sat at home on your arses. ordering stuff on the never never because your benefits do not enable you to pay for things outright. We are the Mugs who are out there working and paying taxes that enable you to do so.

If we come to your door and we are not prepared to carry bulky items up your stairs and place them where you want them. By all means spit your dummies out and say you dont want them. We will just press a button that says you have refused the item. No skin off our nose. The company still gets paid for the attempted delivery. And when you re order the comapny will get paid again.

And as for those of you who have the cheek to say that delivery drivers are of little inteligence we welcome you to try and do our jobs for a day. Perhaps then you will appreciate the stress and hard work we go through to get your package to your door. If you can say that you know where every street in your town is situated, and you can come to work at 6am spend two to three hours organising a route around your town, organising where the parcels are situated on the van, and visit in excess of 130 separate addresses per day your more than welcome to try.

When Xmas comes and your all sat at your computers ordering your presents, just remember that we dont even get the time to do any shopping or indeed have a xmas at all. We are out in all weathers 12-13 hours a day busting our balls to try and get your presents to you.

Fact is, HDNL is probably the biggest residential delivery service in the UK. We have contracts with some of the largest online and high street retailers in the UK and we continue to gain further contracts all the time. There is a reason for this. And all of you who say that HDNL are crap quite frankly, your just pissing into the wind. You are a small minority in amoungst millions of satisfied customers.

As for our level of intelligence, We work hard !!! Long hours !!! We do not sit inside nice warm offices day in, day out pushing pens looking at a little drizzle outside and complaining about it. We do not work to set hours.

The lengh of our working day is seriously affected by those of you who order things knowing your are not going to be in or taking an eternity to answer your doors. It takes intelligence to plot a route, Manage time, drive safely and adhere to strict security proceadures. It takes intelligence to maintain a daily delivery target despite the many obstacles that are placed in our path.

So for all of you feel the need to bitch on forums or blogs such as this all we can say is that we do our best but as with everything else, you cant please everybody. All I ask is that you have some consideration for the hard work we endure getting your parcels to you. And for those of you who have complained, One day in the job, would completly reverse your opinions of the job we do, I guarantee it.

Sorry if my English is slightly substandard, I can assure you that it is not becuase I am of little inteligence. but that it is because I started work at 6am this morning, I arrived home at 9pm tonight. I have it all to do again tommorow and I am truly knackered.

Darren Jamieson, aka MrDaz, is the Technical Director and co-founder of Engage Web and has been working online in a career spanning two decades. His first website was built in 1998 and is still live today.

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68 thoughts on “HDNL driver to customers: Stop sitting on your arse ordering stuff with your benefits”

  1. i can sort of see where this HDNL driver is coming from, it is a hard job, in this day and age leaving things with neighbours isnt always the best option… people are not as trustworthy as they used to be. Throwing things over gates is not ideal, but if it had been returned to the depot over and over again that customer would have been just as irate. Its not like its just HDNL, Royal Mail are just as shit but we have just got used to the fact that post goes missing, or its crumpled through the letter box, and often soaking wet after a little bit of rain. no one complains about Royal Mail anymore because we have just got used to it. To be honest there are plenty of shity companies out there that all deserve a mention for the shit service, DPD claimed i had a white front door and that they had tried to deliver, my front door is actually red, and they accused me of painting it so i wouldnt have to pay and additional £2.95 redelivery. Hermes delievered and the parcel had been opened and some items were missing. DHL where does one start – apparently the next door neighbour was not considered a safe place to leave my parcel and they refused to take it in … my neighbour at the time was my aunty :s
    So before we continue this hate campaign for specifically HDNL can we not just aim it at all courier services, and in most cases its not the actions of the driver which has angered us, its those lying, obnoxious excuses for customer service reps at the other end of the telephone…

    p.s. my opinion may change by the end of the week am waiting for a parcel from HDNL this week, although past service has been very good!

  2. well just to update i missed the 1st attempt of my parcel, so phone the number on the card, eventually pushed loads of buttons so i cod talk to a human, who was suprisingly helpful, i asked if they could leave parcel just inside side gate. i got home from work today to find two huge boxes right at the back door neatly placed, and considering both boxes had 2x15kg sacks of dog food in i was suprised to see that they had been carried so far!!! and am grateful that the driver even added a note to the bottom of the card to say sorry he had accidently torn a part of the box! maybe i got the only two employees at HDNL who still know the meaning of customer service!!!

  3. I just wanted to add this

    the HDNL delivery driver has stolen my items

    i have reported him for investigation as i know he has stolen them as he put delivered on his report i never signed anything for these items

    i have been tracking my item since i ordered it and then monday it said due for delivery and then never came then tuesday it says item delivered

    i am still awaiting for the company to get back to me as i want to know if he has been fired for theft

    what makes it worse is that my items are no longer available

    i will not let this drop i want him sacked or i will get the police involved as he has stolen items that i have paid for

    i do not think i am out of order for not letting this drop

    tell me what you think

    Kind Regards
    very annoyed customer

  4. According to tracking, my parcel has just been sat in your depot for the past 5 days, all of which I have been at home waiting for it and trying to get as much work done as possible without being able to leave the house.

    FFS get a grip and send my friggin’ parcel. Talk about us not having the courtesy to be in the house for delivery, maybe you should try delivering it first!

  5. OK an update. I can now confirm that HDNL had actually ‘lost’ my parcel in my local depot and have been fobbing me off all week saying it will be on the van first thing tomorrow, first thing tomorrow etc. I have now waited in all week to find out after Amazon did some digging that HNDL had actually ‘lost’ my parcel.

    I will leave it to you to decide where my parcel actually disappeared to, but it really isn’t hard to figure out… The tall and wide box with the word Samsung on it says it all.

    What a useless, lying, (most probably thieving), waste of space company.

  6. HDNL Their area numbers are ..

    Home Delivery Network Ltd (HDNL) 0870 1545400 0808 1010001 Customer service options
    (For LARGER parcels)
    Also 0808 1010002 /3 /4

    HDNL Stockton-on-Tees: 01642 563043
    HDNL St Neots; 01480 211185
    HDNL Wrexham 01978 291559
    HDNL Preston: 01772 620358 or 01772 338479
    HDNL Yeovil: 01935 432924 or 01935 434062
    HDNL Woodford: 020 85509611
    HDNL Sort Centre – Shaw, Oldham. Depot for deliveries in Manchester area: 01706 355223
    HDNL Ipswich: 01473 287131 or 01473 286620
    HDNL Romford: 01708 376155
    HDNL Scunthorpe: 01724 289594
    HDNL Newhaven depot: 01273 516181 or 01273 517866
    HDNL Glenrothes depot: 01592 773511
    HDNL Newton Abbot: 01626 832545 or 01626 833165 or 01626 835856
    HDNL Stoke-on-Trent: 01782 836071 or 01782 599889
    HDNL Gatwick depot: 01293 517004
    HDNL Warrington delivery office: 01925 825515
    HDNL Inverness depot: 01463 714964

    Unverified Numbers Database
    Company Name 0870 / 0871 0844 / 0845 Geographical Freephone Other Information
    HDNL 08445560557 (0118)9414012
    hdnl 08445560557 01132380344 Leeds Morley depot
    Home Delivery Network (HDNL) 0844 5560557 01926 311517 Leamington Spa & Warwick depot
    Home Delivery Network (HDNL) 0870 1545400 0844 5560557 01482 562525 0808 1010001 Confirming currently unverified number for Hull depot
    Home Delivery Network (HDNL) 08445560557 01872 241904 Truro depot – very helpful!
    Home Delivery Network Ltd 0844 5560557 0131 3333651 Edinburgh branch.
    Home Delivery Network Ltd (HDNL) 0870 1545400 0844 5560557 029 20779779 Cardiff
    Home Delivery Network Ltd (HDNL) 0870 1545400 0844 5560557 01327 703821 Daventry
    Home Delivery Network Ltd (HDNL) 0870 1545400 0844 5560557 020 89618774 London – Park Royal
    Home Delivery Network Ltd (HDNL) 0870 1545400 0115 9860431 Nottingham
    Home Delivery Network Ltd (HDNL) 0870 1545400 0844 5560557 01793 537171 Swindon
    Home Delivery Network Ltd (HDNL) 0870 1545400 0844 5560557 01489 572462 Southampton area
    Home Delivery Network Ltd (HDNL) 0870 1545400 020 76358094 New Cross – SE London
    Also 020 77325595
    Home Delivery Network Ltd (HDNL) 0870 1545400 01622 710084 Maidstone office
    Home Delivery Network Ltd (HDNL) 0870 1545400 0844 5560557 020 89032772 Wembley depot
    Home Delivery Network Ltd (HDNL) 0870 1545400 01293 565351 Crawley Depot HDNL were formerly Business Express!
    Home Delivery Network Ltd (HDNL) 0870 1545400 01983 *removed* Isle of Wight depot
    Home Delivery Network Ltd (HDNL) 0870 1545400 01480 211185 St. Neots, Cambs
    Home Delivery Network Ltd (HDNL) 0870 1545400 01462 421336 Hitchin, Herts
    Home Delivery Network Ltd (HDNL) 0870 1545400 01926 311517 Leamington Spa (covers Midlands)
    Home Delivery Network Ltd (HDNL) 0870 1545400 0121 5525541 Oldbury depot, Birmingham West Midlands
    Home Delivery Network Ltd (HDNL) 0870 1545400 0118 9451184 Reading – Deacon Way, Tilehurst
    Also: 0118 9413939
    Home Delivery Network Ltd (HDNL) 0870 1545400 020 86851032 Mitcham
    Home Delivery Network Ltd (HDNL) 0870 1545400 01603 486101 Norwich
    Home Delivery Network Ltd (HDNL) 0870 1545400 0113 2538226 Leeds – Morley
    Home Delivery Network Ltd (HDNL) 0870 1545400 0113 2380343 Leeds – Gilderston
    Home Delivery Network Ltd (HDNL) 0870 1545400 0844 5560557 01254 57243 Blackburn depot
    Home Delivery Network Ltd (HDNL) 0870 1545400 0844 5560557 023 80619866 Eastleigh
    Home Delivery Network Ltd (HDNL) 0870 1545400 01304 841138 Aylesham Branch (Whitstable Area)
    Home Delivery Network Ltd (HDNL) 0870 1545400 0131 3333651 Edinburgh – Newbridge
    EH28 8LD
    Home Delivery Network Ltd (HDNL) 0870 1545400 0844 5560557 0191 5653025 Sunderland
    Home Delivery Network Ltd (HDNL) 0870 1545400 0114 2444661 Sheffield
    Home Delivery Network Ltd (HDNL) 0870 1545400 01294 213458 Irvine
    Home Delivery Network Ltd (HDNL) 0870 1545400 01522 513753 Lincoln
    Home Delivery Network Ltd (HDNL) 0870 1545400 01224 249299 Aberdeen
    Home Delivery Network Ltd (HDNL) 0870 1545400 01562 827299 Kidderminster; covers Herefordshire and Worcestershire
    Home Delivery Network Ltd (HDNL) 0870 1545400 01355 233085 Glasgow – East Kilbride
    Home Delivery Network Ltd (HDNL) 0870 1545400 01204 793112 Farnworth/Bolton
    Home Delivery Network Ltd (HDNL) 0870 1545400 020 85514468 Woodford, London
    Home Delivery Network Ltd (HDNL) 0870 1545400 0191 4952211 Newcastle upon Tyne
    Home Delivery Network Ltd (HDNL) 0870 1545400 01268 286667 Basildon – Honeywood Road, Basildon SS14 3DS
    Home Delivery Network Ltd (HDNL) 0870 1545400 020 77325595 London – New Cross
    also 020 76358094
    Home Delivery Network Ltd (HDNL) 0870 1545400 01454 316101 Bristol
    Home Delivery Network Ltd (HDNL) 0870 1545400 01872 241904 Truro
    Home Delivery Network Ltd (HDNL) 0870 1545400 01554 777877 Llanelli
    Home Delivery Network Ltd (HDNL) 0870 1545400 020 86263209 Edmonton
    Home Delivery Network Ltd (HDNL) 0870 1545400 01209 210842 Redruth
    Home Delivery Network Ltd (HDNL) 0870 1545400 01246 260142 Chesterfield
    Home Delivery Network Ltd (HDNL) 0870 1545400 0844 5560557 01492 593554 Wrexham & Llandudno
    Home Delivery Network Ltd (HDNL) 0870 1545400 0808 1010002 Bolton depot
    Home Delivery Network Ltd (HDNL) 0870 1545400 028 93363284 Carrickfergus depot (NI)
    Home Delivery Network Ltd (HDNL) 0870 1545400 0121 5525541 Birmingham depot
    Home Delivery Network Ltd (HDNL) 0870 1545400 01482 562525 Hull
    Home Delivery Network Ltd (HDNL) 0844 5560557 01454 273125 Bristol
    Home Delivery Network Ltd (HDNL) 0870 1545400 0844 5560557 0800 0515506 No answer after 20 mins. (New Year’s Eve)
    Home Delivery Network Ltd (HDNL) 08445560557 0191 4952211 Gateshead
    Home Delivery Network Ltd (HDNL) 0844 5560557 01215525541 Oldbury (Birmingham) Delivery Office

  7. my package i’m sending back to scan, because i didn’t want it, stupid enough to use hdnl, been stuck in romford for 2 days now. Was supposed to be delivered yesterday, see what happens, don’t use them

  8. well put ur tom toms away and see how far u get then probably only get to work in the morning and then you,ll be cluless dumb arse and you only work xmas time cus your so lonely that u have newt else to do so stop your winging and get on with it

    A) Its not secure, anyone could have seen the driver was reffering to something left down the side.
    B) The door now has to be replaced

    However, in all fairness, HDNL are replacing the door so cant really moan too much 🙂

  10. Jesus could this company be anymore useless if they tried…..I have paid for a special deilvery and now waiting for them to get their act together to deliver it….3 days late!! They have a full postal address plus a mobile number which they did ring yesterday but still are saying they are trying to verify the address!! Besides which the man that i just spoke to on the phone was incredibly rude and made a complete fool of himself! The Truro depot number as in a previous post was correct though and enabled me to at least move a little way forward with tracking down my parcel!

  11. Truro HDNL fail again, delivery due yesterday was tracked as in the drivers van but never arrived. Tracking now shows it’s in the Truro depot, not out for delivery and no delivery attempts. Their phone rings out and there is no other means of making contact short of driving to Truro and speaking to these morons. I was not aware Clarks used them as a carrier, they will now be added to my list of retailers who I will not use until they hire a reliable carrier.

  12. God, these people really are bloody useless. I ordered my items on Friday 9th December, they were despatched on the same day. Yet now here we are on December 16th with still no sign of my parcel. It’s been sitting in the Warrington depot for four days so far, and I’ve been waiting in for delivery every damn day. Now the weather has deteriorated, so I suppose that will be their new excuse for non delivery, but had they delivered when they should have, they wouldn’t have to travel here in bad weather, D’uh!!!

  13. Firstly the comments of the HDNL now Yodel driver are derogatory and should be retracted. We the customers in receipt of consignments should be better informed of delivery dates and times. The driver is working and fortunately so are some of there customers. It cannot at any time but especially in present economic climate be expected for customers to take days of work in the hope the consignment will arrive when they are home. It should be also noted without a clear signed receipt of consignment and a a printed name to help identify recipient that goods are not under general conditions of carriage deemed to have been delivered. throwing packakges over fences without checking what is on the other side constitutes willful negligence and a complete dis-regard for other peoples property. leaving in a shed is not a secure solution, ig the delivery driver was able to leave it there then someone else would be able to take it from there it would only be secure if locked in which case how woul;d driver be able to place it in the shed. Hdnl/yodel should also note some people do not have close neighbours or even neighbours who can be trusted. The delivery company has a duty of care to ensure safe and secure delivery of any consignments that they carry from sender to recipient. It would seem there is a complete dis-regard for this by the driver concerned. He obviously thinks he is the only one who works long hours, I do also If I displayed the same arrogance and lack of care in my professional dealings I would soon be joining the ranks of those deemed unemployable and be drawing benefits. Perhaps this person would be suited to a less stressful job and should perhaps consider there future in the logistic/delviery environment

  14. The driver who wrote the original post has done nothing to alleviate the intelligence issue he commented on given the grammar and spelling in the rant.

  15. Oh well, I am one latest victim of HDNL, ordered something from amazon on Sunday through prime delivery, should have arrived yesterday, sat at home all day, nothing, not even a calling card. Spent a lot of time with Amazin CS, made me wanna bang my head to the wall, it got me nowhere. Just tried again this morning, called both amazon and HDNL, the woman from HDNL was nothing but rude, she told me the driver was within 8seconds of my address hence there was an attempt of delivery… Yeah right, he might have drove pass somehow but did he actually try to deliver? I got ‘ I couldn’t comment on it as my answer.’ when I asked to speak to her supervisor, I was put in hold forever. Managed to find the number of the new cross depot, the woman’s was very helpful, at least she seems. She said she was going to speak to the driver and get my package delivered today by mid day… Well, I will believe it when I see it.

    As for this driver who has written this complaint, it might sound posh coming from someone’s who is fairly well educated, but if you dont want to do a dogsbody job then perhaps you should have works harder when you were younger to have gotten yourself a better job. After all, we a the paying customers and without us, you wouldnt even havea job.

  16. I assisted my husband with the delivery of parcels over the Christmas period. He works for yodel as a self employed driver. What many people don’t realize is that the volumes go through the roof at Christmas and it becomes near on impossible for a driver to clear his route. This is made even worse when people do not leave adequate instructions for delivery of parcels in their absence. This is a management and customer issue, nothing to do with the driver. I understand that people work and cannot be in waiting around but as the courier explained in his post, arrangements for safe delivery would save the driver time and ensure timely delivery. Personally, as a parent myself I went well out of my way to ensure that parcels were delivered knowing that ‘Santa’ had received many letters. Unfortunately, many people could barely break a smile let alone be thankful for my extra efforts. Therefore, I would be reluctant to make such an effort in the future. You may think that I was only doing my job. Well, I wasn’t as I could have posted a card through the letter box but on many occasions I went back to the address a few times. Being self employed this was at cost to me but I did it for my husbands customers. I know for a fact that many drivers do this also. Unfortunately, divers are on the ‘front line’ for abuse and I was privy to such abuse in the 4 weeks that I helped my husband. I cannot believe the ignorance and rudeness of some people.

  17. granted l agree about treating drivers with respect, but isnt that common courtesy, the person who wrote this has none.. he already blatantly labelled everyone benefit scroungers just for ordering online..

    let me tell you a story about how l had to send back a computer three times due to delivery drivers chucking about my computer box.. the had drives came loose the heatsink fell off.. and the company l purchased the system off wouldnt replace it because they accused me of the damage.. over £300+ lost due to drivers who disrespect other ppls stuff.. l wont accuse all of it, but some dont even give a crap.

  18. Yodel/HDNL Aberdeen, absolutely rubbish, their call handling centre? not much better.

    I called their centre yesterday after yet another failed delivery and was told someone would call me back, 24 hrs later, still no call.

    At the beginning of the month I had two items with the same address in their Aberdeen Depot, one got delivered, the other was held for an address query, that one totally blows my mind.

    I doubt their drivers could find their backsides using both hands.

    If I was that efficient at work I’d be out of a job in no time.

  19. Our property has CCTV, we could prove that a YODEL delivery driver had outright lied about being at our address. For one we had no card and two, we had been home all day waiting on the delivery because that was the day specified. I understand that these delivery drivers have a hard, and at times, frustrating job.

    However, they cannot tar every customer with the same brush. I have only found this article as at the minute I am waiting on a parcel which is more than 4 hours late and I hold no hope of receiving today even though I have paid extra for delivery. I have tried contacting the depot as the parcel left this morning at 8.58am and should have been here before 12 mid day (the depot is not than 45 minutes away from my home town so more than enough time to get it here, other deliveries with standing).

    There seems to be no one at the depot which is highly frustrating and to me is just bad customer service. I now have the hassle of contacting the company I placed an order with to get back the delivery fee and hoping that my parcel comes when I am home next week, however it is far too late by that point.

  20. I paid for next day delivery last tuesday. I have been waiting for my parcel (that is too heavy for me to pick up from the depot when I have my infant son in his pram) for five days now. Though I appreciate that at times some customers aren’t home or fail to answer the door, I have waited home and ensured that my doorbell rings clearly and left the company both my house and mobile phone numbers so if the driver were struggling to deliver they could call and I would walk down and sign for the parcel.
    Not only has a drive logged an attempted delivery everyday but not even rang my doorbell there has been no attempt to leave my parcel with a someone else in my apartment building nor a delivery note left. I have called yodel everyday since last wendesday to rearrange delivery and have done everything I can including double and tripple checking they have the correct address.
    If my parcel doesn’t come today I plan on lodging a formal complaint. Both I and my son are now missing out on play groups and seeing friends because I’m waiting for my delivery and it’s not on.

  21. Yodel sent my next day delivery item to the opposite end of the country am still waiting for the item 6 days later. Perhaps these highly intellectual drivers thought cornwall was in scunthorpe.Twats!!!!


  23. I have only very recently started having problems with Yodel. We used to have the same driver deliver our goods whenever they were ordered, he was polite, helpful and went the extra mile to make sure our parcels were in a location that was as secure as possible if we weren’t in. However, recently we have had more and more deliverys seem to go “missing”. The sender organisation and parcel tracking system says “delivered” and yet no parcel. A quick trot up and down the street soon locates the parcel but no card was put through the door to advise me of the fact they were left with the neighbours. In fact, it has been left to me to locate where they may have left it. A case in point is today, the tracking system says “delivered” yesterday at 4PM to the customer (that would be me). I was in all day yesterday, 8-6, waiting for a different delivery (from Citylink who are 1,000,000% worse than Yodely HDNL – that parcel didnt arrive either) and no delivery was even attempted. Calling the local depot today (who, as always, answered the phone promptly and politely) explained this was delived via a third party courier from a different deopt……what are my chances of locating THAT parcel I wonder…

    However, the main reason I wanted to post was to say, you have all been victims of bad service, and there is no excuse for that. However, to those of you attacking the guy for poor english and spelling; at least take the time to check your own! As for the so called “legal man”, you are may favourite type of “commenter”. Your english is just as bad as the drivers Your spelling and typos litter your post Your arguments are misplaced and in some cases I would guess are incorrect and unfounded. Tell me, does legal man refer to the fact you used to watch “Ally McBeal? I would certainly trust Yodel to deliver my parcels more than I would trust you to deliver any sound legal advice….

  24. I am waiting on a delivery today 19/5/12 which HDNL say they tried to deliever on 17/5/12. I was at home all day as we have work in and they didn’t see any van coming you the drive. I am the last house of 6 on the drive. If you had tried to deliever why wasn’t a card left to say. It is now 14.09 on sat 19/5/12 and the delivery still hasn’t arrived.
    Your web page say it is out on van.
    This is now the 4th time I have had a problem.

  25. yodel is so rubbish we order virgin media for self set up and they said we will recive the router the next day on yodel website it said next day between 7am and 7pm we live 30min away form the woodford depot we didnt recive notting i call vergin and they said the driver was in the area and be there in 1 min and 1 min become onde day now the next day we got a text from yodel we wil recive parcel before 4pm notting again so i call the depot in the nigth and they said we should of got it already they dont know why the driver hasnt came so i arrange to collect my self as the drivers seem to get lost and i gave them a pease of my mind when i got there and im gona report them to trading standerd as there delivery service is like a dodgy compamy scaming people and i still dont know why amazon and virgin and other big name still use this rubbish service what about dhl and royalmail which are fare more better on delivery times

  26. Apparently this lot attempted a delivery yesterday. Problem is I was in at the time, maybe they operate in a paralell universe

  27. Yodal are useless, mainly because their customer service is crap.

    I had a package to be delivered yesterday. I called them at 4pm as it had still not arrived, they said it would be there! I told them if it did not arrive could I pick it up from the depo in the morning? they said yes that’s fine.

    Scanned as part of secure process 31/05/12 MITCHAM SERVICE CENTRE (YODEL)
    In Transit 30/05/12 21:53 MITCHAM SERVICE CENTRE (YODEL)
    Out for delivery 30/05/12 09:38 MITCHAM SERVICE CENTRE (YODEL)
    Scanned as part of secure process 30/05/12 MITCHAM SERVICE CENTRE (YODEL)

    Oh look 21:53 and its being returned to the depo for no reason, spoke to customer services today, and they are sending an email to the depo to ask them not to send it out again, but they said it will more than likely still go out if they do not read it in time.

    it is sad that their is no communication throughout the company, as I was willing to go out of my way and collect the parcel my self as I work and am never in, in the day.

    worst delivery company ever, even worse than citi-link who are bad enough, but at least its easy to collect from them.

  28. It is so frustrating trying to get through to home delivery network in nantgarw but I have been given a direct number for them rather than go through the 084…. Numbers. Paste and pass this number on it’s 01443 845138. This is for the home delivery section of yodel based in Nantgarw.

  29. Amazon say parcel dispatched through HDNL, estimated delivery date 13th June. Still waiting. Card from Yodel who tried to deliver 21st June, card said will redeliver 22nd June, waited in all day, nothing. Endless calls to call centre, 23rd before I got to speak to anyone, they put me on hold for 20 mins while they tried to contact my local depot, they couldnt get through. I could have told them that as I have the depot number, they dont pick up. It is supposed to come again today, nothing so far. Just in case it doesnt come, Amazon have said they will resend parcel, by Royal Mail Special Delivery to arrive tomorrow and will pay for the return of one of the packages when two eventually arrive. Amazon also told me they are not renewing their contract with HDNL when it ends so maybe this Christmas we will get our stuff in time even if it is ordered a month in advance!!

  30. This is all well and good, I live down a 1 mile lane with no other houses around.

    I was waiting for a delivery yesterday, only to check on the website at 11:30 to find that a delivery attempt had been made at 8:50am, this wasn’t the case at all and no card was left.

    What we have found in the past is that the drivers just cant be arsed to deal with it being remote

  31. I send and have collected over 50 items per month and have used most couriers for over 25years. I normally use city link or ups and they are usually spot on, never missing a beat. I have used Yodel aka HDNL 4 times with appauling results. The latest being it took 8 days for collection from booking, 7 days to get it to a depot in nottingham and now they have lost it. Its not the drivers normally, they are usually very good across the board and the job is hard, I know, I’ve done it. They mostly have crap vehicles also. I will never use them again. Would rather pay double and know that everything works like clockwork than to pay their prices and run the lottery. My advice, steer well clear of Yodel, especially if your item is important or valuable.

  32. I paid for next day delivery with both Amazon and Argos. I work at home facing the front window looking out into a small cul-de-sac. The driver claimed he attempted delivery at a time I know for a fact I was sat at my desk.

    The customer service number, conveniently, wasn’t answered until after my local depot had closed. The manager at the customer service centre all but admitted the driver never bothered to attempt delivery as “he ran out of time” and had the audacity to say “I can’t phone the depot, they closed 50 minutes ago; do you work 50 minutes late?”. Well yes, frequently thanks.

    I suppose in hindsight, you can’t expect too much from people whose only job prospects are package monkeys.

    I’m going to be demanding a refund of the telephone calls (10p per minute, no less) plus the next day delivery surcharge (I don’t see why Amazon and Argos should have to refund it)

  33. Absolutely FUMING!

    Scheduled a pick for 8th July, waited in ALL DAY and two Polish guys turned up at 4.30pm, didnt ask for my signature even though i offered it to say they had collected it, instead they gave me a tiny sticker with my address on it saying ‘thats your receipt’ ok weird.

    So the contents of this parcel took me ages to save up and purchase to send to my other half in prison. he was excited to receive it, as was i to send it. but have a look see:

    We have received the request to collect your parcel (CALL CENTRE) 8th Jul 2012 00:00
    The parcel has been received into depot (READING DEPOT) 9th Jul 2012 10:25


    The parcel has been collected (READING VAN) 9th Jul 2012 11:36
    The parcel has been despatched from depot (READING DEPOT) 9th Jul 2012 20:27
    The parcel has been sorted at our hub (DROITWICH) 10th Jul 2012 15:04
    The parcel has been received into depot (BRISTOL DEPOT) 11th Jul 2012 00:54
    The parcel has been loaded on to the drivers van (BRISTOL VAN) 11th Jul 2012 06:49
    The parcel has been delivered (CUSTOMER) 11th Jul 2012 10:33

    It says delivered…it ruddy well hasnt been! phone calls to the prison have confirmed that no parcel was received with my partners name on. When i called Yodel i was told it was signed ‘PRSN’ wtf??? The Security Governor of the prison has told me that ALL parcels are signed for in a particular way, and that certainly wasnt how they do it – it is done like this due to ownership of items (maybe Yodel should take that on board)

    So looks like the driver has stolen my parcel – you would think they would be a bit more sensible and not steal from an address destination that cannot be called a liar – HMP! and they have CCTV, so lets see how the Yodel scumbags get out of this one eh? ahh yes, the ‘we need to interview the driver to find out what happened’..well its clear isnt it? he scanned it as delivered, its not there…hes had it away! ‘well no its not that easy, it could be a miss scan’ YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!!!! why have sodding online tracking then if you employ morons who cannot even scan a few parcels??????????

    I for one cannot afford to replace the items I painstakingly saved for, I have one VERY angry fella who wants answers…and what do we have in reality? a shitty delivery company who take forever to investigate, and who try to evade giving any sort of contact details…

    Looks like the driver will be joining my partner in prison…I for one will not let this go…next stop Police to get the person responsible arrested! and small claims courts for compensation, Watchdog just for shits n giggles and oh lets see who else…Trading Standards??? – ahh go on then, im in the mood for war!


  34. I have to agree with Hermes Driver:
    These consumer complaint websites are either people on bebefits complaining the world owes them a living and buying stuff on credit and money they can’t pay back.
    Or worst of all middle class people who have been left money and now call themselves property developers, when all they do is create nothing for society but just artificially inflate house prices by “doing up homes” and killing the market for ist time buyers. We should be taxing people 70% on 2nd homes they own, then perhaps people,Ist time buyers especially , could buy houses at the true price and not have to rent off these lazy, Daily Mail readers!

  35. So everyone on this site is either on benefits or middle class using daddy’s inheritance? Carl, you’re a muppet.

  36. Firstly I refer to Carl’s comment maded on 21st Aug 2012. You are a complete twat! simply because you assume that those who use credit or catalogues are on benefits.

    How do you know this? are you pyschic. Did you know American Express is a form of credit – credit card – did you know you have to have good wages good job and good credit to have one of them? so it kinda porves your point as being invalid and ridicolous.

    And stating that consumer complaints is based on people on benefits? really? so OFCOM thats for consumers to complain to – and that revolves around broadband which most businesses and residents have – how can a business be on benefits you complete moronic twat!

    Your comment has nothing to do with HDNL delivery networks and more of a whinge, probably because “daddy” didn’t buy you your mercedes outright – perhaps you should lick his arse more or even suck his cock and he might buy you one!!

    Now I refer to the HDNL driver comment on here.

    You are paid to do your job – therefore you are paid to knock on the neighbours doors, you are paid to wait until someone answers the door, you are paid to drive around delivering parcels, you are paid for the hours you work.

    You chose this job, perhaps if it is an issue you should change jobs or even job role.

    Where as being a customer with some companies we can’t choose our delivery agent, because if we could HDNL would just go under.

    As for making sure we should be in, perhaps you should make sure you’re on time.

    I have paid on 5 occasions for a morning delivery and everytime it came around 2pm – an hour late each time.

    And has my 5 complaints been heard? No

    perhaps if it’s all all day delivery give a delivery window of 2 hours or an hour like most delivery agents do.

    Unfortunately we too also have a life to live including work and kids, and if we were to hang around waiting for your poor delivery service the world would come to a stop.

    You are paid to provide a service.

    A quote from HDNL website

    “At HDNL, we strive to ensure that every customer’s experience is a positive one and that our drivers represent their clients to the highest degree. If this has not been your experience, please visit our ‘Contact us’ section and provide us with feedback.”

    I haven’t met one single driver who has strived to give me a positive experience in my area let alone at other relatives.

    As for the comment about those sat on arses at home on benefits. why don you rephrase that.

    My grandfather who served in the British Forces during World War II who is a George Cross Hero, is retired sitting at home on his backside getting state pension! He’s one of the many soldiers who have enabled this country to strive and survive let alone give freedom from the war – had it not been for these soldiers you wouldnt even exist let alone have a job

    Does that mean you owe him your life? No! so again another pointless point.

    As for people on benefits thats a completely different topic and nothing to do with the ability to do your job that you are paid to do!

    Most delivery agents are required to carry a maxmium of 25kg per parcel and so I dont think it’s too much to ask for delivery agents to help move a parcel – would you say this to your own 80 yr old grandmother – take ur heavy bulk item upstairs yourself? if you do shows what type of person you are.

    Again if you cant do it, youre in the wrong job.

    And why does it come down to insurance, just in case you pull a muscle – again you kow what the job entails, dont like it, dont do the job!

    It’s no different if you pulled a muscle moving your own furniture, would you sue yourself?!

    As for leaving a back gate unlocked, why dont we then leave our front door unlockied too?

    The reason back gates are locked is to prevent burglary and unwanted people going into our gardens and homes.

    It doesnt give you the excuse just to throw a parcel over the fence in a puddle – its quite obvious it has rained the day before or that day that the path is going to be wet – and this is where intelligence comes in – no sorry, COMMON SENSE!

    The reason you are the biggest company is due to the fact you were DHL and then Yodel – but I bet if it didn’t cost money and if it was very simple, all retailers would change you from someone else

    I spoke to a driver once and he told me “doesn’t matter what goes on you do your job and you do it well, thats what I’m paid for and if I don’t deliver, then of course you have the right to complain”

    Perhaps you should take hint of what he said!

    As for sitting in nice offices etc, its people who are in nice offices that give you a job of delivering, otherwise again no job for you.

    If you want an office then change jobs and stop criticising others for the fact you cant do your job properly!

    Stupid comments you have made such as “spending 5 minutes looking for glasses” – some people cant wear their reading glasses while walking!

    As for Xmas, again most retail workers only have xmas day off, as do ALL companies apart from those who have signed different contracts.

    As for shopping, since your delivery company is so successful and so well time kept, you should order from a company who uses you as delivery agents, then you will get things delivered when you would like – but I bet you dont because you know how shit HDNL are for delivery.

    There are many others who dont get a fucking xmas, like british armed forces who are getting blown to pieces

    you on about pen pushers in offices complain about a bit of drizzle

    look at your complainng about restricted xmas times and no set hours along with carrying bulk items

    wonder how you would do in the forces getting blown up or shot at!!

    You see I can use comparisons too, not just yourself!

    And sorry for my lack of punctuation and grammar, but it’s not because I’m not intelligent, it’s because I also work long hours and very tired, and type very fast.

    So to HDNL change your job, or keep it, do it properly and quit whinging and insulting people and generalising everything!

  37. To the Hdnl driver who is complaining of people on benefits ordering things.
    Number 1 dickhead i am on benefits for legitimate reasons and am unable to go out and buy things as oppose to going out shopping!
    Number 2 you say you are paying for the people on benefits by working, well the apperent number of people on benefits ordering from people who use you shitty service are the ones keeping you in a job you uneducated fuck wit!
    Number 3 Being unable to leave the house I am in all day and your company never rings the doorbell, when i contact whoever for the company the excuse is you was not in well thats funny as i am always in! Face it you are a bunch of useless, uneducated, idiots who are complaining about people not working when not even doing your own job properly. People such as yourself are what is wrong with the world.

  38. Oh and also you say you don’t have all day to stand around waiting for an answer and are complaining about the hours you work. You chose the job you prick, use your fuckin head if you don’t like the conditions get another job, if you can’t handle the work get another job. You incompetency should not be PAYING CUSTOMERS faults. You are paid, BY THE CUSTOMER to stand around for a reasonable amount of time. We pay you idiot! We pay your wages! And as for saying HDNL as millions of satisfied customers maybe you should go check the review sites see what the majority are saying, if of course you can read! Fact is HDNL/yodel have been voted worst courier company IN THE WORLD, not just the uk! So don’t even bother trying to justify the shitness!

  39. I ordered something from amazon on 3rd october for delivery 4th octbober to be delivered at work. I was in the offive all day after about 4 call to HDNL they said it would deff be there before half 5. bearing in mind i finish work at 4 so i waited behind and at 5 to 5 a transit van shot down the main road turn around and shot back up. apparently that was the driver attempting to deliver the item. His excuse there was no access to the office, he didnt slow down enough to even find out.

    Called to contact centre they said it will be redelivered before 12pm tomo guess what its 20 to 1 and its still at the leeds depot. Its not on for delivery today but someone will be in touch yeah of course they will !!!

    Will never use them or amazon again

  40. so wishing i had looked into who was the courier company before making my purchase, once i seen it was yodel I knew the service would be utter shit, tracking not working and said can take upto 48hrs for it too appear so go out not expecting item too come yet get back home and ther is a card through my door, phone up n dude says it’ll be tomorrow or friday , so im expected to wait in for upto 14hrs and it may not even arrive, badly run company would never recommend too a sole, now dpd i like who give you an hours window of when they will arrive and have never been let down once by them

  41. HDNL Driver (MRDaz) you are a Prick!
    You have my address and phone Number see if you have the balls to come and discuss what a useless piece of shit this company really is. As for working long hours with stress. I would like to see you walking the streets of Basra (Afganistan) 24 hrs a day watching the back of your colleagues, Then and only then can you tell me what Stress you are under to deliver a few Parcels on time. Lets see how many agree with this post? Knobhead!

  42. having done the job I know what he means there are a lot of inconsiderate rude people out there. I have been treated like dog-shit by some. Fortunately I just blank them and refuse to speak that really upsets them

  43. apparently my property was not able to be accessed, despite being in all day having a door buzzer and trades buzzer to enter the block of flats! also there are 5 other flats in the block they could have buzzed to gain access especially as they have permission to leave parcel outside my front door or leave with a neighbour. funny thing is i noticed that serveral parcels due to arrive today from 2 different companies did not arrive then with further investigation as to where my parcels where… woe and behold were supposed to be delivered by yodel! then digging deeper found out that 1 parcel had in fact been put on their van 2x and removed 2x despite that the day it was to be delivered they had infact given me 1 of the parcels! they have not been today and have made out they have! it seems they are not only lying about why things havent been delivered but they are not reading their delivery sheets! its all half arsed n full of gas needless to say with it being so close to christmas i am pissed off! concerened…. i dont go out certainly not at this busy time of year! if they dont give the goods how do i explain to my children why they dont have their presents! ridiculous!!! >:( i wouldnt mind if they ran out of time jst say so there should be an option! but to make it out to be my fault is unreasonable, as for benefits yea i am on them and yes i am sat on my ars…. but i have fybromyalgia and a borderline personality disorder, i rarely go out n rely heavily on the internet and delivery as does my mum who is crippled with rheumatoid artharitis and on benefits oh and my dad who has ms…. what the hell has benefits got to do with the quality of anothers service some of us dnt have the luxury or ability to work especially in todays economics!

  44. @Debbie

    I have the exact same problem. The say they delivered but I was in and no ring on doorbell, no calling card, no parcel. Like you the item I was expecting cannot be replaced.

    Don’t let it go, I’m following every route I can to make them pay (contact them directly, trading standards, watchdog, small claims court…).

  45. Whilst looking for a tel number of my local HDNL I came across this- do you people not have better things to do with this life then moan on about not getting a delivery. wow! life is hard isn’t it. Go and have fun instead,

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