BD Recruitment send email ccing every SEO in the North West


Anyone who sends bulk emails to customers knows the importance of the ‘BCC’ field. It means Blind Carbon Copy, when you use it, everyone who receives the email doesn’t see everyone else’s email address. However, occasionally, you get idiots who send emails in bulk, and forget to use the BCC field, or in some cases don’t even know what it means.

One such idiot was Sandra Wong of BD Recruitment, who last week emailed every SEO in the North West area touting for people looking for a job, and visibly cc’d everyone in. So, we could all see which companies they emailed, who they emailed and, in the case of this particular peice of spam, the replies from the not so happy recipients.

Sandra Wong, from BD Recruitment, sent the following spam email to me, and many others:


I’m just checking to see if you are looking for a new career opportunity at the moment.

If you’re not, and know of anybody with a similar skill set to yourself then please refer them to me because if they secure a position through us we will give you a £15 HMV voucher.

This offer will be running until the end of this year so please save this message in your email account because for example if you recommend just 3 friends who all secure positions with us that’s £45 of vouchers for yourself, the more you recommend the more likely they will secure positions and the more vouchers you will get as a result.

I deal with online marketing but if you know of anybody in the technical department i.e. web developers or creative i.e. web designers. Any referrals who secure jobs with these departments also guarantees you £15 worth of HMV vouchers per candidate placed.

I look forward to your reply.

Sandra Wong
Specialist Online Marketing Recruitment Consultant
BD Recruitment Ltd

Consequently, dozens of people replied and slated Sandra Wong for her error, and demanded that they be removed from BD Recruitment’s database. Myself included. I imagine that BD Recruitment made a lot of enemies because of this, and lost an awful lot of potential clients.

That is of course, IF they removed the people who requested it. I wouldn’t be surprised to see an email from BD Recruitment again soon, as anyone stupid enough to CC in their entire mailing list also would have the bad taste to email everyone again when they think the heat has died down.

Darren Jamieson, aka MrDaz, is the Technical Director and co-founder of Engage Web and has been working online in a career spanning two decades. His first website was built in 1998 and is still live today.

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8 thoughts on “BD Recruitment send email ccing every SEO in the North West”

  1. Ah, Daz, so harsh on BD Recruitment!

    I’ve actually never heard of them, so skipped to their site to see what Creative jobs they had and was delighted to read:

    “We welcome applications from anyone irrespective of age, gender or religious persuasion.”

    So, they maybe a bit shit, but at least they’re not bigots… (weird that they need to state that they operate within UK discrimination laws. Surely that’s a given. Though not CC’ing everyone your email address should surely be a given too.)

  2. I have heard that the age/religious thing is done for legal reasons and is by no means a reflection of an agency’s policy.

    It’s been known for legal action to be taken against recruitment agencies when someone has been turned down because they are perceived as being too junior/senior for the advertised role. I understand that you aren’t even supposed to advertised postions as being ‘junior’ or ‘senior’ because it inherently discriminates so the age/religion line acts as a kind of disclaimer.

    All that aside, the above article isnt at all harsh. This CC stunt could/would have caused a lot of damage to and potentially got the owners of those CVs into a lot of hot water. Imagine if a hiring manager had been the recipient of the CV of one of their current employees who had up until then discreetly been job hunting.

    Recruitment is an extremely difficult profession and there are good recruiters out there. Sadly it is actions like this that tarnish the industry’s image and make it much harder for the experienced recruiters out there who are actually good at their job.

  3. I actually worked for BD recruitment at the time this happened! Just stumbled across this.

    Sandra was a nice girl, a ‘trainee’ like myself, but obviously this kind of mistake is inexcusable. The truth about this said rec agency is that it is a very unprofessionally run operation in general. The managerial style is extrmely bullish and the pure pressure, combined with lack of industry knowledge and willingness to bend rules for the sake of sales is a bit of a dangerous combination.

    I was encouraged to send CV’s without permission from the applicant – which is also illegal!

    So I wouldn’t blame Sandra. Needless to say, I doubt she works there anymore as they have an extrmemly high staff turnover. Surely a comfort to any employer looking to fill a permanent position!

    I lasted 5 weeks before walking. I now work in an advertising role and thank the agency only for inspiring me never to get involved in recruitment again.

  4. What a noob mistake, funny to see there are still people make such a mistake in a critical email.
    What draws my attention as well is that she is “Specialist Online Marketing Recruitment Consultant” such position should know better.

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