Carphone Warehouse manager proves what a moron he is

This week I had an email from a former Carphone Warehouse manager who wanted to swear at me and insult me, because that’s what Carphone Warehouse staff are like. His badly written comments came after a post I made about the Child Support Agency, and a post where I made a Carphone Warehouse complaint.

Let’s have a look at what he says:

on reading and listening to your phone calls i wish to make one very large point, IF YOU HAD COME TO AN AGREEMENT WITH YOUR EX WIFE TO PAY FOR YOUR CHILDREN then you would have no need for the (as you put it incompetent CSA).

OK, thanks for the comments Dan, but alas whether I had come to agreement with my ex-wife or not, the CSA would still have been involved. They get involved as soon as the parent with care signs on for benefit. If you’re going to email someone and spout off with a torrent of foul language, look up your facts first so you don’t come across like an utter prick.

I also happened to have 2 members of my family that work for the CSA and hear about scum like your self using every which way he can not to pay everyday. so what you have to pay the mortgage thats a a privalage not a right. if you cant afford it sell your house.

You have two family members who work for the CSA, and you’re proud of that? I’d sooner admit to being related to Hitler than know anyone who works at the CSA. If I can’t afford to pay my mortgage I should sell my house eh? Well my stupid friend, I could quit my job and have people who work support me, then my mortgage would be paid for me by them. Perhaps I should do that and become sponging, workshy scum?

i also happend to be a branch manager at carphone warehouse. and frankly if you and your now EX wife where to stupid to know you get a free upgrade at the end of your contract then its your own fault. and just to add to your coments of cpw, it is in know way true that we offer any sort of 14 day money back garentee. surly a man of your so called knowledge and expertese on what is right and fair is capable of making his mind up on a mobile phone handset after deliberating for over half an hour ! in store.

Ah, so you worked for Carphone Warehouse? That makes sense. Now I see why you’re so illiterate, you were a branch manager for Carphone Warehouse. I’m sorry to shatter your world but not everyone gives a toss what phone they have, or cares about ‘upgrades’ and ‘contracts’ for their mobile. I realise your little insignificant world revolves around mobile phones, so well done, you stay there and try not communicate with the rest of us as clearly your efforts to do so sound you out as a complete imbecile.

I do beleave not only are you trying to make a quick buck from posting your perthetic stories on the net that really its your incompatence that has caused you all this hassel. not only can you not keep a wife, but now you have a second marrige with a further 2 kids. maybe uf you keep it in your trousers you could afford repayments, fact is your a failure and your scared to admit it.

I have a second marriage with another two kids? When did that happen? If I were you I’d stop sniffing the glue that holds your mittens onto your sleeves and carry on staring at the wall for the rest of the day. Someone who ‘used’ to be a branch manager for Carphone Warehouse really shouldn’t throw around words like ‘failure’ when describing others.

Darren Jamieson

Darren Jamieson, aka MrDaz, is the Technical Director and co-founder of Engage Web and has been working online in a career spanning two decades. His first website was built in 1998 and is still live today.

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