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HDNL driver wants comment removed

Ever since I first posted a solitary blog about the idiot at Home Delivery Network, now called Yodel, who launched a parcel over my gate on that fateful cold, wet Manchester evening this website has been bombarded with quite literally thousands of comments from dissatisfied customers and unsavoury delivery drivers.

Some of the drivers have been abusive, sinking to the depths of racism against customers who’s names appear to be of ethnic origin, and some have even been open and honest about the poor infrastructure at HDNL, blaming their impossible workloads for the poor service.

One such driver recently emailed asking for comments to be removed, even though what he had said was, in my opinion, fair comment. He asked:

Please can you delete my comment i made on 23rd october as i have been in trouble at work for making a comment. Thanks.

Of course, he hadn’t actually said what his comment was, or on what post it was made, so it took a while to find it – there have been many HDNL posts and thousands of comments about them. Anyhow, find it I did, and this is what he had said here.

All i can say is – Ive worked for HDN for several weeks now. Every morning at 6am it is madness, at the Wrexham depot we have 70 vans where only 16 fit in the depot so you can imagine the cue outside of all the vans waiting to load! They do their upmost to get every parcel out and delivered. The company has just invested £11m on a new system called Quinteg which tells the company where every parcel is and where the exactly the property is and what parcel is to be posted / collected on time and most importantly making sure the drivers do their job properly! They have also bought the other courier company DHL so together they will become one big company called YODEL. The Wrexham depot is also increasing in size to fit all vans on and they have just won contracts with M&S, Tesco and Argos. So…before you go knocking the this space….a massive improvement 🙂

Now what’s wrong with that? His comment is almost intelligent when compared to comments from other drivers, such as ‘Redman Nottm’ who threatened to knock off someone’s ‘wrag head’ for complaining about a delivery.

Good on Welshlloydy for his comments – it’s a shame more weren’t as honest as him.

Now, while I’m on about HDNL, listen up because I’ll only say this once. I have something to say in their defence… I know, make sure you’re sitting down. While there’s no excuse for the language and offensive nature of their drivers on this website, you can excuse the level of frustration they must feel dealing with ‘some’ customers if a recent email I received was anything to go by. I actually received an email, to, from someone complaining about the fact they kept getting parcels meant for another address.

And no, they weren’t trying to enlist the help of a blogger to expose the mistake… they believed this website WAS Home Delivery Network.


The email read:

Mr Daz Enquiry: Wrong Delivery Address

I seem to be getting a delivery always for Thomson of 48 ******** Street Helensburgh. The delivery van on two occasion this week left at card at my door which my house clearly states “Arden” which is part of my address of 46 ********* Street no house number shows because of a Ivy tree that grows around the pillar. Your delivery person has broken this tree down in order to look at the house number. I am extremely angry as this tree is part of my feature to the entrance of the house. Please make sure that the delivery address for the Thompson’s should have all the appropriate delivery instructions. I will also in turn speak the the Tompsons of 48 ********* Street, they should also be using their house name. I will also send you on your reply a photo of the damage tree. I can be contacted on ***********. I would appreciate a reply soon. Yours Truly, Maria ****** ****

Please do send the photo Maria; I’d love to see it out of curiosity.

HDNL rebrands to Yodel to escape bad online press

It appears that Home Delivery Network has finally given up on trying to repair their shattered online reputation (just Google for HDNL or Home Delivery Network and you’ll see what I mean) and they’ve opted to change names instead, to Yodel.

The CEO of Yodel, Jonathan Smith, claims the move is to help the company move forward and become the biggest delivery firm in the industry, but we know the real reason. In a comment that made me chuckle, Yodel CEO Jonathan Smith says that Home Delivery Network’s rebrand will allow them to become more customer focused!

“”We are delighted to be unveiling this new brand, which represents our ambitions to be a truly customer focused business offering a full suite of services that others in the market cannot match.”

The combined business is already growing faster than the market and we are excited about our future potential.”

I guess this means that when people come home to find parcels lobbed over fences or packages shattered into pieces and a note from ‘Yodel’ – they’ll struggle to find them online in order to complain – at least that’s what HDNL will be hoping.

Fear not though; already on the case!

HDNL driver to customers: Stop sitting on your arse ordering stuff with your benefits

Considering the problems this website has reported with Home Delivery Network over the years, you’d think the company would have taken note by now and told its staff to stay off here and stop insulting customers. But no. We’ve just had a massive rant from a delivery driver who seems intent on accusing customers of ordering stuff with their benefit money and running up lines of credit, and being too lazy to even answer the door.

Read this open letter to HDNL customers from one of their delivery drivers. Makes you proud to be British.

From: Annominous

I am a Delivery Driver for HDNL and I have to say that after reading these comments I can assure you that for every complaint you have for us as drivers, We have a complaint for you as customers,

I have just returned from working yet another 13 hour day where I endevour to ensure my van is empty on the return to the depot. We are under immence time pressure day in, day out. If your parcel is due to be delivered on a particular day then it is only fair to ask that you are in to recieve the parcel. When you are not in, usual proceadure is that we will try to leave it with a neighbour, yet we do not have time to be wondering up and down your street knocking on every door until a neighbour answers and is prepared to accept your parcel.

If we cannot leave it with a neighbour then we will return your parcel to the depot and schedule it for delivery another day. this is known as carry over.

Yet you do not seem to understand that this parcel is an addition to the parcels that need to be delivered on the particular day.

If you are not in to recieve the parcel, and you have no neighbours that are in either. then where we deem it safe to do so we will leave it in a place where you can get it, such as behind a locked side gate, shed, or other place out of public view. If you order a parcel knowing that you are not going to be in we try our best to get it to you,

As for the driver who threw your parcel over the fence and it landed in a puddle. I can only say we cannot see through fences, yet if you have ordered something and you know your not going to be in, surely common sence would dictate that you leave the side gate unlocked so that we can access a safe place at the rear of your property so that we can leave your parcel somewhere sheltered.

We as Drivers have our gripes as well. We dont bitch off it about it when we have rung your doorbell and you seem to think we have all day just to stand until you decide to answer.

We dont whinge, when you know a deliver driver is at your door and you answer it. Yet you seem to forget that your item needs signing for and you decide to spend the next five minutes looking for your glasses.

We do not complain when you have ordered items that are of a bulky nature such as flat pack wardrobes and you expect us to drag them through your house to the back room even though we are not inssured to do so.

And for all those who are sat at home on your arses. ordering stuff on the never never because your benefits do not enable you to pay for things outright. We are the Mugs who are out there working and paying taxes that enable you to do so.

If we come to your door and we are not prepared to carry bulky items up your stairs and place them where you want them. By all means spit your dummies out and say you dont want them. We will just press a button that says you have refused the item. No skin off our nose. The company still gets paid for the attempted delivery. And when you re order the comapny will get paid again.

And as for those of you who have the cheek to say that delivery drivers are of little inteligence we welcome you to try and do our jobs for a day. Perhaps then you will appreciate the stress and hard work we go through to get your package to your door. If you can say that you know where every street in your town is situated, and you can come to work at 6am spend two to three hours organising a route around your town, organising where the parcels are situated on the van, and visit in excess of 130 separate addresses per day your more than welcome to try.

When Xmas comes and your all sat at your computers ordering your presents, just remember that we dont even get the time to do any shopping or indeed have a xmas at all. We are out in all weathers 12-13 hours a day busting our balls to try and get your presents to you.

Fact is, HDNL is probably the biggest residential delivery service in the UK. We have contracts with some of the largest online and high street retailers in the UK and we continue to gain further contracts all the time. There is a reason for this. And all of you who say that HDNL are crap quite frankly, your just pissing into the wind. You are a small minority in amoungst millions of satisfied customers.

As for our level of intelligence, We work hard !!! Long hours !!! We do not sit inside nice warm offices day in, day out pushing pens looking at a little drizzle outside and complaining about it. We do not work to set hours.

The lengh of our working day is seriously affected by those of you who order things knowing your are not going to be in or taking an eternity to answer your doors. It takes intelligence to plot a route, Manage time, drive safely and adhere to strict security proceadures. It takes intelligence to maintain a daily delivery target despite the many obstacles that are placed in our path.

So for all of you feel the need to bitch on forums or blogs such as this all we can say is that we do our best but as with everything else, you cant please everybody. All I ask is that you have some consideration for the hard work we endure getting your parcels to you. And for those of you who have complained, One day in the job, would completly reverse your opinions of the job we do, I guarantee it.

Sorry if my English is slightly substandard, I can assure you that it is not becuase I am of little inteligence. but that it is because I started work at 6am this morning, I arrived home at 9pm tonight. I have it all to do again tommorow and I am truly knackered.

Man applies for HDNL job with

Some people were just born to be stupid. It’s in their genes. No amount of education, training or time can divert them off the path of utter moronic dedication. Interestingly, most of these people seem to work for Home Delivery Network – at least if the comments on this blog are anything to go by.

So how does HDNL manage to find so many racist, aggressive, hate filled people to work for them – many of whom are happy to spend their down time reading this website and insulting customers? You may be surprised to know that these utter dredges of society seek out HDNL in the first place; at least, the ones who are able to find HDNL do so anyway.

Some of them fail even that simple act of navigation (which in an ironic twist, you’d think would make them the perfect delivery drivers?).

This evening I received an email through this website from someone wanting to apply to be a delivery driver with Home Delivery Network.

I shit you not.

Presumably after Googling for HDNL they found this website, as so many of you have done too, but rather than realise that this is in fact a blog (one that used to be about SEO and Internet Marketing, but happily lost its way many years ago) this idiot of epic proportions believed to be Home Delivery Network’s website…

I know, I was shocked too.

This is his application:

Sender: ali
Subject: Mr Daz Enquiry: driver
On 25 March 2010 at 19:25

i have full uk drinen license over 16 yrs also it is clean,i am looking for delivery job

Well… he sounds ideal. He can’t spell, string a sentence together or even find HDNL in the first place – he should be perfect for the role. Snap him up now I say!

Watchdog has been ruined by the BBC

Those who know me will know that I love a good complaint. I’m renowned for it. Because of this, I’m a fan of BBC Watchdog. I often watch the show and get irate at the companies they’re exposing for their unethical practices and poor customer service.

Indeed, I like to perform my own exposes of companies, such as those that have often annoyed me like the CSA, BT and Direct Line, or companies that have the misfortune of having annoyed me just the once and lived to regret it forever, such as Home Delivery Network and Chester Council.

I’m a fan of Watchdog’s work, so much so that I even aided them with their quest to investigate Providence Properties (a company that didn’t annoy me, but I picked up the torch nonetheless).

However, this new series of Watchdog, which started last night, will have companies like Providence Properties popping the champagne corks. What was once a hard hitting consumer affairs show has been diluted into nothing more than a BBC version of Loose Women.

Did we need to see Anne Robinson and Gabby Roslin harping on about pushchairs? Did we have to watch a 10 minute video showing how many bags you can hang on the back of them before they topple over, despite even the voiceover admitting that the manufacturers tell you not to do it? And what purpose did strapping the buggies onto a bucking bronco and seeing how long it took to launch the doll from them actually serve?

None, none whatsoever.

They then complained about Virgin Media. Excellent, as a customer of Virgin Media I’ve had my share of complaints with them. However, complaining that Virgin Media make it difficult to sort out someone’s account after they’d died isn’t really anything to complain about. People would soon complain if it were made easy, then anyone could phone up and claim to be a relative, stating the account holder had died and they wanted all of the documents and account credit transferred to them.

Virgin Media acted responsibly.

I can’t believe I’m saying all of this, but it gets worse.

The report on sunbeds was completely redundant. It’s not illegal for under 18s to use them, so none of the health clubs were breaking the law. What’s the problem?

Just why has the show been merged with Rogue Traders? I’m not a fan of Rogue Traders because I believe the guy hosting it, Matt Allwright, is out of his depth, as he showed again. He’s in the perfect position to really get people’s back up yet seems to act like a petulant clown. If you want to see how to annoy people, read this website, it’s all there.

Matt Allwright followed some salesman from Craftmatic beds, claiming his technique of making three phone calls to the office was hard sell, and his claiming that the bed will make you look twenty years younger was unscrupulous. OK, if you believe that using a bed makes you look twenty years younger you deserve to be conned, and making several calls to the office to get ‘discounts’ for the client is a sales technique. It might not be pleasant, but salesman generally aren’t.

He hadn’t done anything wrong. Then when the Matt Allwright tried to crash the sales conference and was barred from entry he started acting like a child, ordering the man behind not to trap him in the door or it would be assault.

You’re not supposed to be getting worked up mate, they are!

He’s rubbish and the show has been ruined. Bring back Nicky Campbell and the decent format. If you want someone to do Rogue Traders properly, I’ll do it!

Home Delivery Network Driver issues me with death threat

Regular readers of this site will know that the UK delivery firm known as Home Delivery Network have been the subject of a great many posts, with their atrocious attitude towards customers, their appalling delivery record, their racist drivers and hundreds of dissatisfied customers all coming forward on this site.

It’s come to a head now as a delivery driver with Home Delivery Network has issued me with a death threat. I’m honoured, I truly am. Have a read of this imbecile’s comments:

From: [home delivery network driver]
im not gonna write a lot on here because personally i cant be bothered just wanted to say i think u win this years award for the biggest wanker on the internet. hope ur next hdnl driver gives u a fuckin twatin and u end in in hospital and then fingers crossed maybe die?? now theres hoping xxx

The construction of the email tells you we’re dealing with a man of great intellect, probably why he’s a delivery driver. Putting his own email address in wasn’t smart either, but again, probably why he’s a delivery driver.

Should I be scared? Somehow I doubt it. Firstly, HDNL never show up when they say they will, and secondly, the odds of this idiot finding my house, even with my address written in front of him and a sat nav to guide him, are slim to none.

Nice to know the sort of people that Home Delivery Network employ though isn’t it? Do you want them representing your company and delivering your products?

Thought not.

HDNL redundancies my fault?

It was suggested to me this week that the 700 job losses at Home Delivery Network were my fault. I of course rebuked this claim, but after some consideration there may be an element of truth to that.

For example, if you’re distribution manager for a firm such as Littlewoods or Vodafone, and you’re looking to cut your costs by switching from Royal Mail to another delivery company, you’d obviously Google the company first to check their reputation. By Googling ‘Home Delivery Network’ you’ll find on the first page, right behind their own site, with the story of how they tossed my parcel over the gate into a puddle. You’ll also read over 100 comments from other dissatisfied customers who’ve had the displeasure of dealing with HDNL, and also comments from HDNL delivery drivers who are proud of their lack of care and attention, openly racist and abusive towards customers.

For example, here’s one comment from a Home Delivery Network driver, and this is one of the more intelligent ones:


Wow, “Mr” Daz, I’m really in awe of your incredible intellectualism and well-honed debating skills which mean you would NEVER, EVER have recourse to childishly using four-letter words.

Now “Mr” Daz, I suggest you take a long, hard look at yourself and ask yourself if it was REALLY such a big deal that the packaging of your silly little toy got a little damp?

Also, reflect upon the FACTS that

1) You’re NOT the only person on this Earth
2) The world is an imperfect place.
3) Real people who do REAL jobs (ie – they get their hands dirty and actually SWEAT) such as driving for HDNL are NOT on this planet solely to wipe your sweet, perfumed backside.

Would you want your brand associated with that sort of company, when their staff don’t care that they throw parcels over fences and they’re openly abusive towards customers? Of course not.

Therefore anyone looking at hiring a delivery firm would discount HDNL (quite rightly) perhaps accelerating the company’s decision to cut back on staff.

Home Delivery Network to sack 700 people?

Great news for consumers who like to get their purchases delivered properly, as incompetent delivery firm, HDNL (Home Delivery Network Limited) look like they’re going to make 700 workers redundant, adding to the unemployment in the country.

Now, when this sort of thing happens to most companies you can expect a tad of sympathy, but with HDNL you’re not going to get any sympathy at all. I’m glad they’re sacking 700 workers, in fact, why can’t they sack all of them and just wind up the company? My original post about how Home Delivery Network botched a delivery has attracted well over 100 comments from angry customers who have also had their items lost, damaged or stolen by HDNL staff, and also comments from HDNL delivery drivers who have spouted racist abuse at customers via this website.

The post has become one massive advert as to why you shouldn’t use HDNL.

The news that HDNL could be sacking almost a thousand staff is great news for people who like to have their items delivered properly, as now perhaps Amazon will have to use a decent delivery service.

Julia Long, from the ‘Unite’ union, stated:

We have been working together over the last year putting changes in place to help the business move forward and become profitable after years of what we believe were bad decisions and poor management.

Irene Radigan from the Usdaw union added:

We are working with HDNL to minimise compulsory redundancies as a result of this restructuring. The home shopping sector has seen a steady decline over the last few years and these redundancies are not a direct result of the economic downturn.

According to the reports, HDNL depots in Basildon, Daventry, Newcastle, Eastleigh, Burslem, Sheffield and Edmonton will be closed, and the staff made redundant. HDNL has 59 depots in the UK, so there’s a few more to close before we can expect decent service once again.